• A Taste of Islay 3x5cl

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    A Taste of Islay 3x5cl

    A Select Drams Exclusive Gift Pack.

    A Selection Of Three Islay Malt Whiskies.

    Each One Outstanding In Its Own Right, Yet Displaying The Distinctive Characteristics Of An Islay Malt. Smokiness Comes From The Tradition Of Using Peat, Saltiness From The Atlantic Ocean, Which Sweeps Its Shores.
    Islay Malts Are Not For The Faint Hearted.

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  • A Taste of Scotland 3x5cl

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    A Taste of Scotland 3x5cl

    A Select Drams Exclusive Gift Pack.

    A Selection Of Three Scottish Whiskies.

    Sample The Amazing Diversity In Taste, Flavour And Aroma Of These Unique Drams.
    Each 5cl Has Been Carefully Selected To Create The Perfect Gift Pack For The Whisky Lover.

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  • A Taste of Speyside 3x5cl

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    A Taste of Speyside 3x5cl

    A Select Drams Exclusive Gift Pack

    A Selection Of Three Malt Whiskies From The Region With The Highest Concentration Of Distilleries In Scotland.

    Speyside Whiskies Can Generally Be Classified As Light And Grassy Or Rich And Sweet.

    There Are 84 Working Distilleries In Speyside And We Carefully Select  Each 5cl Whisky To Comprise This Perfect Gift Pack.



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  • A Taste of the Highlands 3x5cl

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    A Taste of the Highlands 3x5cl

    A Select Drams Exclusive Gift Pack

    A Selection Of Three Malt Whiskies From The Region That Covers The Widest Expanse Of Scotland.

    Malts From The North Tend To Be Big Bodied, Sweet And Rich.
    Heading South And East They Tend To Be Lighter, Drier And Fruitier In Flavour.
    Whilst Those From The West Can Even Have A Peaty, Smoky Overtone – Particularly Those From Distilleries Near The Coast.

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  • Auchentoshan 5cl Triple Pack

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    Auchentoshan 5cl Triple Pack

    Auchentoshan 5cl Triple Pack

    A Selection Of Auchenoshan Scotch Whisky Miniatures, In A Gift Box.

    American Oak.
    Auchentoshan American Oak Was Introduced In 2014 To Replace The Classic. Matured Exclusively In First-Fill Bourbon Casks, This Is A Vanilla-Rich And Fruity Whisky.
    12 Year Old.
    This Auchentoshan 12-Year-Old Expression Replaced The Old 10 Year-Old When The Range Was Totally Revamped. Elegant And Refined, With Theose Classic Auchentoshan Notes Of Vanilla And Almonds.
    Three Wood
    The Ever-Popular Auchentoshan 3 Wood Is Matured Initially In Bourbon Casks Before Being Finished In Oloroso Then Pedro Ximénez Casks For An Extra Layer Of Rich, Sweet Fruitiness.

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  • Balvenie 5cl Triple Pack

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    Balvenie 5cl Triple Pack

    Balvenie 5cl Triple Pack

    12yr Doublewood
    One Of The Classic After-Dinner Malts, Balvenie Doublewood’s Extra Complexity And Richness Are A Result Of A Second Maturation In Fresh Sherry Casks. Great Stuff.
    14yr Carribean Cask.
    Caribbean Cask Has Been Matured In Traditional Oak Whisky Casks For 14 Years, And Then ‘Finished’ In Casks That Previously Held Caribbean Rum. To Create The Ideal Finish Malt Master David Stewart, Filled American Oak Casks With His Own Blend Of Select West Indian Rums.
    17yr Doublewood
    The Doublewood 17 Year Old Is An Elder Sibling To Doublewood 12 Year Old And Shares Its Honeyed, Spicy Characteristics, But It Is Distinctly Different, With Deeper Vanilla Notes, Hints Of Green Apple, Creamy Toffee And A Striking Richness And Complexity.
    Sweet With Dried Fruits, Sherbet Spice, Toasted Almonds And Cinnamon, Layered With A Richness Of Creamy Toffee Notes And Traces Of Oak And Deep Vanilla.

    This Balvenie Triple Pack Is The Perfect Gift For A WHISKY Lover.

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  • Cockburns Port Trio Gift Set 3 x 5cl

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    Cockburns Port Trio Gift Set 3 x 5cl

    Cockburns Port Trio Gift Set 3 X 5cl

    A Wonderful Cockburn’s Branded Port Selection.

    Fine Tawny
    This Lighter Style Of Port Is An Elegant Wine With Mellow And Spicy Flavours. Perfect To Enjoy Any Time With Friends, Especially When Served Chilled As An Aperitif.
    Special Reserve
    Originally Introduced In 1969 As The First Great Reserve Port. Since That Time Its Famous Fruity & Full-Bodied Quality, Combined With A Fine Dry Finish, Has Been The Benchmark For All Reserve Ports.
    Fine Ruby
    This Is A Full-Bodied Port With Ripe Red-Fruit Flavours, Balanced With A Fine Structure And Balance. Perfect At The End Of A Fine Dinner Or Simply To Enjoy With Friends.



