Kilchoman PX Sherry Cask 70cl

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Product Information

In the 2023 PX Sherry Cask Matured release, the distillery presents its inaugural limited edition that has undergone full maturation in PX casks. While a five-year aging period may seem brief, these PX hogsheads impart a profound and sweet profile, necessitating a shorter maturation to uphold a harmonious flavor equilibrium. In this expression, the spirit’s citrus sweetness and peat smoke beautifully harmonize with the PX sherry influence, crafting a multi-faceted whisky. The result is a rich, sweet dram with delicate notes of citrus sweetness and rolling waves of maritime peat smoke.

Nose: Sweet sultanas and raisins with rounded peat smoke and layers of liquorice and hints of citrus sweetness.

Palate: Brown sugar and malty sweetness then orange peel, citrus, dark chocolate and waves of sherry sweetness.

Finish: Chocolate coated raisins, oak smoke, mixed spices and lasting PX sweetness.