• Byron’s Gin Melancholy Thistle 5cl

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    Byron’s Gin Melancholy Thistle 5cl

    Produced by the Speyside distillery in collaboration with Andy Amphlett, the County Recorder for the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland.
    Byron’s Gin honours the poet Lord Byron. This particular expression features melancholy thistle complemented by aspen, Scots pine, sweet vernal-grass, rowan, downy birch and juniper.

  • Caorunn Gin 5cl

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    Caorunn Gin 5cl

    Nose – Floral at first, with notes of heather and citrus blossom. Juniper takes shape as it develops.

    Palate – Orange oil, rosemary and a subtle sweetness of heather honey.

    Finish – Drying juniper and leafy herbs. A pinch of peppery rye lingers.

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  • Chilgrove Bluewater Edition 5cl

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    Chilgrove Bluewater Edition 5cl

    Packed with zesty fruit – particularly lime. A touch of earthy juniper develops later on, introducing the mint and coriander to the mix.

  • Chilgrove Dry Gin 5cl

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    Chilgrove Dry Gin 5cl

    Nose – Grape comes through – along with a little sweetness and soft juniper. 

    Palate – The slightly floral aroma masks the three core flavours that come through when tasting, juniper, Angelina and coriander. Piney and fresh mentholic notes underpin the gin and other than a slight berry flavour – it’s on the mouthfeel that the grape becomes apparent. 

    Finish –  It feels fuller and heavier than with most gins.

  • City of London Christopher Wren Gin 5cl

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    City of London Christopher Wren Gin 5cl

    City of London distillery Christopher Wren. A complex gin that combines juniper, coriander, angelica root, liquorice and sweet orange.

  • City Of London Dry Gin 5cl

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    City Of London Dry Gin 5cl

    Produced at the small City of London distillery

    The distillery is based just off Fleet Street and was the first to open in the City of London in over 200 years.

    A modern London Dry style gin with big grapefruity citrus notes.

  • City of London Old Tom Gin 5cl

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    City of London Old Tom Gin 5cl

    Historic style of gin that’s lightly sweetened  Old Tom.

    This is the third gin from the City of London distillery that combines a hint of warm spice flavour with lingering zesty citrus notes.

  • City Of London Sloe Gin 5cl

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    City Of London Sloe Gin 5cl

    City of London Distillery is located just along the road from St Pauls Cathederal in London.

    With this in mind the top of the miniature bottle is shaped like the dome on top of the Cathederal.
    City of London Sloe Gin is a deep rich colour, rich in taste and made by steeping blackthorn berries for many months in London dry Gin

  • City of London Square Mile Gin 5cl

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    City of London Square Mile Gin 5cl

    Square Mile London Dry Gin, made at the City of London Distillery in the centre of the capital.

    A creamy and rich gin with a spicy finish that works particularly well in a Martini.

  • Collagin 5cl

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    Collagin 5cl

    Sweet and subtle with botanicals such as star anise, pink grapefruit and orris, resulting in a light, sweet gin with liquorice and tart fruit notes.

  • Daffy’s Gin 5cl

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    Daffy’s Gin 5cl

    Daffy’s Gin

    Daffy’s Is A Gin Like No Other, Created From The Finest French Grain Spirit, Distilled On An Ancient Copper Pot Whisky Still With Lebanese Mint And The Finest Botanicals To Create A Gin That Is Classic, Complex, Perfectly Balanced And Fresh With A World Of Intrigue.

    This Gin Has Been Crafted To Be Enjoyed Straight Over Ice Like The Finest Of Malt Whiskies, To Make The Ultimate D&T, The Very Best Of Negroni And Other Great Cocktails.

  • Darnley’s London Dry Gin 5cl

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    Darnley’s London Dry Gin 5cl

    Nose – Rounded and creamy with angelica, lemon and elderflower. A burst of spicy coriander appears after a minute.

    Palate – Lemon and soft juniper, with the elderflower making another appearance.

    Finish – Earthy orris and coriander notes last.

  • Darnley’s London Dry Spiced Gin 5cl

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    Darnley’s London Dry Spiced Gin 5cl

    Nose – Cooking spices off the bat, coriander.

    Palate – Cinnamon and clove support juniper with cumin throughout.

    Finish – Slightly creamy with plenty of warming pepper.