  • Dead Man’s Fingers Rum 3x5cl Pack

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    Dead Man’s Fingers Rum 3x5cl Pack

    Dead Man’s Fingers Spiced Rum

    Where A Blended Rum Meets Exotic Spices To Create A Unique And Distinctive Flavour Profile.A Blend Of Caribbean Rum And Spices, It’s Inspired By Cornish Flavours Such As Saffron Cake And Spiced Fruit. Next Comes A Whisper Of Creamy Caramel Followed By Vanilla, Cinnamon, Nutmeg And Of Course, Those Subtly Sweet Undertones Of Orange. Some Have Even Found Notes Of Pineapple, Dried Raisins And A Pinch Of Black Pepper.

    Dead Man’s Fingers Coconut Rum

    Are You A Lover Of The Tropical Flavour Coconut, Then This Dead Man’s Fingers Is For You. With Elements Of Juicy Mango, Raisins, Runny Caramel, Coconut Ice And A Slight Citrusy Trace Of Lime Peel. Balance Is Achieved With A Whiff Of Vanilla And A Dash Of Clove.

    Dead Man’s Fingers Coffee Rum

    Dead Man’s Fingers Coffee Rum Has A Blend Of Caribbean Rum And Spices Balanced With A Rich Coffee Finish Which Come Across Well On The Nose As Well As The Coffee Notes Coming Across When Blended With Mixers. It’s Full Flavoured Yet Rounded And Nicely Balanced Bringing Forth Characteristics Of Vanilla, Raisins And A Suspicion Of Chocolate Orange. In Addition, You’ll Find Traces Of Clove And A Good Wallop Of Cumin.


  • Doing It In Yer Wellies Gin 5cl Triple Pack

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    Doing It In Yer Wellies Gin 5cl Triple Pack

    Doing It In Yer Wellies Gin 5cl Triple Pack

    Doing It In Yer Wellies Is A Quirky Gift Pack Containing A Selection Of Carefully Selected 3 X 5cl Gin Miniatures

    Featuring Hamish, Bonnie And Grace Who Like A Wee Swally On A Dreichet Day.

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  • Doing It In Yer Wellies Whisky 5cl Triple Pack

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    Doing It In Yer Wellies Whisky 5cl Triple Pack

    Doing It In Yer Wellies Whisky 5cl Triple Pack

    Doing It In Yer Wellies Is A Quirky Gift Pack Containing A Selection Of Carefully Selected 3 X 5cl Scottish Whisky Miniatures.

    Featuring Maggie, Hamish And Tam Like A Wee Swally On A Dreichet Day.

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  • Eden Mill Love Gin Liqueurs Gift Pack

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    Eden Mill Love Gin Liqueurs Gift Pack

  • Edinburgh Gin 5cl Liqueur Triple Pack

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    Edinburgh Gin 5cl Liqueur Triple Pack

    Edinburgh Gin Liqueur 5cl Triple Pack

    Featuring One Each Of The Elderflower, Raspberry And Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueurs

    Nose – Definitive Red Berry Aromas Balance Sweet Ripeness With A Tart Edge.
    Palate – It Is Viscous And Intensely Flavoured, Bursting With Red Berry Fruit.
    Finish – A Fully Rounded, Unabashedly Raspberry-Filled Finish

    Rhubarb & Ginger
    Nose – Rhubarb Then Ginger With A Hint Of Lemon Zest.
    Palate – First The Rhubarb Comes Through, Sweet And Acidic, Followed By The Ginger Which Is Strong And Spicy.
    Finish – Sweet And Well Balanced To Finish With Lingering Hints Of Ginger.

    Nose – Highly Aromatic With Floral Aromas.
    Palate – Sweet But Delicately So, With A Hint Of Lemon.
    Finish – Lingering Hints Of Pear, Peach And Grapefruit Zest.

    Add A Splash Of Flavour To Cocktails, Prosecco Or Your G&T With This Tempting Trio Of Miniature Gin Liqueurs

    This Little Trio Makes A Perfect Gift For All Gin Lovers.

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  • Edinburgh Gin 5cl Core Triple Pack

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    Edinburgh Gin 5cl Core Triple Pack

    Edinburgh Gin Liqueur 5cl Triple Pack

    Featuring One Each Of The Original Edinburgh Gin, Navy-Strength Cannonball Gin And Briny Seaside Gin, It’s A Miniature Tasting Tour Of The Signature Range.

    Nose – Powerfully Spirited And Spicy On The Nose.
    Palate – Bold Juniper With A Kick Of Pepper And Piquant Spice.
    Finish – Lingering Spice With Fresh Citrus Notes

    Edinburgh Gin
    Nose – Clean And Fresh With Spiced Notes.
    Palate – Rounded Juniper, Pine, Floral Lavender, With Hints Of Soft Spice And Aromatic Citrus.
    Finish – Bright Citrus Giving Away To A Round, Smooth Finish.

