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  • Royal Lochnagar 12 yr 70cl

    Royal Lochnagar 12 yr 70cl

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    Royal Lochnagar 12 yr 70cl

    With a sweetly perfumed and subtly firm character, this Highland-style malt carries a distinct woody essence, leaving a lasting sandalwood impression on the finish. Situated near Queen’s Highland residence, Balmoral, Royal Lochnagar stands as one of Scotland’s smallest distilleries, equipped with just two charming copper pot stills. Established in 1845, it received a royal nod from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, becoming Royal Lochnagar shortly after. To this day, it retains its rustic farming roots, producing whisky in stone buildings, repurposing even former stables and corn lofts. The distillery is blessed with spring water flowing from Lochnagar’s slopes to the south, ensuring a pristine water source for its exquisite yet diminutive copper pot stills, resulting in a refined malt suitable for all occasions.

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