• Arran 1995 Bourbon Private Cask 70cl

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    Arran 1995 Bourbon Private Cask 70cl

    Very Limited Edition Arran Single Cask Bottling Distilled in 1995 which is the year the Arran Distillery opened! One of 172 bottles!

    Distilled on 14/11/95

    Cask number 199

    Barrel : Bourbon

    Tasting Notes

    Nose: Apple Danish pastries in a dunnage warehouse. A green herbaceous note reminiscent of fresh basil flows into the dusty, musty smell that comes only from whisky of advancing years. Nose develops to assertive tropical characters. Pineapple, guava et al. under the layer of fruit there is a zesty, classic arran DNA manifesting as lemon balm. An impression of beeswax suggests a full palate to come.

    Palate: as the nose predicts, round, mouth coating and oily. The character develops into a floral hedgerow of flavour- springtime. There’s a hint of vanilla fudge giving this a chewy feeling. The tang of Arran citrus qualities remains alongside a crack of white pepper – this is still lively for being so mature, no “flatness” at all.

    Finish: fragrant cedarwood sawdust and a move towards the wood influence. Flavours drift back towards red apple as the palate starts to dry slowly. The flavour lasts a LONG time. An extremely classy dram and, as is normal for arran it is showing bags of maturity. Distillery and “aged spirit” flavours are the stars of the show here. The cask is not dominating, only complimenting. Lovely, lovely whisky and a proper example of what we have come to recognise as how ‘Arran in advancing years’ should be.

  • Claxton’s Teaninich 1999 19 Years Old 70cl

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    Claxton’s Teaninich 1999 19 Years Old 70cl

    Claxton’s Teaninich 1999 19 Years Old

    Year Distilled 05/07/1999
    Cask Type Bourbon Hogshead
    Cask No 1849-307946
    Year Bottled 2018
    Total Bottle Yield 255

    Nose Striking cereal notes of sweet warm pastry, rice pudding and bran supported by key lime pie and apple sauce.
    Palate Balanced. Vanilla powder, crème brûlée and macadamia nuts add creamy sweetness to the cereal notes.
    Finish A medium, steady finish. Dark toffee sauce, pecan pie and brazil nuts with a flurry of subtle aromatic spices.

  • Tomatin Warehouse 6 1977

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    Tomatin Warehouse 6 1977

    In the heart of the Tomatin distillery grounds there is a quiet corner. In these sacred surrounds sits the traditional dunnage warehouse. Within, the most treasured casks. These exclusive casks enjoy a magnificent atmosphere, laid low on antique wooden rails above cool earthen floor and and stacked single level – unencumbered – so our warehousemen may keep vigil on the gently maturing spirit. At Tomatin’s very core, Warehouse 6, is a truly special place.


    This 1977 Highland Single Malt is the fourth special release from Tomatin’s Warehouse 6 and is very limited – only 390 produced!!

  • Wemyss A Gardener’s Aperitif 1997 (Benrinnes) 70cl

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    Wemyss A Gardener’s Aperitif 1997 (Benrinnes) 70cl

    A Gardener’s Aperitif 

    A 21 year old single cask release from the Wemyss Malts series of single cask offerings. Here we have a lesser-known Speyside malt from the Benrinnes distillery, matured in a “floral barrel”. ‘A Gardener’s Aperitif’ is bottled at an impressive 60.2% with only 199 bottles released.


  • Wemyss Beekeeper’s Smoker 2006 (Croftengea) 70cl

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    Wemyss Beekeeper’s Smoker 2006 (Croftengea) 70cl

    Beekeeper’s Smoker 

    Croftengea is a lesser-known peated single malt which has been released as a 13 year old single cask offering from independent bottler Wemyss Malts. Matured in a single refill hogshead, only 329 bottles of Beekeeper’s Smoker were produced.

  • Wemyss Carpaccio Salsa Verde 1981 (Caol Ila) 70cl

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    Wemyss Carpaccio Salsa Verde 1981 (Caol Ila) 70cl

    Wemyss Carpaccio Salsa Verde 1981 (Caol Ila)

    Yummy Single Cask Caol Ila Single Malt, Independently Bottled By Wemyss! This Was Distilled In 1981 And Aged In A Hogshead Until It Was Bottled In 2017 And Bestowed The Name Carpaccio Salsa Verde

    Nose – Cardamom, Lime Peel, Apple And A Hint Of Leafy Coriander. Subtle Savoury Hints Of Sea Salt And Black Pepper Crisps.
    Palate – Refreshing, Though A Hint Of Mature Oak Gives It A Brooding Edge.
    Finish – Lingering Salinity And Herbal Freshness.



  • Wemyss Saffron and Pineapple 1998 (Auchentoshan) 70cl

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    Wemyss Saffron and Pineapple 1998 (Auchentoshan) 70cl

    Saffron and Pineapple

    A single cask Auchentoshan from the Lowland region, distilled in 1998 and matured in a single barrel with an outturn of only 128 bottles. Wemyss Malts named this expression ‘Saffron & Pineapple’, giving you an idea of what flavours you might find on the palate.

    Tasting Notes 

    Nose: Exuberant floral notes, sweet pineapple, Turkish honey and fruit jelly

    Palate: Characterized by exotic fruits accompanied by aromas of ginger and biscuits, banana leaf

    Finish: Long finish with warming spicy notes and a little saffron

  • Wemyss Sand Dune Flowers 1990 (Bunnahabhain) 70cl

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    Wemyss Sand Dune Flowers 1990 (Bunnahabhain) 70cl

    Sand Dune Flowers 

    A 28 year old Bunnahabhain distilled back in 1990, and bottled at 28 years old from a single refill hogshead.

  • Wemyss Summer Sipping 1995 (Glen Grant) 70cl

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    Wemyss Summer Sipping 1995 (Glen Grant) 70cl

    Summer Sipping 

    Tasting Notes

    Nose: Fresh fruity with lilacs and anise, summery fruits like apple, orange and grapefruit

    Palate: Floral fruity with honeysuckle, elder and orange blossom with an exotic twist of mango and peach

    Finish: Creamy, lush and delicate on the finish

  • Wemyss Tasty Cake Mix 1996 (Glenrothes) 70cl

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    Wemyss Tasty Cake Mix 1996 (Glenrothes) 70cl

    Tasty Cake Mix 

    This Glenrothes single cask release from Wemyss Malts has been aged for 23 years in a single refill hogshead from a 1996 distillation.

    Tasting Notes

    Nose: The scent of a traditional pastry, shortbread, marzipan cake, orangeade and English cream

    Palate: Sweet juicy fruit flavors create a velvety mouthfeel and flow into darker malted and doughy flavors until finally a delicate spiciness remains with warming ginger note and grapes.

    Finish: Long, pleasant finish.

  • New

    Wemyss Velvet Fig

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    Wemyss Velvet Fig

    Velvet Fig

    Wemyss Malts has launched a luxurious new limited edition blended malt, the new ‘Velvet Fig’ is created from carefully selected single malts matured wholly in ex Oloroso sherry casks, evoking rich autumn and winter fruits and spices.

    Tasting Notes

    • Nose – raspberries and cranberries with a hint of orange, followed by thicker notes of fig and sweet biscuits, in the back there’s also a sense of dark chocolate
    • Palate – clean with notes of reship syrup and cherry menthol, followed by the malt with honeyed fruit and oak also with a hint of dark chocolate
    • Finish – fresh and fruity with a richness and sweetness added by notes of honey
    • A perfect name for a beautiful malt. The fig element is very clear as if they’ve been baked in a sweet-pastry tart and glazed with a sweet fruit syrup.