• 1800 Coconut Reserva Tequila 5cl

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    1800 Coconut Reserva Tequila 5cl

    1800 Coconut is an extremely moreish blend of 1800 Silver 100% Agave Tequila & natural coconut flavouring. 1800 Coconut is really versatile and can be drunk neat on ice or in a multitude of mixed drinks and cocktails. Try it with pineapple juice and a squeeze of fresh lime – mouthwatering!

  • 1800 Silver Tequila 5cl

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    1800 Silver Tequila 5cl

    1800 Silver Tequila is made from 100% Weber Blue Agave aged between 8 and 12 years before being harvested at their peak.

    The fresh liquid is firstly double distilled before being blended together with a special selection of white Tequilas for added complexity and character. The result after blending is a premium Tequila with a smoother, more interesting flavour.

    With its clean, well-balanced taste of sweet fruit and pepper this Tequila is perfect either neat, on the rocks, as a shot or in your favourite cocktail.

  • 6 O’clock Brunel Edition Gin 5cl

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    6 O’clock Brunel Edition Gin 5cl

    6 O’clock Brunel Edition Gin

    Award Winning Gin In The Perfect Little Taster Size.

    Nose – The Brunel Edition Has A Much Dustier Smell Than The Distillery’s Flagship Gin, With The Cumin, Cardamom And Nutmeg In Particular Lending A Dried, Distinct Spice Rack Smell. An Underlying Lemon Sweetness Comes Through, And There Are Fleeting Floral Glimpses, Like A Tinge Of Honeysuckle On A Summer’s Breeze.
    Palate – An Earthy Angelica/Cardamom Sweetness That Combines With The Early Citrus As Well As A Slight Hit Of Anise Up Front, Followed Swiftly By Dry, Deep Spices. Juniper Makes Its Presence Felt Throughout Holding The Gin Very Firmly In Place, But Cumin And Cardamom Lead The Way In Terms Of Discernible Spices.
    Finish – Coriander Seed Does Its Best To Extend The Impression Of Citrus Onto The Finish, Which Is As One Might Expect Given The Botanical Line Up, Dry, Spiced And Enduring.

    2018 International Wine & Spirits Competition – Silver
    2018 Taste Of The West – Silver
    2017 Gin Masters – Silver

  • 6 O’Clock Damson Gin Liqueur 5cl

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    6 O’Clock Damson Gin Liqueur 5cl

    6 O’clock Damson Gin

    Made By Bramley & Gage, A Small Family Business Based On The Edge Of Bristol. Made The Traditional Way – No Preservatives Or Colourings. A Fresh, Bright And Bold Damson Gin.
    Rich Spicy Notes And A Smooth Body.
    Fruity, Aromatic And Drying. Fragrant Spices Integrate Perfectly With The Damsons Rightly Taking The Lead.

    Delicious Neat, With Tonic Or Mix With Ginger Ale For A Refreshing Damson Mule.



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  • 6 O’Clock Gin 5cl

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    6 O’Clock Gin 5cl

    6 O’clock Gin

    The Smoothness Flows From The Custom-Built Copper Still With Its Unique Double Sphere Head, Together With The Careful Selection Of Our Botanicals And Our Distiller’s Craft. Only The Pure Hear Of Each Run Makes The Cut.
    Edward Kain, The Dapper Gentleman Seafarer And Great Grandfather Of Our Head Distiller, Enjoyed His Gin And Tonic At 6 O’clock, A Tradition Still Shared By British Gin-Lovers All Over The World Today.

    Clean, Green Elderflower Leaps Forward, Supported By A Delightfully Sweet And Juicy Orange. Juniper Is Present Throughout, But Never In A Dominating Capacity, Rather It Supports The Entire Flavour Journey, Leaving The Mouth Oscillating Wildly Between Pine And Citrus Long After The Sip Is Supped.

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  • 6 O’Clock Gin – Romy’s Edition Mango, Ginger & Lime 5cl

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    6 O’Clock Gin – Romy’s Edition Mango, Ginger & Lime 5cl

    Romy’s Edition is a deliciously moreish limited edition gin packed with flavour.  The guys at 6 o’clock worked closely with celebrated chef Romy Gill MBE to craft a gin that portrays the unique flavours of India, using herbs and spices commonly found in Indian cooking and infusing the gin with the juice from the native mango.  The recipe is inspired by the memoirs of Romy and strikes the perfect balance between rich fruity sweetness and reserved spice. Enjoy this delicious gin as a G&T over plenty of ices and garnished with a slice of fresh mango.

