Purist Art Gin Batch #3 – Franny Moseley 5cl

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Francesca Mosley, the featured artist for Purist Gin Batch #3, marks the third artist collaboration on a bottle. Hailing from Edinburgh, Francesca, a talented young painter, graciously allowed her enchanting floral artwork to grace our third batch of Purist Gin. This gin, previously honored as a Bronze Medal Winner at the Scottish Gin Awards 2020 in the category of ‘London Dry Gin of the Year,’ boasts delicate notes of orange and cassia spice on the nose, evolving into a well-rounded, classic blend of juniper and coriander on the palate. As the journey continues, the vibrant Yuzu peel flavors emerge and gradually transform into a sweet, lingering orange aftertaste, leaving the palate feeling rejuvenated. Notably, the distillery employs a single-shot process and almond powder to masterfully temper the ethanol and harmoniously meld it with rich botanicals, crafting an ultra-smooth gin with a surprisingly light mouthfeel.

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