• Gin Bothy Love Gin Box 5x5cl Pack

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    Gin Bothy Love Gin Box 5x5cl Pack

    Gin Bothy Love Gin Box

    This Set Includes The Original Gin, Raspberry Gin Liqueur, Rhubarb Gin Liqueur, Strawberry Gin Liqueur & Rose Gin Liqueur

    Original Gin
    Top Notes Of Juniper, Followed By Rosemary With A Scots Pine Needle Finish.
    Raspberry Gin Liqueur
    Handmade With Fresh Raspberries And Juice This Rich Gin Liqueur Has The Intense Flavour, Colour And Nose Of The Fresh Fruit Used.
    Rhubarb Gin Liqueur
    Tangy Notes Of Fresh Rhubarb, With A Touch Of Blackberry And Apple Too. Vibrant Earthy Hints Of Pine Develop Underneath.
    Strawberry Gin Liqueur
    Juicy Summer Berries, Lemon Peel And A Hint Of Earthy Heather.
    Rose Gin Liqueur
    Oodles Of Sweet, Floral Notes Delicately Line The Palate, With Hints Of Bright Juniper And Prickles Of Aromatic Spice.


    The Original Gin Embraces There Values Of Independence And Authenticity. With A Splash Of Tonic, A Cube Of Ice And A Slice Of Orange, It’s An Experience To Relish.

    The Liqueurs Imbued With Flavours From Scotland’s Natural Larder, Our Premium Fruit Infused Gins Are Never Out Of Place. Enjoy Neat, With A Premium Mixer Or Add A Splash To Champagne Or Prosecco.

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  • Gin Lovers Selection 5cl Triple Pack

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    Gin Lovers Selection 5cl Triple Pack

    Gin Lovers Selection

    A Mini Trio Of Three Original Gins

    Greenall’s Gin
    Greenall’s The Original Uses The Same Secret Recipe That Has Been Handed Down Through Only 7 Master Distillers. This Secret Blend Of 8 Botanicals Gives A Classic London Dry Gin With Rich Juniper Notes, Balanced With Mature Citrus And Spice.
    Beefeater Gin
    Nine Different Botanicals Make Up Beefeater Gin’s Distinct Flavour: Juniper, Angelica Seeds, Angelica Root, Coriander, Liquorice, Almonds, Orris Root, Seville Oranges And Lemon Peel. The Original Recipe From The 1800s Is Still Being Used Today.
    Gordon’s Gin
    Bold, Juniper-Led, With Zesty Notes Of Citrus And Super Smooth Texture.


    Perfect Gift To Introducing Someone To Gin Or For Gin Lovers Themselves

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  • JJ Whitley Selection 5cl Quad Pack

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    JJ Whitley Selection 5cl Quad Pack

    JJ Whitley Selection 5cl Quad Pack

    Branded Gift Box Includes 4 X 5cl Of The JJ Whitley Collection.

    JJ Whitley Nettle Gin

    Chopped Basil, Oily Juniper, Crushed Coriander, Forest Floor And A Subtle Spark Of Citrus Peels.

    JJ Whitley Elderflower Gin

    Floral And Sweet, With A Touch Of Warmth From The Cinnamon Gathering Momentum On The Mid-Palate.

    JJ Whitley Rhubarb Vodka

    Fruit-Fuelled Experience That’s Sweet, Summery And Fresh, The Unique Scent Of Rhubarb Teasing The Nose.

    JJ Whitley Potato Vodka

    Lemongrass, Black Pepper And A Touch Of Mint. Quite Drying.

  • Kintyre 5cl Triple Pack

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    Kintyre 5cl Triple Pack

    5cl triple pack contains 3 x 5cl miniature bottles and comprises our signature Kintyre Gin, our hugely popular Oak Aged Botanical Gin and the delicious Kintyre Pink
    This is a great introduction to the range and also makes a lovely gift to give to a gin enthusiast.

    Kintyre Gin 

    A beautifully blended spirit using carefully selected botanicals which reflect the unique coastal, pasture and woodland position on the east coast of the Kintyre peninsula.
    Suggested serve: We believe our gin is equally at home being served neat on the rocks or with a premium tonic. Each and every palate is different, however we would suggest using Fever-Tree Mediterranean with a sprig of basil, or perhaps a naturally light tonic with some fresh mint.