  • 6 O’Clock Sloe Gin Liqueur 5cl

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    6 O’Clock Sloe Gin Liqueur 5cl

    6 O’clock Sloe Gin

    6 O’clock Sloe Gin Is Made In Small Catches Using Handpicked, Wild, Hedgerow Sloes.
    The Intense Fruit Flavour Of This Traditional Classic Is Achieved By Using A High Sloe To Gin Ratio, Plenty Of Sugar, Then Patiently And Slowly Maturing For At Least 6 Months.
    Smooth, Intense And With A Robust Flavour Enjoy Neat, Or In A Cocktail.

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  • Aber Falls Orange Marmalade Gin 5cl

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    Aber Falls Orange Marmalade Gin 5cl

    Aber Falls Orange Marmalade Gin

    A Refined Balance Of Sweet And Bitter Orange Flavours With The Pine Flavour Of Juniper. A Citrus Hit With Warming Aftertaste, Guaranteed To Tickle Your Tastebuds.

    Cocktail Time………………….
    Citrus Fizz
    Ingredients – 25ml Aber Falls Orange Marmalade Gin, 50ml Dry White Wine, 75ml Soda Water
    Garnish – Long Orange Zest
    Glass – Stemmed Glass Filled With Cubed Ice
    Method – Build Ingredients Into Glass And Serve With A Long Straw.


  • Aber Falls Rhubarb & Ginger Gin 5cl

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    Aber Falls Rhubarb & Ginger Gin 5cl

    Aber Falls Rhubarb & Ginger Gin

    With Subtle Spices And Tart Rhubarb, Perfectly Balanced By Distinctive Piney Juniper Notes, Leaving A Warming Sensation And Complemented By A Taste Of Ginger To Finish.

    Cocktail Time………….
    Gin Crumble
    Ingredients – 50ml Aber Falls Rhubarb & Ginger Gin, 50ml Cloudy Apple Juice, 50ml Ginger Beer, 2 Lime Wedges
    Garnish – Additional Lime Wedge
    Glass – Highball Filled With Cubed Ice
    Method – Squeeze The Two Lime Wedges Into The Glass Then Fill With Ice, Add Other Ingredients And Stir. Garnish With Other Lime Wedge And Serve With A Long Straw.

  • Aber Falls Salted Toffee Liqueur 5cl

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    Aber Falls Salted Toffee Liqueur 5cl

    Aber Falls Salted Toffee Liqueur

    In Collaboration With Halen Môn PDO, Aber Falls Have Developed A Liqueur Which Combines A Rich, Smooth Toffee Flavour With The Clean, Intense Notes Of Anglesey Sea Salt, Which Has Been Praised By The Likes Of Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal And Even Barack Obama For Its Unique Taste.

    Cocktail Time…………
    Toffee Apple Zest
    Ingredients – 50ml Aber Falls Salted Toffee Liqueur, 100mlcloudy Apple Juice, 10ml Fresh Lime Juice
    Garnish – Two Lime Wheels
    Glass – Rocks Glass Or Whisky Tumbler Filled With Cubed Ice.
    Method – Add All Ingredients To Glass And Stir. Serve With Sip Straws.

    The Toffee Liqueur Won The Silver Medal At San Francisco’s World Spirits Competition 2018.