    Nose –You Can Tell This Is A Gin Like No Other. There Are Subtle But Pleasant Notes Of Seaweed And An Overall Freshness.
    Palate – The Palate Is Unmistakably Rich In Seaside Minerals. These Are Perfectly Balanced By The Sweetness Of The Grounded Ivy.
    Finish – A Long And Refreshing Finish Which Leaves You Reminiscing About Sunny Days. Seaside In A Bottle.

    Small But Perfectly Formed, This Miniature Trio Of Gins Makes An Excellent Gift For All Gin Lovers.

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  • Fonseca Port 3x5cl Gift Pack

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    Fonseca Port 3x5cl Gift Pack

    Fonseca Siroco

    Pale, straw colour. A superb balance of ripe fruit, delicate acidity and elegant notes of wood aging. Full and fruity on the palate this wine has a glorious lingering finish and an attractive, refreshing crispness.

    Fonseca Bin 27 

    Deep youthful ruby colour. An intense rich fruity nose of blackberry, cassis, cherry and plums, interwoven with notes of spice. The palate is full bodied and round, with a smooth velvety texture and mouth filling tannins. The juicy black fruit flavours of cherry and blackcurrant linger into the rich luscious finish.

    Fonseca LBV 2014

    Wonderfully exuberant, pungent, full, aromatic nose. Luscious, ripe, black cherry and plum fruit with notes of cedar and spice. The wine is wonderfully rich, rounded, concentrated, with layers juicy berry flavours and attractive notes of cedar. An elegant wine with good complexity. Lovely, intense finish full of flavour.


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    Gin Lovers Selection 5cl Triple Pack

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    Gin Lovers Selection 5cl Triple Pack

    Gin Lovers Selection

    A Mini Trio Of Three Original Gins

    Greenall’s Gin
    Greenall’s The Original Uses The Same Secret Recipe That Has Been Handed Down Through Only 7 Master Distillers. This Secret Blend Of 8 Botanicals Gives A Classic London Dry Gin With Rich Juniper Notes, Balanced With Mature Citrus And Spice.
    Beefeater Gin
    Nine Different Botanicals Make Up Beefeater Gin’s Distinct Flavour: Juniper, Angelica Seeds, Angelica Root, Coriander, Liquorice, Almonds, Orris Root, Seville Oranges And Lemon Peel. The Original Recipe From The 1800s Is Still Being Used Today.
    Gordon’s Gin
    Bold, Juniper-Led, With Zesty Notes Of Citrus And Super Smooth Texture.


    Perfect Gift To Introducing Someone To Gin Or For Gin Lovers Themselves



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  • Glenallachie Collection 3x5cl

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    Glenallachie Collection 3x5cl

    The Glenallachie Collection 3x5cl

    A Great Gift Pack For The Speyside Whisky Fan, Featuring Three Miniatures From The Glenallachie Distillery.

    Glenallachie 15 Year Old

    Matured in a combination of Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez puncheons and Hogsheads

    Glenallachie 12 Year Old

    Marzipan, Bananas And Butterscotch

    Macnair’s Lum Reek 12 Year Old

    Lashings of rich peat reek with mature heather notes, bog myrtle, butterscotch, toffee and sweet spices.

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  • Glencadam 5cl Triple Pack

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    Glencadam 5cl Triple Pack

    Glencadam 5cl Triple Pack

    3x5cl Of Glencadam, Single Malt Scotch Miniatures, A 10, 15 And 21 Year Old, In An Attractive Gift Pack Set.

    10 Year Old
    Floral And Spicy With Sophisticated Mix Of Vanilla And Sherry Sweetness.
    15 Year Old
    Juicy Cut-Grass Freshness With A Mouth-Watering Malty Signature. Restrained Sweetness Caressed By Soft Oak.
    21 Year Old
    Palate Is Refined, Gentle, Floral With Orange Citrus And Candied Peel Sweetness Balanced By Underlying Peppery Oak Tones.

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  • Glenfarclas Malt Whisky Selection 5cl (10, 105, 12)

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    Glenfarclas Malt Whisky Selection 5cl (10, 105, 12)

    Glenfarclas Malt Whisky Selection 

    A Miniature Set Of Glenfarclas Containing; 1x 10year Old, 1x 12year Old And 1x Cask Strength 105.

    10 Year Old
    Delicately Light, With A Mouth-Watering Combination Of Maltiness, Smokiness And Sherry Sweetness.
    12 Year Old
    Full Bodied, Delightful Sherried Fruit, With Oak, A Hint Of Peat And Delicious Sweet Sensations.
    Dry And Assertive, Develops Quickly To Reveal A Rich Spiciness, Combined With A Hint Of Oak And Sherried Fruit.

