• Bells 8 5cl

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    Bells 8 5cl

    Bells 8
    A Litre Bottle Of Bells, The UK’s Favourite Blended Whisky.
    The Unique Flavour Of Bell’s Blended Scotch Whisky Comes From Some Of The Finest Malt Whiskies In Scotland, From The Fresh, Sweet Malts Of Speyside To The Smoky Sea Salt Of The Islands, And All Matured In Selected Oak Casks For A Richer Flavour.

    The Malt At The Heart Of The Bell’s Comes From The Blair Athol Distillery.

    Nose – Quite Soft And Gentle. Malted Barley And Hints Of Cut Herbs And A Fresh Floral Note. Cereal And Grist With A Little Honey.
    Palate – Quite Smooth, Medium Body. Barley And Cereals With Nut Oils, Hints Of Wood And Spice.
    Finish – Short With Notes Of Fruitcake And Smoke.

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    Carn Mor Ruadh Maor 8yo Strictly Limited 70cl

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    Carn Mor Ruadh Maor 8yo Strictly Limited 70cl

    Càrn Mòr is a range of rare and utterly unique independent bottlings. As each release is strictly limited in batches. Once it’s gone, it’s gone!  Carn Mor’s small, limited bottlings express the unique differences of each batch rather than trying to aim for consistency.  The whisky will be as close to drinking from the cask as possible.  This Strictly Limited Edition distilled at the Glenturret Distillery in 2012, matured in refill sherry hogshead casks for 8 years before being bottled in 2021.  Only 2243 bottles of this expression will ever be produced, naturally coloured and non-chill filtered.


  • Crabbie 8 Year Old Whisky 70cl

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    Crabbie 8 Year Old Whisky 70cl

    Crabbie 8 Year Old Whisky

    In The 1970s, John Crabbie & Co Stopped Producing Their Whiskies – But In 2018, They Made A Returned And As Their Own Distillery In Edinburgh Got Up And Running, They Released Whiskies From Undisclosed Distilleries, Including This 8 Year Old Expression

    Nose – Caramel, Raisin And Honey-Coated Peanuts.
    Palate – Buttered Scones, Waxy Orange Peel And A Touch Of Cassia.
    Finish – Lingering Orange Oil Sweetness.

  • Glencoe 5cl

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    Glencoe 5cl

    Nose – Young, Dry and Nutty with Sherry, light Sulphur, Dried Fruits, Nuts, Malt Straw, Cereals, Orange Marmalade, Honey, Toffee, Green Coffee Beans, Oak, Canned Peaches, Spices and Vinegar. The Alcohol is quite strong so better Nose your way around the edge of the glass. Give it enough time in the glass to open up.

    Palate – Strong Delivery with Sherry, light Sulphur, Strong Tea, Oak, Barley, Nuts, Spices, light Menthol, Dried Apricot, Coconut, Toffee and Honey.  

    Finish – Middle-Long, Fiery and Strong with Barley, Caramel, Nuts, Coconut, Strong Tea, Licorice, Menthol and Spices. A hint of Dark Chocolate after a few minutes.

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  • Glencoe 8yo 70cl

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    Glencoe 8yo 70cl

    Glencoe is a Blended Malt produced by Ben Nevis distillery, referring to the narrow valley (Glencoe in Gaelic) near the site and to the famous owner John MacDonald who used to market his brand as Long John’s Ben Nevis in Victorian timesThe recipe is unknown but rumoured it is mainly Ben Nevis with just one other distillery, also from the Highlands. It is bottled at cask strength without artificial colouring.


  • Glendronach 8 The Hielan’ 5cl

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    Glendronach 8 The Hielan’ 5cl

    Nose – Vanilla fudge and citrus peels. Slightly chocolate-y raisin notes and a little cinnamon.

    Palate – More spice comes through on the palate, but the vanilla-rich buttery elements remain up front. Freshly baked biscuits topped with almonds and plump sultanas.

    Finish – Long with Sherried fruit and ginger lasting.

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  • Isle of Skye 8 5cl

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    Isle of Skye 8 5cl

    Nose – Smoke, notes of barley and crème anglaise.