  • Aber Falls Violet Liqueur 5cl

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    Aber Falls Violet Liqueur 5cl

    Aber Falls Violet Liqueur

    Found Growing In A Distinctive Purple Blanket Along The Menai Strait, The Flavour Of Violet Brings Back Memories Of Your Favourite Childhood Sweets, With A Unique Floral Taste And Aroma To Wake The Senses
    A Smooth And Refined Fragrance With A Light, Delicate Taste, Sweet Violet Notes And A Perfumed Finish To Contrast The Palate

    Cocktail Time………………
    Sunset Fields
    Ingredients – 35ml Aber Falls Violet Liqueur, 3 Strawberries Quartered, 3 Wedges Of Lime, 125ml Ginger Ale
    Garnish – Wedge Of Lime
    Glass – Highball Glass Filled With Cubed Ice.
    Method – Add The Strawberries And Lime Wedges To The Base Of A Long Glass And Press With The Back Of A Spoon (Or Rolling Pin!). Fill Glass With Ice, Then Add The Violet Liqueur And Ginger Ale. Stir Well And Garnish With A Final Wedge Of Lime.
    The Violet Liqueur Won The Silver Medal At San Francisco’s World Spirits Competition 2018.

  • Aber Falls Welsh Dry Gin 5cl

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    Aber Falls Welsh Dry Gin 5cl

    Aber Falls Welsh Dry Gin

    A Burst Of Fresh Citrus Flavour, Finely Balanced With Notes Of Juniper, Liquorice, Angelica And Coriander Seeds.

    Cocktail Time……………
    Spring Garden
    Ingredients – 37.5ml Aber Falls Welsh Dry Gin, 12.5ml Creme De Cassis, 12.5ml Chambord Top With Lemonade
    Garnish – Cucumber, Blackberries, Orange Peel
    Glass – Balloon Glass
    Method – Add Ice To A Highball Glass, Pour Gin, Creme De Cassis And Chambord Into Glass. Top Up With Lemonade, Stir To Mix Well And Garnish With Cucumber, Blackberries And Orange Peel.

    This Dry Gin Won A Gold Medal At San Francisco’s World Spirits Competition 2018.

  • Absolut Blue 5cl

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    Absolut Blue 5cl

    Clean and elegant, with touches of peppery grains (somewhat reminiscent of rye) and vanilla pod.

  • Absolut Citron 5cl

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    Absolut Citron 5cl

    Extracts of various citrus fruits including lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange.

  • Absolut Raspberri 5cl

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    Absolut Raspberri 5cl

    Rich and intense with the fresh and fruity character of ripened raspberries.

  • Absolut Vanilia 5cl

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    Absolut Vanilia 5cl

    Rich, robust and complex. It has a distinct character of vanilla notes of butterscotch and hints of dark chocolate.

  • Aelder Wild Elderberry Elixir 5cl

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    Aelder Wild Elderberry Elixir 5cl

    Dark, rich fruit with complex aromatics and a warming finish. 

  • Aluna Coconut Rum 5cl

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    Aluna Coconut Rum 5cl

    Aluna Coconut Rum 

    Made From A Base And Guatemalan Rum Made From Virgin Sugar Cane Honey, And Blended With Organic Coconut Water, This Contains Less Sugar Than Many Similar Rum Liqueurs.

    More Coconut.
    Less Sugar.
    Because Life Is Sweet Enough.

    Makes The Perfect Piña Colada

  • Ardbeg 10 5cl

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    Ardbeg 10 5cl

    Ardbeg 10 5cl

    For Peat Lovers, Ardbeg 10 Year Old Is One Of The Highest-Quality ‘Entry-Level’ Single Malt On The Market,
    A Whirlwind Of Peat And Complex Malty Flavours.

    Nose – Vanilla, Peat And Citrus Fruits.
    Palate – Sweet Vanilla With Lemon And Lime.
    Finish – Long And Glorius. Sea Salted Caramel And Beach Bonfire Smoke.

    Whisky Bible Awards 2012: Best Single Malt Scotch Of The Year, 10 Years And Under.

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  • Arran 10 5cl

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    Arran 10 5cl

    Arran 10 5cl

    Officially Launched In 2006, This 10 Year Old Lies At The Heart Of The Isle Of Arran Range And Exudes All The Honeyed Richness We Have Come To Associate With The Island Distillery.

    Nose – Sweet Oak And Honey Are Apparent. Hints Of Coconut And Candy Appear With A Dash Of Water Whilst Butterscotch And Liquorice Are Also Evident.
    Palate – Crisp And Malty With A Slight Nuttiness.
    Finish – Clean And Fresh With A Lingering Creamy Sweetness.

    Today The Distillery Is The Only One On Arran. Back In The Early 1800s There Were Many Small Stills To Be Found Across The Island. Not All Of Them Were Legal, But All Made Superlative Spirit.