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  • Glenfiddich 5cl Triple Pack

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    Glenfiddich 5cl Triple Pack

    Glenfiddich 5cl Triple Pack

    This Glenfiddich Miniature Pack Contains 3 Stunning 5cl Bottles.

    12 Year Old
    Mellow And Full Flavoured But Enough Youth To Give The Characters Good Lift. Some Warm Marmalade And Lemon Rind Add To The Freshness. As Does A Hint Of Mint.
    15 Year Old
    Medium, Sherry, Raisins. Fruitcake, Spices, Sweetness.
    18 Year Old
    Layers Of Flavour Slowly Sink In Starting With Ripe Stone Fruits, Raisins, Dark Sugar, Rich Malt, Some Tropical Notes Of Mango And Banana, All On A Cradle Of Fine Oak. Spices Fill In The Background With Vanilla In The Front And Amongst Those That Follow Is Some Liquorice.

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  • Gordon Castle Gin 3x5cl Gift Pack

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    Gordon Castle Gin 3x5cl Gift Pack

    Gordon Castle Gin Gift Pack

    The Perfect Gift Pack For The Gin-Enthusiast Featuring A Trio Of Gordon Castle’s New Gin Range. These Three Different Flavours Have Been Crafted With Botanicals Grown In The Gordon Castle Walled Garden And Provide Excellent Examples Of Classic Scottish Highland Flavours.

    The Plum Gin Liqueur Is Created Using Scottish Plums From The Walled Garden And Has A Subtle Sweetness With Some Sharp Notes. This Is A Smooth Gin Liqueur That Is Best Enjoyed Neat Over Ice Or Drizzled Over A Hot Dessert.

    The Distilled Gin Is Multi-Award Winning And Brings An Air Of Scottish History And Provenance With Every Sip. Try With A Premium Tonic, Mint, Lemon, Lime And Plenty Of Ice.

    The Raspberry Gin Liqueur Has A Delicious Sweetness Accompanied By A Crisp Acidity And Floral Lavender Notes. Try This One In Prosecco Or As A Delicious Gin Bramble.

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    Jack Daniels 5cl Triple Pack

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    Jack Daniels 5cl Triple Pack

    Jack Daniels 5cl Triple Pack
    This Gift Set Contains Three Of Jack Daniel’s Most Prized Whiskies.
    The Classic Old No.7
    Nose –Light With Plenty Of Sweetness. There Are Hints Of Dry Spice And Oily Nuts, A Touch Of Smoke.
    Palate –Quite Smooth And Soft With Notes Of Banana Milkshake, A Mixed Nut Note, A Touch Of Caramel With Crème Anglaise.
    Finish –Sweet With A Little Cereal Sweetness And Toasty Oak.
    Gentleman Jack
    Nose –Balanced, Sweet Orange, Vanilla And Lush.
    Palate –A Mix Of Caramel, Mint And Dark, Ripe Apples.
    Finish –Smooth, Sweet Finish.
    Single Barrel
    Nose –Good Body With Plenty Of Toasty Oak, There Are Notes Of Corn And Lovely Cereal Sweetness, There Is A Good Smoke Note, A Little Spice And Toffee.
    Palate –Full And Mouth-Filling. There Are Notes Of Cereal Sweetness, The Rye Is In Evidence With A Touch Of Cigar Box And Nut Oils, A Little Spice And An Aniseed Character.
    Finish –Good Length With A Hint Of Citrus And Plenty Of Cereal Sweetness.


    These Three Whiskies Are The Corner Stone For The Jack Daniel’s Range And Perfect For Jack Daniel’s Enthusiasts.

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  • Johnnie Walker Whisky 3x5cl Tester Set

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    Johnnie Walker Whisky 3x5cl Tester Set

    Johnnie Walker Whisky 3x5cl Tester Set

    This Pack Features The Range Of Johnnie Walker’s Most Popular Serves Including Black Label, Red Label & Gold Label Reserve
    Features 3x 50ml Bottles Of Johnnie Walker, Branded Gift Box With Printed Tasting Notes
    Great For Whisky Lovers

    Black Label
    Nose –Winter Spice And Treacle, Hints Of White Pepper And A Little Citrus.
    Palate –Rich And Full With Notes Of Wood Smoke And Dry Spice, Hints Of Barley And Cereal With Creamy Toffee And A Distinct Herbal Note.
    Finish – Quite Fruity And Long With A Note Of Sultanas And Mixed Peels.
    Red Label
    Nose – The Nose Is Quite Pungent And Full. There Are Notes Of Heather Roots, Cut Herbs, A Touch Of Fresh Fruits And Honey.
    Palate –The Palate Is Quite Full And Rich. There Are Notes Of Malted Barley And Potpourri, A Touch Of Winter Spice And Fruitcake.
    Finish –The Finish Is Quite Long And Pungent, There Is A Good Smoke Note With A Touch Of Oak.
    Gold Label Reserve
    Nose: Honey And Heather With Thick Caramel Notes And A Subtle Nutmeg Spice. Dried Meadow Flowers And A Hint Of Fresh Banana.
    Palate: Smooth And Succulent With A Honeyed Sweetness, Floral Elements Are Quite Prominent And There’s A Spiced Sweet Vanilla Note Too.
    Finish: Long, Sweet And Toffee-Like.