  • Dingle Original Gin 7cl

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    Dingle Original Gin 7cl

    An Irish gin from the Dingle Distillery, made using a secret recipe of botanicals which includes rowan berries, bog myrtle, heather and hawthorn, among others.

  • Eden Mill Love Gin 5cl

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    Eden Mill Love Gin 5cl

    Eden Mill Love Gin

    The Famous Light Blush Pink Gin From Eden Mill Brings Together An Outstanding Blend Of Local Botanicals And Exotic Fruits. Our Pink Gin Is A Pale Colour When Poured And When Diluted, Sweet Vanilla And Floral Notes Are Brought Out.

    Nose –Soft, Subtle Juniper With A Rich Touch Of Warm, Spiced Berries.
    Palate –Sweet Vanilla And Green Fruits.
    Finish –Finishing In A Delicate, Citrus Pink Grapefruit And Rose Water.

    Perfect Serve – Fill A Balloon Gin Glass With Ice, Add Eden Mill Love Gin And Rose Lemonade Then Garnish With Pink Grapefruit Or Red Berries.




  • Edinburgh Gin 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin 5cl

    Edinburgh Gin

    Launched In 2010, This Is A Classic, Juniper-Forward London Dry Style Gin. Amongst The Recipe’s Thirteen Botanicals Is A Nod To Scotland, With Native Cobnuts And Black Mulberry.
    This Is A Refined, Crisp Gin With A Distinctively Smooth Finish. Clean And Fresh On The Nose, Whilst The Palate Offers Juniper, Pine And Lavender. Bright Citrus Gives Away To A Soft, Round Finish.

    Perfect Serve With Premium Tonic Water And An Orange Twist To Garnish, Or In A Variety Of Classic Cocktails Such As Martinis, Negronis, And Gimlets.

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  • Edinburgh Gin Cannonball 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin Cannonball 5cl

    Edinburgh Gin Cannonball

    The Recipe For This 100% Proof, Navy Strength Gin Has Been Inspired By Edinburgh’s Rich Maritime And Naval Heritage And The Famous One O’clock Gun.
    With Double The Juniper Content Of Our Classic Gin, This Is A Striking Spirit, Characterised By Bold Juniper And Warming Oriental Spice From Szechuan Peppercorns. Lemon Zest And Orange Balance The Spicy Notes For A Zesty Finish.

    Great In A Variety Of Drinks, From G&Ts With Extra Verve To Intense, Punchy Martinis And Negronis. Lemon Peel Is The Perfect Garnish To Complement The Gin’s Citrus Profile.

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  • Edinburgh Gin Christmas 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin Christmas 5cl

    Edinburgh Gin Christmas

    Flavoured With A Unique Blend Of Seasonal Botanicals, Including Frankincense And Myrrh, Our Christmas Gin Is A True Spirit Of The Season.
    Warming And Aromatic, With Sweet Orange Notes And Lingering Spice From Cinnamon And Nutmeg, This Comforting Yuletide Spirit Makes A Festive G&T, With An Orange Twist To Bring Out Its Citrusy Flavours.

    It’s Also Perfect In A Negroni, Its Light Sweetness Balanced Beautifully By The Signature Bitterness Of Campari.

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  • Edinburgh Gin Elderflower 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin Elderflower 5cl

    Edinburgh Gin Elderflower

    Edinburgh Gin’s Elderflower Liqueur Is Distilled Using The Best Native Ingredients, Locally Sourced From The Rural Landscapes Which Surround Edinburgh. Subtle Yet Complex, This Floral Liqueur Is Made With Freshly-Picked Elderflowers.
    Elderflowers Have A Distinctive Floral Aroma And Flavour That Marry Beautifully With Gin Botanicals. The Summer’s Elderflowers Are Handpicked In Full Bloom And Then Infused With Our Classic Edinburgh Gin. The Flowers Are Then Left To Macerate For A Month For Full Flavour Extraction.

    Elderflower Liqueur Brings A Light, Floral Profile. It Is A Honeyed, Flavourful Libation That’s An Ideal Counterpoint To Sharper Flavours, And Makes A Refreshing Elderzest Cocktail When Paired With Gin, Lemonade And Fresh Mint.
    It Makes A Sweet Addition To Premium Tonic Water Or Prosecco, And Is Equally Enjoyable Served Over Ice.