    Palate – Sweet. Fruitcake. Sherry.

    Finish – Nutty and spicy.

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  • Isle of Skye 8 70cl

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    Isle of Skye 8 70cl

    Nose – Smoke, notes of barley and crème anglaise.

    Palate – Sweet. Fruitcake. Sherry.

    Finish – Nutty and spicy.

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  • Wemyss Peat Chimney Islay 8 5cl

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    Wemyss Peat Chimney Islay 8 5cl

    Wemyss Peat Chimney Islay 8

    Try This Blended Malt With A High Percentage Islay Single Malts To Enjoy A Smoky Dram

    Nose – The Peat In The Nose Has A Piney, Sooty Character, So The “Chimney” Moniker Is Quite Appropriate. It Exudes The Fine Smokey, Woody, Tree Sap Odour Of A Chimney After A Heavy Winter’s Use.
    Palate – The First Thing To Come Across On The Palate Is A Crisp Clarity, Followed By A Rich Helping Of The Peaty Chimney Flavours From The Nose. Oak And Citrus Notes Are Right Behind That Billowing Cloud Of Peat-And-Pine Smoke, Along With Just A Slight, Peppery Bite.
    Finish – The Finish Is Mild, But Long. It Starts With The Peat, Evolving Into A Gradually Fading Citrus, And Ultimately Leaving An Enduring Smoky Tinge.

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  • Poit Dhubh 8 unchilfiltered 5cl

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    Poit Dhubh 8 unchilfiltered 5cl

    Nose – Subdued peat, quite earthy. Dried fruit and a pleasing nuttiness. Some date and raisin notes.

    Palate – A subtle but very deep peatiness which runs throughout. Soft honey and caramel notes with some polite spice and fruit. A hint of maritime salinity.

    Finish – Medium-length with some heat.

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  • Poit Dhubh 8yo 70cl

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    Poit Dhubh 8yo 70cl

    Poit Dhubh (pronounced Potch Ghoo) is the Gaelic term for illicit still, renowned for producing the finest whiskies.  Following traditional methods this 8 year old malt is unchilfiltered, giving a softness to the spirit and a richness to the flavour.  It may appear hazy if chilled.  Medium sweet and rich, with aromatic peatiness with a long, smoky and slightly perfumed finish.

  • Sheep Dip 8 5cl

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    Sheep Dip 8 5cl

    Nose – Fragrant with notes of the coast, tangy, malty, honey, toffee. Youthful.

    Palate – Rich, warming, malty, young and spirity.

    Finish – Punchy, tangy.

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    Spey Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival 2021 8yo Limited Edition 70cl

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    Spey Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival 2021 8yo Limited Edition 70cl

    300 bottles from a single cask and we are lucky enough to have 12!  Bottled for the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival 2021. Distilled in an ex-bourbon cask, cask number 18, on 08.01.2013 and bottled in April 2021.

    “A delicate, pale gold appearance, with subtle aromas of green apples and vanilla.   On the palate, the whisky is very light, with notes of sweet honey that balance perfectly with the green fruit flavours, leading to a lingering, floral finish.  Although bottled at natural strength of 60%, the delicate flavours & aromas still shine through, and develop further with the addition of a few drops of water.


    This release is older follow-up, and similar in style,  to the 2020 release which was named by Whisky Magazine as “World’s Best Single Cask” at the 2021 World Whisky Awards.  Bottled at 60%, with no added colouring or chill-filtration – less than 300 bottles have been released”



  • Wemyss Spice King Highland 8 5cl

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    Wemyss Spice King Highland 8 5cl

    Wemyss Spice King Highland 8

    A Little Taste Of The Highlands And Islands With Spice King 8yo Blended Malt Scotch.

    Nose – Peppery, Fruity And Malty With Notes Of Cinnamon, Orange Zest And Hints Of Coconut.
    Palate – Spicy With Nutmeg, Black Pepper, Toasted Barley And Lightly Charred Oak.
    Finish – Rich And Intense With Coconut Oil And Malt On The Tail.

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