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  • Jura 5cl Triple Pack

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    Jura 5cl Triple Pack

    Jura 5cl Triple Pack

    The Isle Of Jura Single Malt Whisky Triple Pack Is The Perfect Introduction The Jura Range.

    Jura 10
    A Whisky Only Jura Could Make, Born Of The Island And Still Produced Today In A Bottle Originally Shaped To Withstand The Roughest Of Journeys From Their Home.
    Crafted In Exceptionally Tall Stills, Matured For 10 Years In America White Oak Ex-Bourbon Barrels And The Fresh Sea Air With A Further Enhancement From The Finest Aged Oloroso Sherry Casks From Jerez, Spain.
    Colour Copper Gold
    Nose Aromas Of Fruit, Cracked Pepper And Dark Chocolate.
    Taste Nectarines, Ginger And Freshly Ground Coffee.
    Cask Finish Jura 10 Year Old Is Matured In American White Oak Ex-Bourbon Barrels With An Aged Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish.

    Jura Seven Wood
    There’s More To Jura Single Malt Whisky Than Water, Barley And Yeast. A Little Bit Of The Island Home, Community And Passion Makes It Into Every Bottle.
    Jura Seven Wood Is Fitting Tribute To The Master Blender’s Skill Having Been Shaped By Seven Separate Oak Woods: First-Fill Ex-Bourbon American White Oak, Vosges, Bertranges, Jupilles, Allier, Tronçais & Limousin Barrels.
    Colour Mahogany Gold
    Nose An Aromatic Fusion Of Coffee, Ginger Spice And A Hint Of Milk Chocolate
    Taste Caramelised Peach, Chewy Liquorice And Candied Orange With A Hint Of Sea-Spray And Smoke
    Cask Finish Jura Seven Wood Has Been Shaped By Seven Separate Oak Woods: First-Fill Ex-Bourbon American White Oak, Limousin, Troncais, Allier, Vosges, Jupilles & Les Bertranges Barrels

    Jura Journey
    The Perfect Introduction To A World Of Flavour, Subtle Smoke And Sweetness In Perfect Balance
    It’s The Journey, Not The Destination That Shapes Us. The Path From The Foundation To The Rebirth Of The Distillery In 1963 Has Shaped The Character Of Our Community And The Whisky We Produce.
    This Road Has Led Us To Them Own Unique Style, Matured In American White Oak Ex-Bourbon Barrels.
    Colour Amber Gold
    Nose Aromas Of Vanilla Spice, Citrus And A Hint Of Light Smoke
    Taste Cinnamon, Pears, Pecans And Toffee Fudge
    Cask Finish Jura Journey Is Matured In American White Oak Ex-Bourbon Barrels

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  • Kinrara 3x5cl Gin Pack

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    Kinrara 3x5cl Gin Pack

    Kinrara ‘Ginny The Coo’

    The Kinrara Artists Edition Featuring “Ginny” The Coo By Kat Baxter. Each Bottle In This Release Will Be Individually Signed. The juniper, rosehips, rowan berries, orange and lemon are very prominent in “Ginny’s” features and are brought to life in this mixed media illustration.

    Kinrara Hibiscus

    Nose: Fruity And Floral With A Hint Of Rosehip And Slight Sweetness.

    Taste: Floral With A Hint Of Orange To Finish.

    Kinrara ‘Struan The Stag’

    Nose: Juniper With Citrus.

    Taste: Dry To Taste Initially, The Gin Then Opens To Citrus Notes With A Zesty Finish.

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  • Kinsale Mead 3x5cl Gift Pack

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    Kinsale Mead 3x5cl Gift Pack

    Wild Red Mead

    This is a gorgeous melomel style mead made from Spanish honey, zesty Wexford blackcurrants balanced with dark, sweet cherries and tempered over the hint of honey to create an amazingly enticing drink with a beautiful, rich colour.

    Tasting Note: A very clear, clean red fruit aroma with a blackcurrant and cherry tones and a very smooth long finish.


    Atlantic Dry Mead

    A delicious, traditional style mead fermented from raw orange blossom honey carefully sourced from Southern Spain. The honey is mixed with our local water and yeast and fermented off dry.

    Tasting Notes: A lovely citrus, floral aroma and long lingering hints of honey with almost no sweetness. An attractive, soft, honeyed taste which is very enjoyable and certainly different and definitely intriguing.


    Hazy Summer Mead 

    A new, limited edition seasonal mead, a six berry celebration of long summer days and warm summer nights. Spanish honey muddled with a tumble of ripe berries. Juicy strawberries and raspberries upfront then luscious blackberries, blackcurrants, cherries and blueberries with subtle honey notes and a smooth finish. Light and delicious with a beautiful rich pink colour.

