• Dead Man’s Fingers Rum 3x5cl Pack

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    Dead Man’s Fingers Rum 3x5cl Pack

    Dead Man’s Fingers Spiced Rum

    Where A Blended Rum Meets Exotic Spices To Create A Unique And Distinctive Flavour Profile.A Blend Of Caribbean Rum And Spices, It’s Inspired By Cornish Flavours Such As Saffron Cake And Spiced Fruit. Next Comes A Whisper Of Creamy Caramel Followed By Vanilla, Cinnamon, Nutmeg And Of Course, Those Subtly Sweet Undertones Of Orange. Some Have Even Found Notes Of Pineapple, Dried Raisins And A Pinch Of Black Pepper.

    Dead Man’s Fingers Coconut Rum

    Are You A Lover Of The Tropical Flavour Coconut, Then This Dead Man’s Fingers Is For You. With Elements Of Juicy Mango, Raisins, Runny Caramel, Coconut Ice And A Slight Citrusy Trace Of Lime Peel. Balance Is Achieved With A Whiff Of Vanilla And A Dash Of Clove.

    Dead Man’s Fingers Coffee Rum

    Dead Man’s Fingers Coffee Rum Has A Blend Of Caribbean Rum And Spices Balanced With A Rich Coffee Finish Which Come Across Well On The Nose As Well As The Coffee Notes Coming Across When Blended With Mixers. It’s Full Flavoured Yet Rounded And Nicely Balanced Bringing Forth Characteristics Of Vanilla, Raisins And A Suspicion Of Chocolate Orange. In Addition, You’ll Find Traces Of Clove And A Good Wallop Of Cumin.


  • Kraken Spiced Rum 37.5cl and Mason Jar Gift Pack

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    Kraken Spiced Rum 37.5cl and Mason Jar Gift Pack

    The Kraken Spiced Rum 37.5cl And Mason Jar Gift Pack

    The Iconic Rum And A Branded Mason Jar Glass.

    Kraken Spiced Rum
    Kraken Black Spiced Rum Is Made With A Secret Blend Of Herbs And Spices And Aged In Oak Casks For At Least Two Years. With Flavours Of Liquorice, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger And Orange, This Is A Warming, Rich And Smooth Spiced Rum.

    Great As A Shot Or On The Rocks, But Best Served In The Branded Glass Along With Your Favourite Mixer. We Suggest A Slice Of Lime And Cola.




  • Peaky Blinder 3x5cl Pack

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    Peaky Blinder 3x5cl Pack

    Peaky Blinder Whiskey

    Nose: Blackcurrant and apple, with a hint of toffee underneath.

    Palate: Melted chocolate, apricots and dried peels.

    Finish: A subtle hint of cinnamon sticks around on the finish.

    Peaky Blinder Gin

    Nose: Ripe orange, oak-y cassia and perhaps even a hint of coffee bean.

    Palate: Ginger and black pepper make for a spicy opening, though well balanced by ample helpings of fresh citrus.

    Finish: Oily juniper and a hint of eucalyptus.

    Peaky Blinder Black Spiced Rum

    Ground cinnamon and clove, with a touch of nutmeg underneath. Orange peel, earthy though sweet vanilla and a juicy hint of pineapple.