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  • Arran Barrel Reserve 5cl

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    Arran Barrel Reserve 5cl

    Arran Barrel Reserve

    Exclusively matured in ex-bourbon barrels and distilled at Isle of Arran Distillers’ Lochranza distillery, Arran Barrel Reserve is a fresh, light single malt released in autumn 2019.

    Aromas of citrus and vanilla mingle with lively apple and delicate sea breeze on the nose, while the palate offers notes of sweet fruits, warm spices, citrus, creamy vanilla and charred oak.

  • Auchentoshan 12 5cl

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    Auchentoshan 12 5cl

    Auchentoshan 12 5cl

    A More Recent Release From The Auchentoshan Distillery, Replacing The Previous Staple 10 Year Old, This 12 Year Old Bottling Launched At The Same Time Auchentoshan Had A Dramatic Rebrand Back In 2011.
    Triple Distilled Then Matured For Over Twelve Years.

    Nose – Cereals And Exotic Fruits.
    Palate – Vanilla And Sweet Barley
    Finish – Dry, Long And Sweet.

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  • Auchentoshan Three Wood 5cl

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    Auchentoshan Three Wood 5cl

    Auchentoshan Three Wood 5cl

    This Unique Auchentoshan Three Wood Whisky Has Been Matured In Three Different Oak Cask Types. American Bourbon Whiskey, Spanish Oloroso Sherry Butt And Finally Pedro Ximenez Sherry Butt.
    The Marriage Of These 3 Different Finishes Produces A Rich Complex Whisky With Incredible Toffee And Sherry Oak Flavours.

    Nose – Inviting Nose With Gooseberries, Riesling, Sherry And Some Toasty Notes.
    Palate – Clean, Lively Entry Into The Mouth With Keen Passage Across The Palate, Fine Texture And Good Balance. Good Oak Infusion With Some Soft Brown Sugar And Fine Malt.
    Finish – Long, Lingering Finish.


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  • Aviation American Gin 5cl

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    Aviation American Gin 5cl

    Aviation Gin, referred to as an “American dry gin”, meaning the taste profile is less strongly juniper flavoured than some other gins. Seven botanicals are used in its production – juniper, lavender, sweet and bitter orange peel, cardamon, coriander, Indian sarspaprillas and anise seed Aviation American Gin is pot stilled twice and bottled at 42% abv. So smooth and delicious it can fly solo or take any cocktail to new heights.

  • Avva Pink Gin 5cl

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    Avva Pink Gin 5cl

    Avva Pink Scottish Gin

    A pink gin from Avva, which gets its pink colour and taste from using local fruit from Wester Hardmuir fruit farm at Nairn, alongside signature botanicals red clover, dandelion, nettle. The gin was officially launched at the 2019 Royal Highland Show. Perfectly served with quality tonic, apple juice or prosecco.

  • Bacardi Carta Blanca 5cl

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    Bacardi Carta Blanca 5cl

    Nose – Very fresh, with zippy lemon notes to the fore and a hint of pear drops.

    Palate – Pure and clean, with a pleasant citrus flavour. Very smooth; no alcohol burn.

    Finish – Clean and smooth.

  • Badachro Coastal Gin 5cl

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    Badachro Coastal Gin 5cl

    With botanicals foraged around the coast of Gairloch and Badachro, this coastal gin is distilled in Badachro in true artisan style. Juniper, fennel and wild thyme are combined with two local seaweeds to produce a stunningly bright, fresh gin, packed with up-front flavour and unmistakably authentic & unique flavour. A representation of the North West Highland’s stunningly beautiful coast.

  • Badachro Gin 5cl

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    Badachro Gin 5cl

    Badachro Gin

    Distilled In Badachro, In The North West Highlands Of Scotland, Badachro Gin Is A Reflection Of The Pure Air, Water & Land That Defines This Unique And Ancient Land.
    Marrying Traditional Botanicals With Local Gorse Blossom, Elderflower & Wild Bog Myrtle, The Delicious Taste Of The Last True Wilderness Of Europe Is Now Bottled For You To Enjoy.