    Tasting Notes: Generous strawberry and raspberry aromas with a lovely burst of summer fruits on the tongue and a smooth, subtle honey finish. A summery refreshing drink. Ireland’s answer to Pimms!



  • Kintyre 5cl Triple Pack

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    Kintyre 5cl Triple Pack

    Kintyre 5cl Triple Pack

    5cl Triple Pack Contains 3 X 5cl Miniature Bottles And Comprises The Signature Kintyre Gin, Our Hugely Popular Oak Aged Botanical Gin And The Delicious Kintyre Pink

    Kintyre Gin
    A Beautifully Blended Spirit Using Carefully Selected Botanicals Which Reflect The Unique Coastal, Pasture And Woodland Position On The East Coast Of The Kintyre Peninsula.
    Suggested Serve: We Believe Our Gin Is Equally At Home Being Served Neat On The Rocks Or With A Premium Tonic. Each And Every Palate Is Different, However We Would Suggest Using Fever-Tree Mediterranean With A Sprig Of Basil, Or Perhaps A Naturally Light Tonic With Some Fresh Mint.
    Kintyre Pink
    Kintyre Pink Gin Is Uniquely Distilled With Scottish Raspberries And Oats, Giving It A Delicate Fruity Flavour With A Creamy Finish, Redolent Of That Most Scottish Of Desserts, Cranachan.
    Suggested Serve: Finished With A Pure Raspberry Concentrate, This Sophisticated Blush-Coloured Spirit Is Delicious With A Premium Tonic Or Topped Up With Prosecco For A Truly Summery Treat.
    Oak Aged Botanical Gin
    A Unique Infusion Of The Signature Kintyre Gin With The Subtle Caramel And Vanilla Notes Of Classic American Bourbon. Aged A Batch Of Kintyre Gin In A First-Fill Bourbon Barrel From Heaven Hills In Kentucky. The Spirit Was Left To Imbibe The Flavours For Around Three Months Which Was Enough Time For The Distinctive Bourbon Essences To Soak In, Resulting In An Exceptional Spirit, Evocative Of Its American Origins.
    Suggested Serve: Neat Over Ice Or Topped Up With Ginger Ale And A Slice Of Fresh Ginger.

    This Is A Great Introduction To The Range And Also Makes A Lovely Gift To Give To A Gin Enthusiast.

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  • Liverpool Gin & Vodka Collection 3x5cl

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    Liverpool Gin & Vodka Collection 3x5cl

    Liverpool Gin & Vodka Collection

    Produced By The Liverpool Distillery, This Miniature Gift Pack Features 3 X 5cl Miniature Bottles Of The Award-Winning Releases.

    Liverpool Gin
    Liverpool Gin Is A Premium Organic Gin Made Using Only Pure Certified Organic Botanicals, Producing A Highly Distinctive, Aromatic Drink. Crystalline In Appearance And Luscious In Body, It Give An Intense Juniper And Complex, Well-Balanced Botanical Flavour Over A Rich Cereal Note With A Bright Citrus Finish.
    Valencian Orange Gin
    Liverpool Gin Valencian Orange Is A Zesty Premium Organic Gin. It Is Made With The Same Combination Of Distinctive Botanicals As Liverpool Gin But With The Addition Of The Zesty Citrus Notes Of Oranges From Valencia.
    Liverpool Vodka.
    Liverpool Vodka Is A Higher Strength Small Batch Vodka Handcrafted In A Copper Pot Still.
    Made From Potatoes
    Perfect Serve – 50ml Liverpool Vodka, 100ml Crabbies Ginger Beer, Strawberries & A Wedge Of Lime Method

  • Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin 5cl Triple Pack

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    Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin 5cl Triple Pack

    Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin 5cl Triple Pack

    A Delightful Three Bottle Gift Set Of Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin Presented In A Branded Box
    Each Gift Set Comprises Of 3 Different 5cl Bottles
    Crafted In The Village Of Bedale, North Yorkshire, Close To The Yorkshire Dales, Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin Was Created In A Quest To Create A Taste That Wasn’t Just Your Ordinary Run Of The Mill Gin.
    Original Gin
    Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin Is A Tremendously Smooth Spirit With A Touch Of Maltiness. You Get Flavours Of Juniper, Coriander And Fennel With Some Piney And Citrus Notes. Just A Hint Of Sweetness Is Present Together With A Long, Lingering Finish. Serve With Orange Or Grapefruit Peel.
    Lavender Gin
    Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin With A Floral Twist Of Yorkshire Lavender. This Gin Is Flavoured With Lavender To Add Sweet And Floral Notes To The Base Gin, Without Masking It Entirely. A Good Option For A Light, Summery Cocktail Or Simply A G&T With A Twist.
    Tea Gin
    Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin With An Unusual Twist Of Yorkshire Tea. This Gin Is Flavoured With Yorkshire Tea To Enhance The Juniper And Citrus Notes And Create A Slightly Earthier Flavour. A Novel Option For The More Adventurous Cocktail Maker.

