• Burns Nectar Single Malt 5cl

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    Burns Nectar Single Malt 5cl

    Burns Nectar Single Malt

    A Long Established Highland Single Malt Whisky, This “Guid Auld Scotch Drink” Is Soft And Sweet On The Palate With A Hint Of Honey & Nutty Flavours. Crafted To Appeal To All Whisky Drinkers And Make Raising A “Cup O’ Kindness” To The Bard A Truly Merry Experience.

    Soft And Sweet On The Palate With A Hint Of Honey & Nutty Flavours.

  • Bushmills Black Bush 5cl

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    Bushmills Black Bush 5cl

    Bushmills Black Bush

    One Of The Most Well-Known Irish Blends, Bushmills Black Bush Features A Lot Of Sherried Malt In Its Recipe, Alongside Classically Caramel-Y Grain Whiskey. Suitable For Enjoying Neat, But It Can Also Be Used In Whiskey Cocktails That Call For Dark Fruit Sweetness

    Nose – Big, Full Rich Fruitcake Aroma. Intense Sherry Sweetness, Developing Into Dried Fruit/Raisin/Christmas Cake Notes.
    Palate – Soft, Silky Texture With Nutty Character.
    Finish – A Lingering Sweetness. Remarkable Balance Between The Power From Sherry-Seasoned Casks And The Smoothness Of The Spirit.

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  • Bushmills Original 5cl

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    Bushmills Original 5cl

    Bushmills Original

    Grain Whiskey Reserved For Bushmills Original Is Slowly Matured For A Minimum Of Five Years In American Oak Casks Before Blending With Irish Single Malt Whiskey To Produce This Original Blend.

    Nose – Light Fruity And Spicy Aroma. Vanilla Note, Developing Into Vanilla Ice-Cream And Creme Brulee.
    Palate – Gently Warming, Mouth-Coating Texture. A Touch Of Honey Sweetness.
    Finish – Crisp, Fresh Finish, With A Touch Of Spice.

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  • Canny Beat A Scottish View 5cl

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    Canny Beat A Scottish View 5cl

    Canny Beat A Scottish View

    Exclusive To Select Drams, Canny Bet A Scottish View Is A 5cl Blended Whisky.
    Perfect For Tourists Looking To Take Home Something A Little Different And Quirky.
    Part Of The Exclusive Kilty Collection And Only Available From Select Drams

    The Kilty Collection Also Features – Kilty Pleasure And Real Men Wear Kilts.


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  • Chivas Regal 12 5cl

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    Chivas Regal 12 5cl

    Chivas Regal 12

    A Classic 12 Year Old Blend, Chivas Regal Is Great Over Ice, Or In A Scotch Whisky Cocktail, Thanks To Its Great Balance And Complexity.

    Nose – A Creamy, Aromatic Melange Of Vanilla Custard, Hints Of Aniseed, Lemon Curd And Butter Toffee. Wood Shavings And Dried Banana Chips Develop With Just A Hint Of Cassis.
    Palate – More Of Those Banana Chips Showing Through On The Palate, This Time There’s A Creamy Hit Of Barley Malt Too, Pepped Up With A Little Allspice. Notes Of Ground Walnut And Caramel.
    Finish – Light Spice And Black Pepper On The Tail. Lingering Notes Of Cereal Sweetness.

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  • Deanston 12 5cl

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    Deanston 12 5cl

    Deanston 12

    Deanston Is The Only Distillery In Scotland That Is Self-Sustaining For Electricity, Being Equipped With A Dam And A Turbine.

    Nose – Honey With The Faintest Hint Of Peat And Grand Orange Blossom Backing.
    Palate – Delightfully Clean In The Mouth With Fine Texture And Super Balance. Fine Oak Support And Beautifully Tempered, Rich Barley. Vanilla And Sweet Spice Give Soft, Smooth Feel In The Mouth.
    Finish – Big Burst Of Honey Leads Into Refined Finish.

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  • Dewar’s White Label 5cl

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    Dewar’s White Label 5cl

    Dewar’s White Label

    A Swirl Of Honey, With A Sprig Of Scottish Heather. Rich, Golden, And Warm. Clean, Fresh Vanilla, With A Slice Of Pear. Soft, Fruity, And Well-Rounded.
    Smooth a Subtle Sweetness, With A Curl Of Smoke.
    Full, Balanced, And Satisfying.

    Nose – Honey, Peach, Apple And Wood. Cut Hay.
    Palate – Medium, Vanilla Fudge, Smoke, Toffee, Heather Honey, Oak.
    Finish – Medium Finish, Slightly Dry With Lingering Heather/Honey Overtones And The Faintest Touch Of Smoke.

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  • Edradour 10 5cl

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    Edradour 10 5cl

    Edradour 10

    Edradour Is One Of Scotland’s Smallest Distilleries And At The Heart Of The Range, This 10 Year Old Eastern Highlander Is A Rather Unique Single Malt, A Decidedly Rum-Like Dram With A Thick Mouthfeel. The Ten Year Old Edradour Is Handmade And One Of The Last Single Malt Whiskies From A Traditional Farm Distillery Still In Production Today. The Methods Of Production Remain Virtually Unchanged In The Last 150 Years And Are Only Just Capable Of Commercial Quantities. Indeed Edradour Distillery Makes As Much Whisky In A Year As Most Distilleries Produce In A Week. A Rare Pleasure For A Fortunate Few.

    Nose – Distinctive Honey Flavour With Hints Of Sherry And Vanilla.
    Palate – A Beautiful Mix Of Rum And Raisin And Toasted Nuts.
    Finish – A Seductively Long Spicy Finish.

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  • Edradour Ballechin 10 5cl

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    Edradour Ballechin 10 5cl

    Nose –  Herbal and grassy with sweetened smoke.