    Decisively A Floral Gin With Herbaceous Undertones. Fresh Blossom Notes Waft Through, With Lavender And Iris Developing Along The Way. Peppery Juniper And Thyme Play Supporting Roles.

    These Lovely 5cl Bottles Are Perfect For Getting The Party Started, And A Wonderful Stocking Filler. They Are Also An Ideal Reminder For Weddings, Birthdays And Events. Delight Your Guests With These Beauties!
    They Are Also A Great Way Of Introducing Your Friends To Your Favourite Badachro Gin Without Breaking The Bank!

  • Badachro Orangey Orainse Gin 5cl

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    Badachro Orangey Orainse Gin 5cl

    A super orangey, refreshing summer gin brings a deliciously citrus tingle to your tongue and pairs brilliantly with a slightly sweet tonic and slice of orange and thyme (or even cardamom). The most delicious drink you could ask for on a warm sunny day. And in case you’re wondering, Orains is Gaelic for orange! not a liqueur, but a true gin at 40%.

  • Badachro Raspberry Gin 5cl

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    Badachro Raspberry Gin 5cl

    A proven delight made in tiny batches of 30 bottles.  Local raspberries are soaked in a tweaked version of Badachro Gin to produce a full strength raspberry gin (not a sweet liqueur).  With a nose promising natural raspberry, it is similarly fruity on the palate followed by a surprisingly complex and full Badachro finish.  Ideal over ice with tonic or even a little lemonade.

  • Baileys Original Irish Cream 5cl

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    Baileys Original Irish Cream 5cl

    The perfect balancing act of ages Irish Whiskey woven with fresh irish dairy cream, a hint of cocoa and vanilla. 

  • Balblair 12yr 5cl

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    Balblair 12yr 5cl

     A 12 year old single malt matured in a combination of ex-bourbon and double-fired American oak casks.

    Nose: Waxy peels, sponge cake, soft cedar earthiness and some nutmeg.

    Palate: Juicy red apple and cooked pear, with layers of honey and barley developing.

    Finish: Honey continues, with some milky tea and sultana notes for company.

  • Balblair 15yr 5cl

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    Balblair 15yr 5cl

    The second whisky in the Balblair Collection, Balblair 15 Year Old is a full-bodied, velvety single malt that has been matured in ex-bourbon casks and finished in first-fill Spanish oak butts. 

    Nose: Honey-covered apple, citrus freshness, coffee and walnut cake.

    Palate: Dried fruit and more apple, dark chocolate shavings, ginger.

    Finish: Curaçao orange, dried oak, caramelised dates.

  • Balblair 18yr 5cl

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    Balblair 18yr 5cl

    This late-night expression is rich and autumnal, developed and amplified to unexpected heights, while staying perfectly balanced and closely tied to the bright and fruity character of the Distillery.

    Nose: Rich toffee and baked pears shine bright against an elegant backdrop of new leather.

    Palate: A masterful balance of juicy apricots, seasoned oak and vanilla custard.

    Finish: Long and warming with chords of fresh spices and raisins.

  • Baller Vodka 5cl

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    Baller Vodka 5cl

    Our gold medal, award winning vodka is made fully from scratch at our distillery using 100% English wheat sourced from Norfolk. Full of attitude, this baller is totally unfiltered (no flavour stripping here!) and loaded with character. The nose offers some delicate cereal aromas, then the palate delivers hints of biscuit and clove with a silky yet structured mouth feel and a ridiculously smooth finish. Fun fact – the double sided label was designed by a street artist.

  • Balvenie 12 Doublewood 5cl

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    Balvenie 12 Doublewood 5cl

    Balvenie 12 Doublewood

    One Of The Classic After-Dinner Malts, Balvenie Doublewood’s Extra Complexity And Richness Are A Result Of A Second Maturation In Fresh Sherry Casks. Great Stuff.

    Nose – Sweet Fruit And Oloroso Sherry Notes, Layered With Honey And Vanilla.
    Palate – Smooth And Mellow With Beautifully Combined Flavours.
    Finish – Long And Warming Finish.

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  • Beefeater 5cl

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    Beefeater 5cl


    Beefeater London Dry Gin Was First Made In 1820 By James Burroughs. It Is Still, To This Day, Made To The Same Recipe. Great In A Martini, This Is A Spiced, Fruity Gin.

