• Black Cow Vodka and English Strawberries 70cl

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    Black Cow Vodka and English Strawberries 70cl

    This seasonal edition is the very first flavour innovation from Black Cow, made using Black Cow Vodka, strawberries and nothing else.

    Locally sourced, left over or misshapen seasonal English Strawberries are pressed and infused in Black Cow Vodka, before being filtered and hand bottled at the Black Cow distillery in West Dorset. This unique vodka uses only strawberries to flavour it naturally with no added sugar or sweeteners.

  • Four Marys Zesty Sherbet Gin 5cl

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    Four Marys Zesty Sherbet Gin 5cl

    The Four Marys – companions and ladies-in-waiting to Mary Queen of Scots, have inspired this series of expressions. Talented and loyal, they attended Mary with flair and character.

    Mary Fleming, ‘the lively one’ was renowned for her dazzling presence and skills in entertaining the Court with music and dance, attracting many would-be suitors along the way.

    Our Zesty Sherbet has been distilled to create a flavour sensation in the mouth with Kaffir lime, Yuzu, Star Anise and Galangal alongside more traditional botanicals of Juniper, Coriander and Angelica combine to create an experience that will take you back to your youth when perhaps you enjoyed an old fashioned sherbet fountain. Nothing has been added to this gin, the experience and flavours come entirely from the distilled botanicals.

    Recommended serve – 1 measure of gin to 2-3 measures of a premium unflavoured tonic and garnished with a wedge of very fresh, juicy lemon, however a lemon tonic would also work. Whatever you choose to add to your gin, we do recommend it is fizzy to give you that

  • Halloween Offers

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    Halloween Offers

    Check below for our spooky specials…

  • Old Curiosity Geranium & Mallow Colour Changing Gin 20cl

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    Old Curiosity Geranium & Mallow Colour Changing Gin 20cl

    Old Curiosity Geranium & Mallow Colour Changing Gin 20cl

    A base gin made from juniper, coriander, angelica, with freshly distilled geranium and dried mallow flowers infused in the spirit. The Geranium is a plant that is so rich in aromas, with scents of warm tropical air, fresh green tea and floral tones that are reminiscent of roses and jasmine intermingled.  Though the gin is clear, when mixed with tonic, it becomes a light shade of pink.


    Tasting Notes

    A heavy floral influence, tea leaf and pine, with a touch of jasmine.


  • Smokehead High Voltage 70cl

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    Smokehead High Voltage 70cl

    Deeply rich and intensely peaty, this whisky hits all the senses with a rush of black smoke, creamy, nutty notes ans a tangy sea salt finish. Smokehead high voltage is distinctive, explosive and not for the faint of heart.