• Bellini Cipriani 75cl

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    Bellini Cipriani 75cl

    Bellini Cipriani 75cl

    In 1948, Giuseppe Cipriani, Founder Of The Legendary Harry’s Bar In Venice, Created An Exciting Cocktail When He Mixed Fresh White Peaches With Prosecco,

    The Sweet Flavour Of The Peaches On The Palate With The Wine Bubbles Makes A Perfect Beverage For Special Occasions.

    You Can Now Enjoy This World Famous Cocktail Simply By Chilling The Bottle And Popping The Cork!

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  • Disaronno Amaretto 5cl

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    Disaronno Amaretto 5cl

    Instant hit of sweetness on the nose with a strong dominating almond aroma. Softer on the palate however with a rather short, sweet flavour of almond and marzipan.

  • Luxardo Limoncello 5cl

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    Luxardo Limoncello 5cl

    Nose – Thick, yet aromatic. Lemony smell, wonderfully full.

    Palate – Thick lemon oil entry, appropriately sweet and tart at the same time. Nicely oily and tart like a really good gelato but more intense. A pleasant clinging aftertaste, with a mild alcohol presence.

  • Luxardo Sambuca dei Cesari 5cl

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    Luxardo Sambuca dei Cesari 5cl

  • Malfy Con Arancia Blood Orange 70cl

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    Malfy Con Arancia Blood Orange 70cl

    Juniper, Sicilian Blood Oranges and 6 botanicals.

    Blood Oranges are  harvested in November where their rich red colour develops from the cool Mediterranean nights.

    The Blood Orange peels are steeped in alcohol and pressed in a basket press. The infusion is then blended with juniper and other botanicals before being distilled in a stainless steel vacuum still.

    Perfect Served on the rocks or part of your favourite cocktail. 



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    Malfy Gin Miniature Gift Set 4 x 5cl

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    Malfy Gin Miniature Gift Set 4 x 5cl

    Malfy Gin Miniature Gift Set

    A Special Taster Set From Malfy Gin, Giving You A Chance To Try Four Great Tasting Gins.

    Originale Expression Showcases A Juniper-Forward Flavour Profile. Using Wild Italian Juniper Alongside Five Further Botanicals, The Malfy Gin Distillers Bring Originale Down To Bottling Strength Using Water From The Monviso Mountain Extracted At The Village Of Crissolo.
    Con Limone
    Juniper, Amalfi Coast Lemons And 5 Botanicals.
    Con Limone Marries The Finest Italian Coastal Lemons With The Family’s Unique Gin Recipe To Create A One-Of-A Kind Spirit.
    Distilled With Classic Italian Juniper And Sfusato Lemon Peels From The Amalfi Coast – It Has Delightful Citrus And Juniper On The Nose With A Complex Flavour Of Anise, Citrus And Coriander.
    Con Arancia Blood Orange Gin
    Blood Orange, The Distinctive Dark Flesh Colour Is Due To The Presence Of Anthocyanin’s, A Family Of Antioxidant Pigments Common To Many Flowers And Fruit. The Flesh Develops Its Characteristic Maroon Colour When The Fruit Develops With Low Temperatures During The Night. Blood Oranges Have A Unique Flavour Profile Compared To Other Oranges, Being Distinctly Raspberry-Like In Addition To The Usual Citrus Notes.
    Gin Rosa Pink Grapefruit
    Italian Juniper, Sicilian Pink Grapefruit, Italian Rhubarb And 5 Other Botanicals
    This Bright Delicious Gin Is Like No Other. The Sun-Ripened Sicilian Pink Grapefruits Are Grown In Citrus Groves On The Mediterranean Coast Where The Mountains Greet The Sea.
    The Taste Is Juicy Fresh Grapefruit, With A Rich Long Juniper Finish.

    A Great Gift For Any Gin Fan.

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  • Malfy Con Limone Gin 70cl

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    Malfy Con Limone Gin 70cl

    Juniper, Amalfi Coast Lemons and 5 botanicals.

    Con Limone marries the finest Italian coastal lemons with the family’s unique gin recipe to create a one-of-a kind spirit.

    Distilled with classic Italian Juniper and Sfusato lemon peels from the AMALFI Coast – it has delightful citrus and juniper on the nose with a complex flavour of anise, citrus and coriander.

    Perfect served with a premium tonic and a slice of lemon.

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  • Malfy Originale Gin 70cl

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    Malfy Originale Gin 70cl

    Malfy Gin Originale

    Launched in early 2018, Malfy Gin Originale is distilled at the Torino Distillati, just outside Torino in Moncalieri. It is distilled in stainless steel vacuum still using juniper and five other botanicals including coriander, angelica and cassia bark. It is cut to proof with Italian spring water.

    Adored for its coriander, juniper berries, botanicals and citrus flavor notes.

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  • Malfy Rosa Pink Grapefruit Gin 70cl

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    Malfy Rosa Pink Grapefruit Gin 70cl

    Italian Juniper, Sicilian Pink Grapefruit, Italian Rhubarb and 5 other botanicals

    This bright delicious gin is like no other. the sun-ripened Sicilian Pink Grapefruits are grown in citrus groves on the Mediterranean coast where the mountains greet the sea.

    The taste is juicy fresh grapefruit, with a rich long juniper finish.

    Enjoy this colourful burst of Italian sunshine on the rocks, with tonic or in your favourite cocktail.

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  • Back Nine Treviso Prosecco 75cl

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    Back Nine Treviso Prosecco 75cl

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  • Tia Maria 5cl

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    Tia Maria 5cl