    Nose – On The Nose Beefeater Is Both Spicy And Fruity. Nicely Balanced And Clearly Focused On The Juniper.
    Palate – The Palate Is Dry With A Herbal Bouquet And Citrus Notes Complimenting The Juniper.
    Perfect Serve – 50ml Beefeater Gin, Premium Tonic, Lots Of Ice And Garnish With A Slice Of Lemon And Orange.

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  • Beinn Dubh “Black Mountain” 5cl

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    Beinn Dubh “Black Mountain” 5cl

    Beinn Dubh Black Mountain

    Pronounced ‘Ben Doo’ And Meaning Black Mountain
    After The Success Of Cu Dhub, The Black Whisky Made At Speyside For Danish Bottler Mac Y, The Distillery Has Decided To Launch Its Own Version. Beinn Dubh Translates As ‘Black Mountain’.

    Nose – Caramel, Toasty, Soy, Walnut And Burnt Raisins.
    Palate – Cold Coffee With Dark Brown Sugar, Vanilla And Dried Fruit.
    Finish – Toffee And Chocolate Malt.

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  • Belgravia 5cl

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    Belgravia 5cl

    Belgravia London Dry Gin is a traditional London dry gin that is distilled with eight of the finest aromatic botanicals with hints of peppery spice, citrus and juniper.

  • Bells 8 5cl

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    Bells 8 5cl

    Bells 8
    A Litre Bottle Of Bells, The UK’s Favourite Blended Whisky.
    The Unique Flavour Of Bell’s Blended Scotch Whisky Comes From Some Of The Finest Malt Whiskies In Scotland, From The Fresh, Sweet Malts Of Speyside To The Smoky Sea Salt Of The Islands, And All Matured In Selected Oak Casks For A Richer Flavour.

    The Malt At The Heart Of The Bell’s Comes From The Blair Athol Distillery.

    Nose – Quite Soft And Gentle. Malted Barley And Hints Of Cut Herbs And A Fresh Floral Note. Cereal And Grist With A Little Honey.
    Palate – Quite Smooth, Medium Body. Barley And Cereals With Nut Oils, Hints Of Wood And Spice.
    Finish – Short With Notes Of Fruitcake And Smoke.

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  • Belvedere 5cl

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    Belvedere 5cl

    Nose – Faint hint of vanilla along with some gentle, soft cream characteristics.

    Palate – Full and round with a medium bodied weight and rich, velvety texture. Some vanilla swaying between sweet and savory with a hint of white pepper and spice.

    Finish – Good length with notes of almond, clotted cream and some faint almond and Brazil nut characteristics.

  • Ben Nevis 10 5cl

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    Ben Nevis 10 5cl

    Ben Nevis 10

    Ben Nevis 10 Year Old Is A Superb Introduction To The Distillery’s Style This 10 Year Old Single Malt Is A Firm Representative Of The Western Highland Style.

    Nose – Fresh And Quite Dry. A Supple Greenness With Soft Leafy Notes With A Rich Fruitiness. Hints Of Orange And Seville Marmalade With A Light Vinous Character And Nutty Undertones.
    Palate – Gentle Dryness. Toffee. Looming Omnipresent Are Solid Peat Notes With A Bitter Sweetness.
    Finish – Silken, Toffee And Caramel Notes Balanced With A Touch Of Mochaccino And Dark Chocolate On The Tail.

  • Ben Nevis McDonald’s Traditional Malt Whisky 5cl

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    Ben Nevis McDonald’s Traditional Malt Whisky 5cl

    McDonald’s Traditional Malt Whisky 5cl

    A special edition whisky from Ben Nevis in celebration of their 185th year.  This non age statement Highland single malt, matured mainly in sherry casks, replicates the style produced at Ben Nevis distillery back in the 1800s. Non-chill filtered.

    Tasting Notes

    A distinct smoky peatiness.

  • Benriach The Original Ten 5cl

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    Benriach The Original Ten 5cl

    To craft Benriach The Original Ten, Benriach spirit is three cask matured for at least ten years in bourbon barrels, sherry casks and virgin oak casks.  The whisky from each cask is then expertly married together to create a signature smooth malt, layered with orchard fruit, honey sweetness and toasted oak, with a finishing note of almond and spiced vanilla, all in perfect balance.