    Palate – Chocolate oak over spicy, earthy smokiness. Complexity rolls over the tongue.

    Finish – Smouldering burnt heather on Highland hills.

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  • Famous Grouse 5cl

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    Famous Grouse 5cl

    Nose – Light, crisp. Cut flowers. Barley. Toffee sweetness.

    Palate –  Light and balanced. Spice, barley. Caramel, touch of smoke.

    Finish – Touch of sweetness, caramel.

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  • Finlaggan Islay Malt 5cl

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    Finlaggan Islay Malt 5cl

    Nose – Earthy smoky peat and salty ocean breeze.

    Palate – Pungent peat smoke, chewy sweet malt, pepper, tar and a touch of iodine.

    Finish – Long and warming. Smoky ashes of the peat fire.

  • Glen Garioch 12 5cl

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    Glen Garioch 12 5cl

    Nose – Unique “Highland House” character of honey, heather and a touch of spice.

    Palate – Spices and light peat in the older vintages add a distinct taste difference from other Highland single malts.

    Finish – Elegant finish.

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  • Glen Garioch 1797 Founder’s Reserve 5cl

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    Glen Garioch 1797 Founder’s Reserve 5cl

    Nose – Nose is warm amber in appearance.

    Palate – Sweet vanilla and butterscotch reveal the influence of American oak.

    Finish – An elegant and subtle finish.

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  • Glen Scotia 15 5cl

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    Glen Scotia 15 5cl

    Nose – Broad and medium-weight with citrus peels, ginger snap biscuits. Sweet and with great depth.

    Palate – A complicated palate where the initial nose would lead you to expect plump fruits. The palate fleshes out as the first impact of the nose fades.

    Finish – Firm and slightly dry finish.

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  • Glen Scotia Double Cask 5cl

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    Glen Scotia Double Cask 5cl

    Nose –  Very sweet on the nose. Initially it is all creme caramel, caramelised fruit sugars, wood sugar, toffee and fudge before some apple and peach come through. In time a charred note of bourbon with a pleasing dusty dryness.

    Palate – A sweet start on the palate. The alcohol gives a little tongue-tingling buzz the result is a good mid-palate weight. The dry distillery character is there still, but there is now depth to counter. Water slightly dismantles the different elements, but adds some dried mint.

    Finish –  A deep and dark finish.

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  • Glen Scotia Victoriana 5cl

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    Glen Scotia Victoriana 5cl

    Nose – An elegant nose with hints of oak driving the bouquet. Interesting creme brulee notes leading to generous caramelised fruits and finally polished oak.

    Palate – Sweet and concentrated start with some jammy blackcurrant fruitines. Typical tightening towards the back palate.

    Finish –  Clean and initially sweet.

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  • GlenAllachie 10 Year Old Cask Strength 5cl

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    GlenAllachie 10 Year Old Cask Strength 5cl

    Red Bronze.
    Heather honey, toffee apples and sweet spice, followed by layers of orange peel.
    Oodles of heather honey, vanilla and toffee, with wonderful notes of eucalyptus, orange peel and Caribbean spices.

  • GlenAllachie 12 Year Old 5cl

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    GlenAllachie 12 Year Old 5cl

    Polished Bronze.
    Butterscotch and honey playing the lead, with raisins and mocha in the background.
    Honey, marzipan and bananas, with lashings of butterscotch, raisins and a delicate hint of mocha.

  • Glencadam 10 5cl

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    Glencadam 10 5cl

    Nose – Spice and vanilla with elegant sweetness.

    Palate –  Floral and spicy with sophisticated mix of vanilla and sherry sweetness.

    Finish – Gentle pepper and spice finish.

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  • Glencadam 15 5cl

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    Glencadam 15 5cl

    Nose – Salty notes with a balance of sweetness. Delicate, elegant and charming.

    Palate – Juicy cut-grass freshness with a mouth-watering malty signature. Restrained sweetness caressed by soft oak. 

    Finish – Medium length. Oak balancing sweeter characteristics with a malty reprise. 

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  • Glencadam 21 5cl

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    Glencadam 21 5cl

    Nose – Nose is floral and elegant with some sweet orange citrus tones.

    Palate – Palate is refined, gentle, floral with orange citrus and candied peel sweetness balanced by underlying peppery oak tones.

    Finish – Finish with lingering and dignified.

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  • Glencoe 5cl

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    Glencoe 5cl

    Nose – Young, Dry and Nutty with Sherry, light Sulphur, Dried Fruits, Nuts, Malt Straw, Cereals, Orange Marmalade, Honey, Toffee, Green Coffee Beans, Oak, Canned Peaches, Spices and Vinegar. The Alcohol is quite strong so better Nose your way around the edge of the glass. Give it enough time in the glass to open up.

    Palate – Strong Delivery with Sherry, light Sulphur, Strong Tea, Oak, Barley, Nuts, Spices, light Menthol, Dried Apricot, Coconut, Toffee and Honey.  

    Finish – Middle-Long, Fiery and Strong with Barley, Caramel, Nuts, Coconut, Strong Tea, Licorice, Menthol and Spices. A hint of Dark Chocolate after a few minutes.

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  • Glendronach 12 5cl

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    Glendronach 12 5cl

    Nose – Sweet, creamy vanilla, with hints of ginger.

    Palate – Spiced mulled wine and pear. Rich, creamy, silky-smooth.

    Finish – Spicy with medium length and a dry finish.

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  • Glendronach 18 5cl

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    Glendronach 18 5cl

    Nose – Sweet aromatics of fudge and muscovado sugar.

    Palate – Fruit compote and glacier morello cherries provide added complexity.

    Finish – Rich dark and seductive.

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