    Kintyre Pink

    Kintyre Pink Gin is uniquely distilled with Scottish raspberries and oats, giving it a delicate fruity flavour with a creamy finish, redolent of that most Scottish of desserts, Cranachan.
    Suggested serve: Finished with a pure raspberry concentrate, this sophisticated blush-coloured spirit is delicious with a premium tonic or topped up with prosecco for a truly summery treat.

    Oak Aged Botanical Gin 

    A unique infusion of the signature Kintyre Gin with the subtle caramel and vanilla notes of classic American bourbon. Aged a batch of Kintyre Gin in a first-fill bourbon barrel from Heaven Hills in Kentucky. The spirit was left to imbibe the flavours for around three months which was enough time for the distinctive bourbon essences to soak in, resulting in an exceptional spirit, evocative of its American origins.
    Suggested serve: neat over ice or topped up with ginger ale and a slice of fresh ginger.

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  • Lakes Distillery 5cl Triple Pack (Whisky, Gin & Vodka)

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    Lakes Distillery 5cl Triple Pack (Whisky, Gin & Vodka)

    Lakes Distillery 5cl Triple Pack includes 1x Whisky 5cl, 1x Gin 5cl & 1x Vodka 5cl

    The One Blend Whisky
    Slightly smoky, sweet and fruity, nutty, with hints of spice.

    The Lakes Gin
    Big, clear fresh citrus, fruity and floral. Complex and vibrant.

    The Lakes Vodka
    Rich aroma with a hint of wheat, ultra-smooth and silky, full of character.

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  • Liverpool Gin & Vodka Collection 3x5cl

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    Liverpool Gin & Vodka Collection 3x5cl

    Produced by the Liverpool Distillery, this miniature gift pack features 3 x 5cl miniature bottles of the award-winning releases.Included is the flagship, juniper-driven and 100% organic Liverpool Gin; the zesty Liverpool Valencian Orange Gin; and the super-smooth Liverpool Vodka.

  • Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin 20cl Triple Pack

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    Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin 20cl Triple Pack

    1x Original Gin

    1x Lavender Gin

    1x Tea Gin

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  • Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin 5cl Triple Pack

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    Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin 5cl Triple Pack

    1x Original Gin

    1x Lavender Gin

    1x Tea Gin

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  • Misty Isle Gin 3x5cl Pack

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    Misty Isle Gin 3x5cl Pack

    Nose – Juniper is dominant but not overpowering.

    Palate – Full, quite rich, damp earthy notes with subtle spices and citrus.

    Finish – Very refreshing with a citrus lift

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  • Old Curiosity Secret Garden Gin 5cl Triple Pack

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    Old Curiosity Secret Garden Gin 5cl Triple Pack

    1x 4cl Lavender & Enchinacea
    Potpourri, peppercorn, a hint of Turkish delight, perhaps even some heather thrown in for good measure.

    1x 4cl Apothecary Rose
    Potpourri, Turkish delight, a hint of brown sugar and soft angelica.

    1x 4cl Chamomile & Cornflower
    Incredibly aromatic, fresh florals come to the fore along with heady citrus peels, before a gentle spiced warmth comes through on the palate. Elegant and herbaceous

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  • OSA Pink 47 London Dry Gin 5cl Tasting Pack

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    OSA Pink 47 London Dry Gin 5cl Tasting Pack

    Pink 47 London Dry 47%

    Nose –Lots of herbs, and fairly crisp. Citrus, and juniper is quite floral in style but quite pronounced.

    Palate – The juniper leads on this one but there is a lot more going on. The botanicals are finely balanced and clean, with that citric element providing a fresh note.

    Finish –  Short, clear and dry.


    Pink Royal 40%

    Oodles of fresh red berry juiciness, with a drying crackle of peppery juniper and crisp citrus peels. Flavored with raspberry, blackcurrant & cranberry.

  • Peaky Blinders Gin Glass Pack 70cl

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    Peaky Blinders Gin Glass Pack 70cl

    A bold and punchy gin is made from a blend of nine botanicals including ginger and grains of paradise.

    Gift pack includes 70cl and branded glass. 

