• Tomatin 18 5cl

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    Tomatin 18 5cl

    Tomatin 18

    The Tomatin 18 Year Old Is A Truly World Class Malt. Matured In Traditional Oak Casks And First Fill Oloroso Sherry Butts, Honey And Soft Oak Flavours Develop Into A Hint Of Dark Chocolate With A Citrus Bite Before A Sustained Sweet And Slightly Dry Finish.

    Nose – The Nose Is Quite Punchy And Of Good Body. There Are Notes Of Chewy Grape And Sultana With Winter Spice; Cloves And Cinnamon With Hints Of Vanilla Fudge And A Most Supple Of Smokes.
    Palate – The Palate Is Quite Sweet And Full. There Are Notes Of Barley Sugar And Honeycomb. Hints Of Chocolate Orange And Cocoa Dusted Liberally On Toasty Oak.
    Finish – The Finish Is Long And Powerful With A Dry, Chewy Oak And A Touch Of Pepper.
    Award Medals – Double Gold San Francisco Wsc, Gold 2017 San Francisco Wsc, Gold 2017 Wwa, Double Gold 2016 San Francisco Wsc Best Distillers’ Single Malt Aged 13-19 Years

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  • Tomatin Legacy 5cl

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    Tomatin Legacy 5cl

    Tomatin Legacy

    Tomatin Distillery’s New No-Age-Statement Release Uses Virgin Oak As Well As Bourbon Casks. It Provides A New Entry Level To The Tomatin Range But The Use Of Different Casks Make This A Unique Expression

    Nose: Lemon, Panatella And Pine Forest. Slightly Green With Vanilla.
    Palate: Cracked Pepper And Sweet Barley With Pineapple Cube Sweets. Waves Of Warming Oak Beneath.
    Finish: Sweet But Peppered.
    Overall: A Clean And Certainly Affordable Single Malt Whisky.

    When Tomatin Distillery Was Established In 1897, The Isolated And Idyllic Setting Of Tomatin Was Almost Perfect. However There Wasn’t A Local Workforce; The Local Inhabitants Were Scattered Shepherds And Cattle Drovers. The Company Began A Project Of Construction To Accommodate Its Workforce. Since That Time The Distillery Has Been At The Heart Of The Community And The Community At The Heart Of The Distillery. This Legacy Has Continued And Tomatin Remains One Of The Few Distilleries To Provide A Home For Its Dedicated Craftsmen.

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  • Tomintoul 10 5cl

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    Tomintoul 10 5cl

    Nose – Suggestions of citrus, toffee tones with a hint of raisins.

    Palate – Clean, creamy – some sweetness balanced by gentle oaky spice.

    Finish – Enduring, with sweetness followed by spice.

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  • Tomintoul 12 Oloroso Sherry Cask 5cl

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    Tomintoul 12 Oloroso Sherry Cask 5cl

    Nose – The nose is quite light and well-balanced. There are notes of chewy oak with a toasty feel, notes of sherried peels and sultanas, cut hay and malt extract and a touch of barley sugar.

    Palate – The palate is of medium-body. There are notes of winter berries and blackcurrant preserve, notes of gentle, thin smoke with notes of malt extract and crisp barley sugar with toasty cereals and a soft honey.

    Finish – The finish is of medium-length and well-balanced with a refined subtlety.

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  • Tomintoul 14 5cl

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    Tomintoul 14 5cl

    Nose – Delicate, honeyed-cream with light floral malt, hints of wild fennel and a complex of sweetness.

    Palate – Elegant, round, soft and gentle. Dry oak vanillas and a clean malt with some creamy sweetness.

    Finish – Long and creamy with proclivity to dryness and a slight peppery tone.

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  • Tomintoul 16 5cl

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    Tomintoul 16 5cl

    Nose – Rounded softness,hints of hazelnut and candied peel.

    Palate – The palate has a full flavour, nutty with spicy overtones.

