• A.De Fussigny XO Champagne Cognac Cigar Tube 5cl

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    A.De Fussigny XO Champagne Cognac Cigar Tube 5cl

    A.De Fussigny XO Champagne Cognac

    A de Fussigny’s XO is a Grande and Petite Champagne eaux-de-vie blend and the spirit consists of at least 50% Grande Champagne wines, tasting of Hazelnut cream, white flowers, dried fruit and orange oil.

    The XO in A Fussigny is enjoyed alone or possibly with a drop of water for special occasions. It beautifully accompany any chocolate dessert or like burnt caramel and cream any cigar.

    The perfect little add on to someone with impeccable taste.


  • Aber Falls The Spirits of North Wales Gin and Liqueur Collection

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    Aber Falls The Spirits of North Wales Gin and Liqueur Collection

    Aber Falls The Spirits Of North Wales Gin And Liqueur Collection

    The Spirit Of North Wales Collection A Beautiful Premium Gift Pack For The Gin And Liqueur Range.

    The Pack Contains
    Aber Falls Rhubarb And Ginger Gin 5cl
    Subtle Spices And Tart Rhubarb, Perfectly Balanced By Distinctive Piney Juniper Notes, Leaving A Warming Sensation And Complemented By A Taste Of Ginger To Finish.
    Aber Falls Orange Marmalade Gin 5cl
    A Refined Balance Of Sweet And Bitter Orange Flavours With The Pine Flavour Of Juniper. A Citrus Hit With Warming Aftertaste, Guaranteed To Tickle Your Taste Buds.
    Aber Falls Violet Liqueur 5cl
    Sweet Violet Petal Notes Sing Throughout, With A Lingering Flinty Hint In The Background.
    Aber Falls Salted Toffee Liqueur 5cl
    Honey, Buttery Biscuits, Brown Sugar And A Subtle Kick Of Authentic Sea Salt Notes.
    Aber Falls Coffee & Dark Chocolate Liqueur 5cl
    Freshly Ground Coffee Beans, Toffee And A Hint Of Rye Bread With Nutella.

  • Amarula Cream Liqueur 70cl and Branded Glasses Pack

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    Amarula Cream Liqueur 70cl and Branded Glasses Pack

    Amarula Cream Liqueur 70cl And Branded Glasses Pack

    Gift Pack Contains 70cl Amarula Cream Liqueur & 2 X Branded Glasses

    Amerula Cream Liqueur
    Distinctive Taste And Smooth, Rich Texture. Marula Fruits Are Only Selected When They Are Perfectly Ripe And Yellow.
    Nose – Amarula Cream Is Full Of Fresh Dairy Cream, Cinnamon And Caramel. With Its Creamy Decadence And Spice Notes It’s Reminiscent Of Eggnog.
    Palate – The Sweet Cream Flavors Are Still There, And The Spices Don’t Fade. But That Familiar Cream Liqueur Profile Is Accented With An Intriguing Citrus Fruitiness, Plus A Touch Of Peppery Heat At The End.

    At Amarula They Have Made It There Unrelenting Mission To Protect The African Elephant From Extinction.

    Did You Know That There Are Only 400,000 African Elephants Left In The World, And Every Minute One Of These Beautiful Creatures Is Lost To The Plight Of Poaching.


  • Cockburns Port Trio Gift Set 3 x 5cl

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    Cockburns Port Trio Gift Set 3 x 5cl

    Cockburns Port Trio Gift Set 3 X 5cl

    A Wonderful Cockburn’s Branded Port Selection.

    Fine Tawny
    This Lighter Style Of Port Is An Elegant Wine With Mellow And Spicy Flavours. Perfect To Enjoy Any Time With Friends, Especially When Served Chilled As An Aperitif.
    Special Reserve
    Originally Introduced In 1969 As The First Great Reserve Port. Since That Time Its Famous Fruity & Full-Bodied Quality, Combined With A Fine Dry Finish, Has Been The Benchmark For All Reserve Ports.
    Fine Ruby
    This Is A Full-Bodied Port With Ripe Red-Fruit Flavours, Balanced With A Fine Structure And Balance. Perfect At The End Of A Fine Dinner Or Simply To Enjoy With Friends.

  • JJ Whitley Selection 5cl Quad Pack

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    JJ Whitley Selection 5cl Quad Pack

    JJ Whitley Selection 5cl Quad Pack

    Branded Gift Box Includes 4 X 5cl Of The JJ Whitley Collection.

    JJ Whitley Nettle Gin

    Chopped Basil, Oily Juniper, Crushed Coriander, Forest Floor And A Subtle Spark Of Citrus Peels.

    JJ Whitley Elderflower Gin

    Floral And Sweet, With A Touch Of Warmth From The Cinnamon Gathering Momentum On The Mid-Palate.

    JJ Whitley Rhubarb Vodka

    Fruit-Fuelled Experience That’s Sweet, Summery And Fresh, The Unique Scent Of Rhubarb Teasing The Nose.

    JJ Whitley Potato Vodka

    Lemongrass, Black Pepper And A Touch Of Mint. Quite Drying.

  • Liverpool Gin & Vodka Collection 3x5cl

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    Liverpool Gin & Vodka Collection 3x5cl

    Liverpool Gin & Vodka Collection

    Produced By The Liverpool Distillery, This Miniature Gift Pack Features 3 X 5cl Miniature Bottles Of The Award-Winning Releases.

