• Clan Brewing Craft Beer 4x330ml bottles

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    Clan Brewing Craft Beer 4x330ml bottles

    Spruce Ale Matured in Islay Whisky cask

    A classic combination of two traditional methods of creating uniquely Scottish liquids: smoky peat on a sweet, resinous full body. Smoky, fruity, intense, full- bodied. Aged in Islay whisky casks for an absurdly long time. The perfect drinking occasion is to share these complex craft brews with good friends.

    Imperial Stout Matured in Lowland Whisky Cask

    A rich, dark and intensely flavourful Imperial Stout, packed with burnt coffee and lemon scents, skilfully balanced by sweet sherry and raisin flavours derived from a short period in Lowland malt whisky casks. A smoky, slightly acrid mouthfeel, and a long burnt finish. The perfect drinking occasion is to share these complex craft brews with good friends.

    Red Rye Ale Matured in Speyside Whisky Cask

    Subtly peppery rye malt, warm fermented to increase its fruity character, offset by a blend of citrus dominant hops, then finished for a lengthy period Speyside whisky barrels to create a wonderfully complex ale.

    Golden Ale Matured in Highland Whisky cask

    An elegantly complex ale carefully brewed to allow sweet malt and tropical fruit aromas to emerge, without overpowering. Finishing in Highland whisky casks adds subtle sherry and fruitcake to this delectable ale.

  • Cockburns Port Trio Gift Set 3 x 5cl

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    Cockburns Port Trio Gift Set 3 x 5cl

    Cockburns Port Trio Gift Set 3 X 5cl

    A Wonderful Cockburn’s Branded Port Selection.

    Fine Tawny
    This Lighter Style Of Port Is An Elegant Wine With Mellow And Spicy Flavours. Perfect To Enjoy Any Time With Friends, Especially When Served Chilled As An Aperitif.
    Special Reserve
    Originally Introduced In 1969 As The First Great Reserve Port. Since That Time Its Famous Fruity & Full-Bodied Quality, Combined With A Fine Dry Finish, Has Been The Benchmark For All Reserve Ports.
    Fine Ruby
    This Is A Full-Bodied Port With Ripe Red-Fruit Flavours, Balanced With A Fine Structure And Balance. Perfect At The End Of A Fine Dinner Or Simply To Enjoy With Friends.



  • Cut Rum – Cut To The Minis 3x5cl Gift Pack

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    Cut Rum – Cut To The Minis 3x5cl Gift Pack

    Cut Rum miniature trio gift set:- 2x5cl Spiced Rum 37.5% & 1x5cl Smoked Rum 40%.

    Cut Spiced Rum – A premium Caribbean rum infused with natural ingredients aniseed, nutmeg, ginger, black peppercorns, cinnamon, coridander seed, lemon peel and sweet vanilla pods.  Bold and well seasoned.

    Cut Smoked Rum – Dirty and downright delicious,  This rum is smoky and leathery with touches of tobacco and early morning coffee.  The first rum in the UK infused with Arabica coffee beans.  Smoked with burnt wood chips and left to rest in oak barrels.  This rum is one of a kind.

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    Kinsale Mead 3x5cl Gift Pack

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    Kinsale Mead 3x5cl Gift Pack

    Wild Red Mead

    This is a gorgeous melomel style mead made from Spanish honey, zesty Wexford blackcurrants balanced with dark, sweet cherries and tempered over the hint of honey to create an amazingly enticing drink with a beautiful, rich colour.

    Tasting Note: A very clear, clean red fruit aroma with a blackcurrant and cherry tones and a very smooth long finish.


    Atlantic Dry Mead

    A delicious, traditional style mead fermented from raw orange blossom honey carefully sourced from Southern Spain. The honey is mixed with our local water and yeast and fermented off dry.

    Tasting Notes: A lovely citrus, floral aroma and long lingering hints of honey with almost no sweetness. An attractive, soft, honeyed taste which is very enjoyable and certainly different and definitely intriguing.


    Hazy Summer Mead 

    A new, limited edition seasonal mead, a six berry celebration of long summer days and warm summer nights. Spanish honey muddled with a tumble of ripe berries. Juicy strawberries and raspberries upfront then luscious blackberries, blackcurrants, cherries and blueberries with subtle honey notes and a smooth finish. Light and delicious with a beautiful rich pink colour.

    Tasting Notes: Generous strawberry and raspberry aromas with a lovely burst of summer fruits on the tongue and a smooth, subtle honey finish. A summery refreshing drink. Ireland’s answer to Pimms!



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  • OSA Premium Rum Single Barrel 5cl

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    OSA Premium Rum Single Barrel 5cl

    Oak cask aged 5 years with a sweet and inviting aroma.
    Unique Barrel Shape Bottle.
    Fantastic gift or display for a spirits shelf.

  • On The Rocks Sipping Stones in Presentation Box

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    On The Rocks Sipping Stones in Presentation Box

    Sipping Stones In Presentation Box

    9 Sipping Stones In The Presentation Box

    On The Rocks Sipping Stones

    The Aficionado’s Choice For Chilling A Drink. Eliminating A Common Problem, Sipping Stones Cools Your Drink Perfectly Without The Dilution From Melting Ice. Each Set Contains Nine Finely Crafted Cubes Made From One Hundred Percent Pure Soapstone. A Sophisticated Alternative To Ice, Sipping Stones Will Chill Your Beverage Without Suppressing The Flavour.
    Sipping Stones Will Elegantly Complement Any Piece Of Barware, Whether High Ball, Tumbler, Or Snifter.

    This Set Is A Great Gift For Anyone Who Loves Perfectly Chilled Beverages And Smoothly Flavoured Spirits.

  • Torres 30 Jaime 1 Brandy 70cl

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    Torres 30 Jaime 1 Brandy 70cl

    Jaime is an extraordinary gem.  White wines of the Parellada variety are distilled in copper pots according to a traditional method of double distillation.  The wine spirits are then aged in casks of the finest American oak.  The secret lies in a blend of excellent “soleras” or parent brandies, chosen from amongst the oldest at the winery.