• Fonseca Port 3x5cl Gift Pack

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    Fonseca Port 3x5cl Gift Pack

    Fonseca Siroco

    Pale, straw colour. A superb balance of ripe fruit, delicate acidity and elegant notes of wood aging. Full and fruity on the palate this wine has a glorious lingering finish and an attractive, refreshing crispness.

    Fonseca Bin 27 

    Deep youthful ruby colour. An intense rich fruity nose of blackberry, cassis, cherry and plums, interwoven with notes of spice. The palate is full bodied and round, with a smooth velvety texture and mouth filling tannins. The juicy black fruit flavours of cherry and blackcurrant linger into the rich luscious finish.

    Fonseca LBV 2014

    Wonderfully exuberant, pungent, full, aromatic nose. Luscious, ripe, black cherry and plum fruit with notes of cedar and spice. The wine is wonderfully rich, rounded, concentrated, with layers juicy berry flavours and attractive notes of cedar. An elegant wine with good complexity. Lovely, intense finish full of flavour.


  • Sharish Blue Magic Gin (Colour Changing) 5cl

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    Sharish Blue Magic Gin (Colour Changing) 5cl

    Nose – Loads of raspberry and strawberry notes up front. Stem ginger and coriander arrive in support, but the berries are the main attraction here.

    Palate –  Quite spicy at first – cinnamon and more ginger. Waves of lemon and angelica develop. Another burst of juicy berry notes later on.

    Finish – Soft juniper and a pinch of leafy coriander.

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    Sharish Gin Gift Pack 3x 5cl

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    Sharish Gin Gift Pack 3x 5cl

    Sharish Gin Gift Pack

    All Presented In A Beautiful Little Wooden Case.

    Original Sharish Gin
    The Base Spirit, Rather Than The Grains We’re Used To, Is Made From Molasses, Rice, And Wheat, To Which A Variety Of Botanicals Is Added To Make It Gin. It Contains All The Usual Suspects, Like Macedonian Juniper, Coriander, Cinnamon, Cloves, Lemon Verbena, And Vanilla.Each Botanical Is Macerated For A Different Amount Of Time, Which Helps To Form Sharish Gin’s Unique Flavour. Sharish Gin Is Light And Fruity, You Can Really Pick Up On The Apples, But Also With Slight Spice Throughout, Including Cinnamon And Cloves. On The Palate, Dry Juniper Catches Up With Zesty Citrus, Earthy Coriander, And Even More Spices: Cinnamon, Cloves, And Nutmeg.
    Sharish Blue
    A Bright Blue Portuguese Gin From The Sharish Range, The Bright Colour Comes From Extracts Of A Flower Known As Blue Pea, And When You Mix With Tonic, It Turns Pink! Botanicals Also Include Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Lemon Peel, Strawberry And Raspberry

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  • Taylors LBV 2015 20cl

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    Taylors LBV 2015 20cl

    Nose: Rich, raisiny fruit and a whiff of honey.

    Palate: Dates, prunes, sugared orange peel, raisins, sultanas and other dried fruit, underpinned by thick toffee honey sweetness.

    Finish: A nutty, honeyed finish.