    Finish – The finish is abiding. Cream at first with a spicy finale.

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  • Tomintoul 25 5cl

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    Tomintoul 25 5cl

    Nose – Outstanding mature depth with a rich marriage of honey-sweetness, pears and peaches and rose-petal floralness. Into the mix approach delightful hints of vanilla and cigar box spiciness.

    Palate – Gentle with sweet creaminess and hints of almond nuts. A truly wondrous fusion of flavours.

    Finish – Vanilla climbing to a fruity and spicy finalé

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  • Tomintoul Peaty Tang 5cl

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    Tomintoul Peaty Tang 5cl

    Nose – Heathery smoke balanced with subtle floral tones.

    Palate – Gentle ‘peat-reek’ flavours, similar to Islay whisky but with a hint of malty nuttiness and the fruity sweetness that you would expect from a Speyside whisky.

    Finish – Lingering smoke and peat with a touch of sweetness.

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  • Tommy’s ‘Lest We Forget’ Gin 5cl

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    Tommy’s ‘Lest We Forget’ Gin 5cl

    Poppy Seed, Juniper, Coriander, Liquorice Root, Blaeberry, Sweet orange.

  • Two Birds English Vodka 5cl

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    Two Birds English Vodka 5cl

    Lemon, caramel, marmelade, orange, tea and milk are the most prominent flavours in this Plain Vodka. 

  • Underberg Natural Herbal Digestive 2cl

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    Underberg Natural Herbal Digestive 2cl

  • Unicorn Tears Gin 5cl

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    Unicorn Tears Gin 5cl

    Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur

    This Gin Liqueur Contains Real Unicorn Tears. Created By Firebox In A Secret Location,

    To Give Unicorn Tears Their Unique Taste, Fire Box Humanely Feed These Beautiful Beasts Entire Wheelbarrows Of Citrus Fruit, Oranges, Juniper Berries, Bunches Of Coriander, And Sticks Of Liquorice. We Then Force Down This Concoction With A Giant Glittery Pestle, Like Fantasy Foie Gras, And Reap The Tears As They Fall.
    You Too Can Now Embody The Purity, Power And Potency Of Nature’s Most Sacred Steed.

    To Unleash Their Magical Powers: Swirl The Bottle. Behold Its Shimmering Majesty. Consume The Mythical Spirit.
    Fantastic Addition To Any Gin Based Cocktail Giving It An Added Unique Sparkle.

  • Unicorn Tears Raspberry Gin 5cl

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    Unicorn Tears Raspberry Gin 5cl

    Unicorn Tears Raspberry Gin Liqueur

    This Magical Gin Liqueur Is Bursting With The Tart Sweetness Of Succulent Raspberries, Expertly Teamed Up With Tangy Citrus, Spicy Juniper Berries And Subtle Notes Of Liquorice To Deepen The Flavour And Keep Gin Connoisseurs Guessing.

    Swish It Around, Unleash A Torrent Of Sparkly Glitter, Sip And Enjoy.
    Perfect Edition To Any Gin Based Cocktail, Giving It That Added Sparkle.

  • Unicorn Tears Blackberry Gin Liqueur 5cl

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    Unicorn Tears Blackberry Gin Liqueur 5cl

    Unicorn Tears Blackberry Gin Liqueur

    From The Team At Firebox, This Glitter-Packed Gin Liqueur Boasts Bundles Of Blackberry Brilliance,
    But Why Did This Particular Batch Of Unicorn Tears Turn Out Black? No, They’re Not Miserable, It’s All Of The Blackberries They Have Been Feed!
    Don’t Worry, They’re Still As Majestically Shimmery – If Not More So! Swirl The Bottle To Unleash A Fruity, Glittery Galaxy Before Your Very Eyes. Pure Magic.

    They Keep Crying, So They Keep Bottling It.