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  • Misty Isle Gin 3x5cl Pack

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    Misty Isle Gin 3x5cl Pack

    Misty Isle Gin Pack

    Branded Gift Box Contains 3 X 5cl Misty Isle Gin

    Misty Isle Gin
    Nose – Juniper Is Dominant But Not Overpowering.
    Palate – Full, Quite Rich, Damp Earthy Notes With Subtle Spices And Citrus.
    Finish – Very Refreshing With A Citrus Lift

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  • OSA Clubhouse 5cl Triple Pack

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    OSA Clubhouse 5cl Triple Pack

    OSA Clubhouse Blend
    Clubhouse Is The Signature Brand. An Exceptional Blend Of Rich Fruit Flavours Balanced With A Hint Of Peat Smoke And An Undertone Of Sweet Spiciness That Leaves A Fresh, Mouth-Watering Finish.
    Old St Andrews Clubhouse Is A Premium Blended Scotch Whisky Crafted Specially For Us In Scotland From Carefully Selected Malt And Grain Whiskies.

    Presented In A Mini Golf Ball-Shaped Bottle! A Perfect Gift For Golf Fanatics.

  • OSA Mini Barrel 5cl Triple Tasting Set

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    OSA Mini Barrel 5cl Triple Tasting Set

    OSA Mini Barrel 5cl Triple Tasting Set

    A Triple Pack Containing One Each Of Old St. Andrews Blended Malt Whiskies

    Twilight Barrel
    A Light Floral Nose Invites Appreciation Of The Delicate Flavours Citrus And Apples With A Hint Of Ginger: Leaving A Satisfying, Light And Fresh Finish. A Perfect Salute To The End Of The Day.
    Fireside Barrel
    Light Peat Smoky Flavours With Additional Hints Of Grass And Moss Followed By A Complex Dry Finish With A Heart-Warming Feel.
    Nightcap Barrel
    A Rich And Fruity Aroma Inviting Discovery Of The Full Bodied Honeyed Oak Flavours: Well Balanced And Smooth Leaving A Finish That Is Long, Sweet And Satisfying.

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  • OSA Pink 47 London Dry Gin 5cl Tasting Pack

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    OSA Pink 47 London Dry Gin 5cl Tasting Pack

    OSA Pink 47 London Dry Gin 5cl Tasting Pack

    OSA Pink Gin 5cl Tasting Set Pack Includes 2x Pink 47 London Dry 5cl & 1x Pink Royal 5cl

    Pink 47 London Dry 47%
    Nose –Lots Of Herbs, And Fairly Crisp. Citrus, And Juniper Is Quite Floral In Style But Quite Pronounced.
    Palate – The Juniper Leads On This One But There Is A Lot More Going On. The Botanicals Are Finely Balanced And Clean, With That Citric Element Providing A Fresh Note.
    Finish – Short, Clear And Dry.

    Pink Royal 40%
    Oodles Of Fresh Red Berry Juiciness, With A Drying Crackle Of Peppery Juniper And Crisp Citrus Peels. Flavored With Raspberry, Blackcurrant & Cranberry.

    Ideal Gift For Anyone Interested In Exploring The OSA Gin Range

  • Peaky Blinder 3x5cl Pack

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    Peaky Blinder 3x5cl Pack

    Peaky Blinder Whiskey

    Nose: Blackcurrant and apple, with a hint of toffee underneath.

    Palate: Melted chocolate, apricots and dried peels.

    Finish: A subtle hint of cinnamon sticks around on the finish.

    Peaky Blinder Gin

    Nose: Ripe orange, oak-y cassia and perhaps even a hint of coffee bean.

    Palate: Ginger and black pepper make for a spicy opening, though well balanced by ample helpings of fresh citrus.

    Finish: Oily juniper and a hint of eucalyptus.

    Peaky Blinder Black Spiced Rum

    Ground cinnamon and clove, with a touch of nutmeg underneath. Orange peel, earthy though sweet vanilla and a juicy hint of pineapple.



  • Penderyn Whisky 5cl Triple Pack

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    Penderyn Whisky 5cl Triple Pack

    Penderyn Whisky 5cl Triple Pack

    If You Love Irish Whiskey Then You’re Sure To Love This Penderyn Triple Pack Which Contains One 5cl Of Sherrywood, Madeira Cask And Peated.

