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  • Seven Crofts Fisherman’s Strength Gin 70cl

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    Seven Crofts Fisherman’s Strength Gin 70cl

    Since Ullapool was founded as a fishing station in 1788, fishermen have navigated their fair share of high sea peaks and troughs, and more than 200 years later they are still going strong. In a celebration of all fishermen – past, present and future, a handcrafted Fisherman’s Strength Gin.

    Nose: A powerful nose (as you might expect for a navy strength gin) but definitely juniper led with forest floor notes coming through with ripe blueberry, cracked black pepper, pink pepper and a touch of spicy coriander.

    Palate: Assertive (again as you would expect of a higher ABV gin), although once you have grown accustomed to the alcohol, the juniper on the nose presents itself nicely on the palate. Opulent blue and black fruits and baked apple at first with pink pepper coming through, along with coriander which manifests itself particularly on the long lasting, elegant finish.

    Palate With Tonic: Use a good neutral tonic. Juniper is prominent yet well-proportioned so it doesn’t clash with the tonic. The pronounced coriander note allows the gin to mix well with the tonic. Pink pepper notes bring a lift to the drink. Overall the flavours are balanced with a long satisfying finish.

    The Perfect Serve: Serve in a straight glass with lots of ice, a good quality tonic (1 part gin to 2 parts tonic) and garnished with a slice or twist of orange or mix the perfect martini.

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  • Seven Crofts Gin 70cl

    Seven Crofts Gin 70cl

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    Seven Crofts Gin 70cl

    Known for it’s elegant bottle and divine spirit, Seven Crofts has very quickly made a name for itself in recent years. Seven Crofts has a striking taste with opulent notes of perfumed forest fruit and a suggestion of woodland. The juniper is assertive with spicy hints of coriander and pink pepper and a long, warm finish.

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