Highland Moon Peach&Blood Orange Moonshine 5cl

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Introducing Highland Moon Peach & Blood Orange Moonshine- the perfect summer companion that captures the essence of sun-kissed days and refreshing moments. Crafted with precision and care, this delightful concoction combines the original moonshine with juicy peaches and a touch of blood orange, resulting in a harmonious blend that balances the sweetness of the peaches with a subtle citrus twist.

At 30% ABV, Highland Moon Peach & Blood Orange Moonshine retains its signature bite, ensuring that every sip leaves a lasting impression. Versatility is its middle name, as it effortlessly adapts to various serving styles. For a classic approach, mix it with lemonade or soda water, allowing the vibrant flavors to dance across your palate, leaving you refreshed and revitalized.

If you’re in the mood for a sophisticated twist, Highland Moon Peach & Blood Orange Moonshine is the ideal substitute in a cosmopolitan cocktail. Elevate your evenings with this enchanting libation, as it adds a touch of fruity elegance to the iconic drink. Alternatively, why not indulge in a delightful Spritz variation, infusing your taste buds with a burst of summer goodness?

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