• Glen Scotia 15 5cl

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    Glen Scotia 15 5cl

    Nose – Broad and medium-weight with citrus peels, ginger snap biscuits. Sweet and with great depth.

    Palate – A complicated palate where the initial nose would lead you to expect plump fruits. The palate fleshes out as the first impact of the nose fades.

    Finish – Firm and slightly dry finish.

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  • Glen Scotia Double Cask 5cl

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    Glen Scotia Double Cask 5cl

    Nose –  Very sweet on the nose. Initially it is all creme caramel, caramelised fruit sugars, wood sugar, toffee and fudge before some apple and peach come through. In time a charred note of bourbon with a pleasing dusty dryness.

    Palate – A sweet start on the palate. The alcohol gives a little tongue-tingling buzz the result is a good mid-palate weight. The dry distillery character is there still, but there is now depth to counter. Water slightly dismantles the different elements, but adds some dried mint.

    Finish –  A deep and dark finish.

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  • Glen Scotia Victoriana 5cl

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    Glen Scotia Victoriana 5cl

    Nose – An elegant nose with hints of oak driving the bouquet. Interesting creme brulee notes leading to generous caramelised fruits and finally polished oak.

    Palate – Sweet and concentrated start with some jammy blackcurrant fruitines. Typical tightening towards the back palate.

    Finish –  Clean and initially sweet.

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  • Glengyle Kilkerran 8 Year Old Cask Strength 70cl

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    Glengyle Kilkerran 8 Year Old Cask Strength 70cl

    The balance between the sweet vanilla from the American oak and the inherent, malty, peaty, dirtiness of the spirit.

    In the mouth is where the whisky comes alive with plenty of citrus notes, marmalade, watermelon, lime and lemon zest, green apples, salted peanuts and Golden syrup
    The finish is an excellent balance of smoke,  briny and hints of liquorice, leaving your yearning for more.

  • Springbank 10 70cl

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    Springbank 10 70cl

    Springbank 10

    The 10-Year-Old Offers Whisky Drinkers The Perfect Introduction To The Springbank Range.
    Matured In A Combination Of Bourbon And Sherry Casks,

    Nose Orchard Fruit Pear With A Hint Of Peat, Vanilla And Malt.
    Palate Malt, Oak, Spice, Nutmeg And Cinnamon, Vanilla Essence.
    Finish Sweet, With A Lingering Salty Tingle.

    It Is Perfectly Balanced From The First Sip Through To The Full, Rich Finish.