• Drambuie 15yo 5cl

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    Drambuie 15yo 5cl

    A whisky liqueur using whiskies aged at least 15 years old.  The secret of the depth and character of this liqueur lies in the exquisitely paired Speyside malts, blended with herbs, spices and heather honey.  The name Drambuie originates from Scots Gaelic “An Dram Buidheach” which means “The Drink That Satisfies”.  Serve it straight over ice, or in an ice filled glass topped up with soda, ginger ale or ginger beer.  Can also be served as an alternative to whisky in a Scotch Coffee.  This makes an ideal dessert drink or a soothing nightcap.

  • Drambuie 5cl

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    Drambuie 5cl

    Drambuie is a bright, deep golden colour, with the aromas of aged malt whisky combined with a mix of floral and herbal overtones and rich honey. The flavour provides a kaleidoscopic taste sensation, a complex arrangement of herbal, spicy, sweet and honey notes.