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  • Edinburgh Gin Plum & Vanilla 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin Plum & Vanilla 5cl

    Edinburgh Gin Plum & Vanilla

    The Velvety Liqueur Blends Juicy Plums With Luxurious Madagascan Vanilla For A Luscious, Rich Flavour.
    On The Nose, Aromas Of Ripe Stone Fruit And Marzipan, Whilst On The Palate, Rich Sweetness Balanced By A Softly Warming Vanilla Finish.

    The Perfect Base For Cocktails, Enjoy As A Long Drink With Tonic Or Soda, A Dash With Champagne Or Sparkling Wine, Or Serve Neat Over Ice As A Luxurious Treat.

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  • Edinburgh Gin Pomegranate & Rose 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin Pomegranate & Rose 5cl

    Edinburgh Gin Pomegranate & Rose

    A Delicately Sweet Liqueur, Abundant With Floral Aroma.
    Inspired By Dusky Evenings In The Orient, Our Pomegranate & Rose Liqueur Is Light And Fragrant, Evocative Of Sugar-Dusted Turkish Delight.
    Blending Ruby-Red Pomegranate Seeds And Damask Rose Petals With The Classic Edinburgh Gin, This Sumptuous Liqueur Is Softly Floral, Its Gentle Warmth Tempered By Lingering Fruit Flavours And A Light Citrus Lift.

    The Candied, Aromatic Notes Are A Perfect Complement To Dry Sparkling Wine Such As Prosecco. It Also Makes A Delicately Sweet Addition To The Classic Martini And Is Equally Delicious When Served Over Ice. For A Longer Drink, This Gin Liqueur Mixes Beautifully With Rose Lemonade, Garnished With A Lemon Twist.

  • Edinburgh Gin Raspberry 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin Raspberry 5cl

    Edinburgh Gin Raspberry

    Perthshire Is Celebrated For Producing The Most Flavoursome Soft Fruit, And These Raspberries Come From A Family-Owned Farm In Alyth, Blairgowrie.
    The Fruit Is Picked At Peak Ripeness To Ensure The Perfect Balance; Promising Just The Right Amount Of Sweetness To Balance The Fruit’s Natural Tartness.
    Infuse The Freshly-Picked Fruit Into The Classic Edinburgh Gin Along With Sugar, Leaving The Berries To Macerate For A Month To Extract Maximum Flavour.

    Delicious Served Simply Over Ice, Or Added To Soda Water With A Twist Of Lemon To Enhance Its Summery Sweetness. It’s A Perfect Addition To Dry Prosecco,
    Ramblin’ Raspberry Rose Cocktail. Raspberry Liqueur Shaken Together With Edinburgh Gin, Lime Juice And Muddled Fresh Raspberries, Then Top With Rose Lemonade.

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  • Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb & Ginger 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb & Ginger 5cl

    Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb & Ginger

    A Classic Pairing, This Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur Is Sweet And Fruity Balanced By A Delicate Warmth And Spicy Finish.
    A Mainstay Of Kitchen Gardens Across Scotland And Intensely Flavoured, Rhubarb Is The Ideal Ingredient For A Sweet Gin Liqueur.
    Freshly Picked Spring-Crop Rhubarb Is Spiked With Oriental Ginger And Infused With Our Classic Edinburgh Gin. The Rhubarb And Spice Are Left To Steep For Four Weeks, Allowing For The Complex Flavours To Marry Together.

    This Aromatic Gin Liqueur Is Equally At Home Over Ice, Topped Up With Chilled Prosecco, Or Mixed With Ginger Ale, Garnished With Fresh Ginger And A Lime Twist The Sweetly-Spiced Notes Make A Perfect Addition To The Classic Bramble Cocktail.

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  • Edinburgh Gin Seaside 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin Seaside 5cl

    Edinburgh Gin Seaside

    Inspired By The East Coast Shoreline Near Edinburgh, Seaside Gin Was The First Of Our Collaborations With Heriot-Watt University’s Brewing & Distilling Msc. Its Shoreline Botanicals Including Ground Ivy, Bladderwrack And Scurvygrass Contribute To A Spirit With Distinctive Minerality.
    This Is A Finely Balanced Gin With A Fresh Sweetness On The Nose, Soft Salinity And Herbaceous Notes On The Palate, And A Clean Finish.  Seaside Gin Is At Home In A Crisp G&T, A Briny Seaside Martini With Olives And Anchovy Garnish And A Variety Of Classic Cocktails.

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