    This Whisky Has Been Aged In Ex-Bourbon Barrels And Ex-Oloroso Sherry Casks To Bring Out Its Rich Fruity Flavour.
    2018 World Whisky Masters Europe Premium – Gold
    Madeira Cask
    This Whisky Is The Original Penderyn ‘House Style’, Aged In Ex-Bourbon Barrels And Finished In Ex-Madeira Wine Casks To Bring Out Its Full Gold Character.
    2018 Spirits Selection By Concours Mondial – Grand Gold
    This Whisky Has A Delicate Spirit With A Medium Peaty Character And A Light Golden Tone.
    .2018 IWS Worldwide – Gold (Outstanding 93/100)

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  • Pickering’s Triple Tipple 5cl

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    Pickering’s Triple Tipple 5cl

    Pickering’s Triple Tipple 5cl

    Original Red Top
    The Juniper Is In The Front, Supported Once More By Lively Citrus, Though On The Palate, This Is Joined By Subtle Nutty Notes And Hints Of Sweet Anise.
    Navy Strength Blue Top
    Fragrant Mandarin And Rich, Earthy Orris. The Bumped-Up ABV Brings Exotic Spiciness To The Fore After A Few Sips.
    1947 Orange Top
    Soft And Creamy, And Quite Christmas-Y Too! Cinnamon, Clove And Fruit Notes Result In An Almost Mince Pie-Like Flavour Profile.

    Packaged In A Carry Box It’s The Perfect Gift


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  • Rock Rose Gin Triple Pack 3x5cl

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    Rock Rose Gin Triple Pack 3x5cl

    Scottish Botanicals

    Flavourful and fresh, zesty yet berryful with a long smooth finish.

    Pink Grapefruit

    A classic sweet Old Tom Gin with a zesty finish.

    Navy Strength

    Delicate and fresh with a creamy smooth finish.

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  • Sale!

    Sharish Gin Gift Pack 3x 5cl

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    Sharish Gin Gift Pack 3x 5cl

    Sharish Gin Gift Pack

    All Presented In A Beautiful Little Wooden Case.

    Original Sharish Gin
    The Base Spirit, Rather Than The Grains We’re Used To, Is Made From Molasses, Rice, And Wheat, To Which A Variety Of Botanicals Is Added To Make It Gin. It Contains All The Usual Suspects, Like Macedonian Juniper, Coriander, Cinnamon, Cloves, Lemon Verbena, And Vanilla.Each Botanical Is Macerated For A Different Amount Of Time, Which Helps To Form Sharish Gin’s Unique Flavour. Sharish Gin Is Light And Fruity, You Can Really Pick Up On The Apples, But Also With Slight Spice Throughout, Including Cinnamon And Cloves. On The Palate, Dry Juniper Catches Up With Zesty Citrus, Earthy Coriander, And Even More Spices: Cinnamon, Cloves, And Nutmeg.
    Sharish Blue
    A Bright Blue Portuguese Gin From The Sharish Range, The Bright Colour Comes From Extracts Of A Flower Known As Blue Pea, And When You Mix With Tonic, It Turns Pink! Botanicals Also Include Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Lemon Peel, Strawberry And Raspberry

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    £16.20 £15.00
  • Talisker 5cl Triple Pack

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    Talisker 5cl Triple Pack

    Talisker 5cl Triple Pack

    This Gift Set Is A Great Way To Try The Talisker Range.

    Talisker Skye
    Smoky, With Maritime Notes And A Sweeter Edge

    Talisker Storm
    Thick And Mouth-Coating With Wood Smoke, Brine, Some Tin And Chilli Heat Too

    Talisker 10 Years Old
    Smooth And Smoky Flavours With A Warm Afterglow


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  • The English Whisky 3x5cl Pack

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    The English Whisky 3x5cl Pack

    A wonderful pack of 3 x 5cl Miniature English Whiskies. The perfect chance to try out three of our most popular expressions, The Original, Smokey and Sherry cask editions.

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  • Tomatin 5cl Triple Pack

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    Tomatin 5cl Triple Pack

    Tomatin 5cl Triple Pack

    With three bottles of 5cl it is the perfect size for a gift and is a fantastic choice for customers trying Tomatin for the first time.

    The Tomatin Legacy
    Nose: Lemon, panatella and pine forest. Slightly green with vanilla.
    Palate: Cracked pepper and sweet barley with pineapple cube sweets. Waves of warming oak beneath.
    Finish: Sweet but peppered.

    Tomatin 12 Year Old
    Nose –Rich, fruity aroma.
    Palate – Sweet flavours of ripe apples, pears and a subtle hint of nut.
    Finish – Long, pleasantly oily finish.

    Tomatin 14 Year Old
    Nose –Quite a powerful nose. Big bunches of red berries and grapes. Vanilla, oak and hints of white pepper.
    Palate – Dark chocolate dipped in strawberries. Crushed almonds, walnuts, Victoria sponge (with plenty of the prerequisite jam and cream in the middle) and a centre of oak.
    Finish – Fruity on the finish.

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  • Tomintoul 5cl Triple Pack

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    Tomintoul 5cl Triple Pack

    Tomintoul 5cl Triple Pack

    A Triple Pack Of Miniatures Of Tomintoul Single Malt.

    10 Year Old

    Clean, Creamy – Some Sweetness Balanced By Gentle Oaky Spice.

    21 Year Old

    floral, fruity, spicy character

    16 Year Old

    Full Flavour, Nutty With Spicy Overtones.

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