  • Penderyn Spirit of Wales Quad Pack (Whisky, Gin, Vodka, Liqueur)

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    Penderyn Spirit of Wales Quad Pack (Whisky, Gin, Vodka, Liqueur)

    A handsome set of miniatures, and the perfect gift for anyone who loves the Welsh spirit. This includes a miniature of Penderyn Single Malt whisky, a miniature Brecon Vodka (awarded a silver medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition 2008), a Brecon Special Reserve Gin, made with Welsh spirit and 10 specially selected botanicals, and a miniature bottle of Merlyn Cream Liqueur – Wales’ answer to Baileys.

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  • Pickering’s Triple Tipple 5cl

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    Pickering’s Triple Tipple 5cl

    Original Red Top
    the juniper is in the front, supported once more by lively citrus, though on the palate, this is joined by subtle nutty notes and hints of sweet anise.

    Navy Strength Blue Top
    Fragrant mandarin and rich, earthy orris. The bumped-up ABV brings exotic spiciness to the fore after a few sips.

    1947 Orange Top
    Soft and creamy, and quite Christmas-y too! Cinnamon, clove and fruit notes result in an almost mince pie-like flavour profile.

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  • Pinkster Emergency G&T Kit

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    Pinkster Emergency G&T Kit

    Stay cool in a crisis with this thirst aid kit.

    Contains a 5cl bottle, a 200ml bottle of Fever-Tree tonic, and a Pinkster highball.

    Load up the glass with ice and relax.

  • Pinkster On Tap – 3L

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    Pinkster On Tap – 3L

    From boats to BBQs, Glastonbury to Glyndebourne, it’s gin on tap with our stylish and sustainable bag-in-box. Equivalent to just over four regular bottles, this holds over 100 serves.

    Hand-steeped in fresh raspberries, Deliciously dry with a hint of fruit and an exceptionally smooth finish. If you’re trying as a G&T, be sure to spank the mint. 

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  • Riverside Spirits Gin Liqueur Gift Pack 5x5cl

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    Riverside Spirits Gin Liqueur Gift Pack 5x5cl

    Gin liqueurs are incredibly versatile – try adding a little to some sparkling wine or a G&T. This eye-catching gift pack from Riverside contains five gin liqueurs to try. Choose from Blackberry, Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Sloe and Damson.

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  • Rock Rose Seasons Collection 4x5cl

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    Rock Rose Seasons Collection 4x5cl

    Rock Rose Seasons Collection of miniature gins features a 5cl glass bottle of each of Dunnet Bay Distillery’s seasonal releases.
    Rock Rose Spring gin is distilled using ingredients forage from the local area – sycamore sap, dandelion and coltsfoot – to bring a sweet freshness to the signature Rock Rose.
    The Summer release uses ingredients from the Dunnet Bay Distillery’s garden and rockery to create a citrus style gin. Botanicals include lemon balm, clover, lemon thyme, pineapple sage, meadowsweet and elderflower!
    The Autumn edition is a warming gin bursting with blackberries, raspberries and blaeberries and light spice as a result of Vietnamese coriander and nasturtium flowers.
    The Winter edition is a juniper led earthy gin with fragrant pine and citrus notes from the hero botanical ‘spruce tips’. Think bracing walks, roaring fires and dark winter evenings.

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  • Silent Pool Gin 70cl & 2 Copa Glass

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    Silent Pool Gin 70cl & 2 Copa Glass

    Nose – Violet, lavender and lime leaf bring floral aromatics to the nose, while cardamom and juniper give it a spicy edge.
    Palate –Elderflower, chamomile and a waft of orange blossom. Warming honey sweetness and a spark of black pepper.
    Finish – Vanilla-rich honey notes last on the finish.

  • Two Birds 20cl Gin Twin Pack

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    Two Birds 20cl Gin Twin Pack

    With a wide range of Two Birds Gin, two different 20cl Gins will be selected to make up this Gin Pack – an ideal gift for gin lovers.

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  • Whitley Neill Gin 5cl Triple Pack

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    Whitley Neill Gin 5cl Triple Pack

    Rhubarb & Ginger
    Subtly tart with clear rhubarb influence. A twist of orange sweetness and herbaceous coriander brings balance to the palate.

    Massive fruit influence, as you might expect. Juicy citrus, with a touch of ripe pear and peach hiding in there too.

    Very spicy and rich. Juniper upfront, with hints of perfumed, coriander leaves, calves leather and citrus.

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