• Crystal Head Aurora Vodka with Shot Glasses

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    Crystal Head Aurora Vodka with Shot Glasses

    Crystal Head Aurora

    Instead of exploring different flavours, Aurora was crafted using a different grain. It offers a drier, bolder, and spicier vodka while staying true to the Crystal Head house-style. The bottle, with its delicate and iridescent metallized finish, is our tribute to this natural wonder of the world.

    Tasting Notes:

    Nose: Crisp with delicate floral aromas with a subtle hint of anise.

    Palate: Warm with strong peppercorn notes and a touch of sweetness.

    Finish: Dry, clean and warming sensation on the finish.

  • Highland Park 12 Year Old with branded Glasses Gift Pack

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    Highland Park 12 Year Old with branded Glasses Gift Pack

    Highland Park 12 Tasting Notes

    Nose: Fresh, clean and very aromatic. Floral notes abound the senses with a light grassiness. Notes of creamy Manuka honey and a touch of juicy citrus with cream and a well-balanced sweetness.

    Palate: Rather full with a pleasant depth. Lurking somewhere in the substratum a grilled orange lies. Notes of granary toast and green tea with jasmine. A touch of sweetness.

    Finish: Quite long with peppery spice and wood shavings.

  • Laphroaig Lore 70cl Gift Pack with Two Glasses

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    Laphroaig Lore 70cl Gift Pack with Two Glasses

    Laphroaig Lore

    Laphroaig Lore is a rich single malt Scotch whisky with distinctive smoke, peat and seaside minerality.

    Tasting notes

    Nose: Hints of ash and chocolate, smoky with seaside minerals. Malty with a hint of fudge, vanilla followed by chestnuts.  A note of clotted cream and fruit.
    Palate: Peaty with spice.
    Finish: Short dry finish, long sweet aftertaste.

    Gift pack includes two Laphroaig branded glasses.

  • Misty Isle Gin with Glasses Gift Pack 70cl

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    Misty Isle Gin with Glasses Gift Pack 70cl

    Misty Isle Gin

    Infused with the spirit of Skye. A marriage of waters from the Storr Lochs and the right balance of the finest botanicals. Juniper berries are hand-foraged from various wild locations around Skye and slowly distilled in copper pot stills, then vapour infused with botanicals such as coriander, angelica and lemon to name a few.

    Tasting Notes

    Nose: Juniper is dominant but not overpowering.

    Palate: Full, quite rich, damp earthy notes with subtle spices and citrus.

    Finish: Very refreshing with a citrus lift.

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  • OSA Clubhouse Blend 70cl

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    OSA Clubhouse Blend 70cl

    OSA Clubhouse Blend

    Clubhouse Is The Signature Brand. An Exceptional Blend Of Rich Fruit Flavours Balanced With A Hint Of Peat Smoke And An Undertone Of Sweet Spiciness That Leaves A Fresh, Mouth-Watering Finish.
    Old St Andrews Clubhouse Is A Premium Blended Scotch Whisky Crafted Specially For Us In Scotland From Carefully Selected Malt And Grain Whiskies.

    Presented In A Golf Ball-Shaped Bottle! A Perfect Gift For Golf Fanatics.

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  • Puerto De Indias Black Gin 70cl with Glass

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    Puerto De Indias Black Gin 70cl with Glass

    Puerto de Indias Dry Gin Pure Black Edition

    Puerto De Indias Has Presented Its New Gin Premium Called Pure Black Edition,
    Its Delicate Elaboration Is Completed By The Typical Aromas Of This Season Of The Year, Including A Soft Touch Of Orange Blossom And Citrus, Alongside Other Selected Raw Materials As Jasmine And Vanilla, Which Provides The Products A Distinctive Aroma That Reminds The Flowering Period.

    Taste – Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Lemon Verbena And Vanilla.

    Black Edition Is Made With Citrus, Jasmine And Vanilla For Creating More Floral G&Ts.

  • Silent Pool Gin & Glass

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    Silent Pool Gin & Glass

    Silent Pool Gin 70cl with Branded Glass

    Tasting Notes:

    Nose – Violet, lavender and lime leaf bring floral aromatics to the nose, while cardamom and juniper give it a spicy edge.

    Palate –Elderflower, chamomile and a waft of orange blossom. Warming honey sweetness and a spark of black pepper.

    Finish – Vanilla-rich honey notes last on the finish.

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