    Liverpool Gin
    Liverpool Gin Is A Premium Organic Gin Made Using Only Pure Certified Organic Botanicals, Producing A Highly Distinctive, Aromatic Drink. Crystalline In Appearance And Luscious In Body, It Give An Intense Juniper And Complex, Well-Balanced Botanical Flavour Over A Rich Cereal Note With A Bright Citrus Finish.
    Valencian Orange Gin
    Liverpool Gin Valencian Orange Is A Zesty Premium Organic Gin. It Is Made With The Same Combination Of Distinctive Botanicals As Liverpool Gin But With The Addition Of The Zesty Citrus Notes Of Oranges From Valencia.
    Liverpool Vodka.
    Liverpool Vodka Is A Higher Strength Small Batch Vodka Handcrafted In A Copper Pot Still.
    Made From Potatoes
    Perfect Serve – 50ml Liverpool Vodka, 100ml Crabbies Ginger Beer, Strawberries & A Wedge Of Lime Method

  • Mozart Trio Liqueur 3 x 5cl

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    Mozart Trio Liqueur 3 x 5cl

    Mozart Trio Liqueur

    A Heavenly Trio From Mozart Containing The Luxurious Milk Chocolate Mozart Gold, Deliciously Creamy Mozart White And The Intensely Decadent Mozart Black Pure 87.

    Mozart Gold
    Is The Luxuriously Creamy Austrian Milk Chocolate Liqueur Created Using The Finest Belgian Chocolate, Kirsch And Fresh Cream Blended With Madagascan Vanilla And Cocoa. A Delicious Treat.

    Mozart White
    Is The Indulgent Austrian White Chocolate Cream Liqueur Created Using A Blend Of White Chocolate, Fresh Cream, Delicious Caramel And Authentic Bourbon Vanilla.

    Mozart Black Pure 87
    Is The Intensely Daring Austrian Dark Chocolate Liqueur Created Using 87% Pure Cocoa Mass Giving A Rich Smoky Flavour Of Bittersweet Cocoa Married With Authentic Bourbon Vanilla And Caramel Notes.

  • Penderyn Spirit of Wales Quad Pack (Whisky, Gin, Vodka, Liqueur)

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    Penderyn Spirit of Wales Quad Pack (Whisky, Gin, Vodka, Liqueur)

    Penderyn Spirit Of Wales Quad Pack

    A Handsome Set Of Miniatures, And The Perfect Gift For Anyone Who Loves The Welsh Spirit.

    Penderyn Single Malt Whisky
    Nose –Sweet, Medium Body. Herbal, Vanilla, Sweetness, Resin, Sultanas, Toast. Over-Ripe Grape.
    Palate – Thick And Sweet, Spices, Green, Biscuity. Custard.
    Finish –Fresh, Crisp, Spices And Stem Ginger.

    Brecon Vodka
    Awarded A Silver Medal At The International Wine And Spirit Competition 2008
    Five Times Distilled For Purity But With An Increased Amount Of Barley Spirit From The Penderyn Still To Create A Smoothness And Complexity Expected By Connoisseurs, With A Smooth, Fruity Twist.

    Brecon Special Reserve Gin
    Nose – Complex, With Juniper & Earthy Notes.
    Palate –Warm & Spiced, With Juniper & Citrus.
    Finish –Long, With Cinnamon & Juniper.

    Merlyn Cream Liqueur
    Made With Welsh Spirit And 10 Specially Selected Botanicals

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  • The Sweet Potato Pack 4x5cl

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    The Sweet Potato Pack 4x5cl

    The Sweet Potato Pack 4x5cl

    A Wonderful Gift Pack From The Sweet Potato Company That Contains The Following Miniatures,
    Sweet Potato Moonshine (42%ABV)
    Sweet Potato Spiced Rum (42%ABV)
    Sweet Potato Orangecello Liqueur (22%ABV)
    Sweet Potato Raspberry Liqueur (22%ABV)

    Suitable For Vegan And Vegetarians And Also Gluten Free.

  • The Kraken Spiced Rum 37.5cl and Mason Jar Gift Pack

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    The Kraken Spiced Rum 37.5cl and Mason Jar Gift Pack

    The Kraken Spiced Rum 37.5cl And Mason Jar Gift Pack

    The Iconic Rum And A Branded Mason Jar Glass.

    Kraken Spiced Rum
    Kraken Black Spiced Rum Is Made With A Secret Blend Of Herbs And Spices And Aged In Oak Casks For At Least Two Years. With Flavours Of Liquorice, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger And Orange, This Is A Warming, Rich And Smooth Spiced Rum.

    Great As A Shot Or On The Rocks, But Best Served In The Branded Glass Along With Your Favourite Mixer. We Suggest A Slice Of Lime And Cola.

  • Two Birds 20cl Vodka Twin Pack

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    Two Birds 20cl Vodka Twin Pack

    Two Birds 20cl Vodka Twin Pack

    With A Wide Range Of Two Birds Vodka To Choose From

    Cherry & Almond
    After Dinner Mint
    Christmas Spice
    Passion Fruit
    Salted Carmel

    Two Of These Different 20cl Vodkas Can Be Selected To Make Up This Vodka Pack

    An Ideal Gift For Vodka Lovers.

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