  • Vesperis Heather Honey Vodka 5cl

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    Vesperis Heather Honey Vodka 5cl

    Vesperis Heather Honey Vodka

    This Sweet And Tingly Vodka Infusion Is Like Smooth, Bright Mead. It Smells Strongly Of Thick Honey, But The Vodka Gives A Fresh Kick To Its Natural Scent.
    The Blackford Craft Distillery Use Heather Honey From A Local, Family-Run Business To Infuse This Vodka. The Honey Is Added After Distillation To Give A Deeper Colour And Stronger Taste.

    Perfect Sipped Nest, Over Ice And A Slice Of Root Ginger Or A Splash Of Lime Juice Topped With Ginger Ale

  • Vesperis Pictish Botanical Vodka 5cl

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    Vesperis Pictish Botanical Vodka 5cl

    Vesperis Pictish Botanical Vodka

    Vesperis Pictish Vodka Is An Ultra Premium Botanical Vodka That Is Designed To Be A Little Different, A Crossover Product Between Vodka And Gin. Coming To Us From The Blackford Craft Distillery In Aberdeenshire, Distilled Like Gin Using Organic Grain Spirit A Combination Of Organic Grain Spirit, Organic Heather Honey, Wild Heather And Organic Seasonal Apples.

    It Has Been Described As The Only Vodka To Have A Finish.

  • Vesperis Pictish Gin 5cl

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    Vesperis Pictish Gin 5cl

    Vesperis Pictish Gin

    From The Blackford Distillery Est – 10/16 Nestled Amongst The Rolling Hills Of Rural Aberdeenshire, Blackford Craft Distillery Ltd Is A Family Run, Micro Distillery Based Out Of A 19th Century Steading In Blackford, Near Rothienorman, That Produces Premium, Handcrafted, Small Batch Spirits, Which Are Inspired By The Local Landscape And Aberdeenshire’s Prehistoric Past.
    Known Botanicals – Aberdeenshire Heather Honey And Wild Heather Blossom;
    Organic Lemon Peel, Coriander Seeds And Juniper Berries

    Nose: Crisp And Clean Floral Note With Subtle Hints Of Coriander Freshness And Citrus
    Palate: Juniper Forward, With Sweetness From The Honey, Followed By Spice, Citrus And Floral Notes, No Alcohol Burn
    Serving Suggestions – Mediterranean/Aromatic Tonic With Pomegranate Seeds.
    Mediterranean Tonic With Pink Grapefruit And Basilfinish: Long, Pine Finish Gives A Lasting, Woody Flavour.

  • Vladivar 5cl

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    Vladivar 5cl

    A clean smooth vodka with a sophisticated flavour.

  • Whitley Neill 5cl

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    Whitley Neill 5cl

    Nose – Very spicy and rich. Juniper upfront, with hints of perfumed, coriander leaves, calves leather and citrus.

    Palate – Thick with cassia bark, cut herbs, acacia honey, exotic spices and citrus.

    Finish – Long finish with spice and zest.

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  • Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin 5cl

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    Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin 5cl

    Bright citrus notes are up-front, though not one-dimensional. There’s intense sweetness, but a touch of waxy orange peel peel balancing it out in the background. Hints of pepper, cassia and thyme honey join in along the way too.

  • Whitley Neill Blood Orange Vodka 5cl

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    Whitley Neill Blood Orange Vodka 5cl

    Well-rounded creamy citrus notes, with a light hint of greengages.

  • Whitley Neill Quince Gin 5cl

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    Whitley Neill Quince Gin 5cl

    Massive fruit influence, as you might expect. Juicy citrus, with a touch of ripe pear and peach hiding in there too.

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  • Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin 5cl

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    Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin 5cl

    Not quite as sweet as you’d expect, though the raspberry fruitiness does stand out. Caraway, thyme, coriander and a touch of hibiscus appear along the way.

  • Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger 5cl

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    Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger 5cl

    Subtly tart with clear rhubarb influence. A twist of orange sweetness and herbaceous coriander brings balance to the palate.

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