Ogilvy Scottish Limoncello 50cl

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Originally developed specifically for the Amalfi Coast menu at the Six By Nico restaurants, Ogilvy showcases their commitment to using overlooked ingredients to craft delightful beverages. In line with this ethos, they have ingeniously repurposed leftover lemon peel—a byproduct of the juicing process—to create their exquisite Limoncello. By macerating the lemon peel in their vodka, they have achieved a remarkably smooth and invigorating Limoncello with a distinctive, fresh lemon flavor. Notably, this rendition contains approximately one-third less sugar compared to traditional Limoncellos, resulting in a beautifully balanced and refreshingly zesty taste experience.

Nose: Burst of delicious natural lemon zest and oils with subtle lingering hints of caramelised sugar.

Taste: Sugared sweetness up front quickly replaced by an intense burst of tangy lemon pudding pulling the cheeks in.

Finish: Potato Vodka, Lemon Peel, Sugar

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