Crusty Juggler Pineapple Rum 70cl

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Crusty Juggler take their superb, aged base rum and blend it with Demerara sugar and black strap molasses. Then they macerate it with fresh pineapple until it’s tasting juuuuust right, before bottling, labeling, and waxing it by hand. The resulting nectar has aromas of bright, fresh pineapple nestled amongst creamy fudge, with a touch of stone fruits like peach and mango. Subtle notes of banana and treacly molasses can also be detected. The palate is full and lush, with the molasses providing a rich texture and earthy, dark fruit notes, while the bucket loads of pineapple take a back seat. This is first and foremost a ‘RUM’, with fudgy, vanilla, and oaky notes from cask that can be tasted before the fresh, tropical pineapple wave rounds it all off. It can be enjoyed sipped neat, but it also mixes incredibly well with ginger beer or in any tropical cocktail.

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