  • Benriach The Smoky 12 5cl

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    Benriach The Smoky 12 5cl

    Benriach The Smoky Twelve has been crafted from a combination of unpeated and peated spirit and three cask matured for at least twelve years in bourbon barrels, sherry casks and Marsala wine casks. The whisky from each barrel is then expertly married together to create a smooth, creamy single malt, layered with ripened fruit, aromatic smoky sweetness and warming oak spice, lingering into a cocoa and orange smoked finish, all perfectly in balance.

  • Benriach The Smoky Ten 5cl

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    Benriach The Smoky Ten 5cl

    Benriach The Smokey Ten has been crafted from a combination of unpeated and peated spirit and three cask matured for at least ten years in bourbon barrels, Jamaican rum casks and toasted virgin oak.  The whisky from each cask is then expertly married together to create sublimely smooth layers of sunripe fruit, aromatic smoke and toasted oak spice, lingering into the perfectly balanced sweet and smoky finish.

  • Benriach The Twelve 5cl

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    Benriach The Twelve 5cl

    To make Benriach The Twelve, Benriach spirit is three cask matured for at least 12 years in sherry casks, bourbon barrels and port casks.  The whisky from each cask is then expertly married together to create a smooth, sherry-rich single malt layered with baked fruit, maple honey and cocoa, perfectly balanced with a lingering sultana and spiced mocha finish.

  • Big Peat 5cl

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    Big Peat 5cl

    Big Peat

    Islay Malt Scotch Whisky
    Big Peat Is A Remarkable Marriage Of Malt Whiskies Only From The Island Of Islay. He Is, Of Course, Proudly Without Colouring Or Chill-Filtration, Resulting In A Naturally Oily Spirit That Promises An Incredible Mouth-Feel.
    With Caol Ila Spirit Bringing Sweetness, Bowmore The Perfect Balance, Ardbeg The Medicinal, Earthy Quality And Port Ellen, A Degree Of Elegance, Big Peat Represents All That Is Islay In A Bottle.
    Fred Laing Tells Us That Of Course, There Are A Couple Of Blender’s Secrets In Big Peat Too – But Even After A Few Drams, He Won’t Share That Info – And So It Remains Our Peaty Little Secret!

    Nose – Fresh, Salty And Clean, Developing To Malted Barley Dried Over Peat With A Damp Earthy Character.
    Palate – Ashes, Sweet Tar, Beaches And Smoking Chimneys.
    Finish – Long And Lingering, It Replicates The Palate With Salty, Tangy Liquorice, Smoke, Bonfire Ashes.

    Big Peat And Blue Cheese
    It Takes A Robust Partner To Stand Up To Big Peat, But Blue Cheese Is A Companion Up To The Test. The High Alcohol Strength Of Big Peat Cuts Through The Oiliness Of The Cheese, Whilst The Complex, Creaminess Of The Cheese Unveils Layer Upon Layer Of Ashy, Smokey Flavours In The Whisky.

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  • Biggar Gin 5cl

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    Biggar Gin 5cl

    Biggar Gin

    This Delicious Hand-Crafted Gin Is Made By Two Brothers In Very Small Batches Of Not More Than 200 Bottles At A Time From Locally-Sourced Botanicals (And Some From Further Afield, Since Citrus Fruit Doesn’t Ripen Very Well In Scotland) And Bottled At 43% Alcohol. Winner Of The Best London Dry Gin Title At The The Gin Guide Awards 2018

    Fresh Orange And Oily Juniper, With A Touch Of Thyme Honey Helping Develop The Sweet/Savoury Juxtaposition.

  • Black Bottle 5cl

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    Black Bottle 5cl

    Black Bottle

    A Bottle Of The 2013 Relaunched Black Bottle. Owners Burn Stewart Have Decided To Return The Brand To Its Original 1879 Roots, Including The Black Glass That Gave The Blend Its Name. With Less Of A Focus On Islay, There Is Less Peatiness Than Hitherto, With The Smoky Flavours Being Balanced With Increased Fruitiness And Elegance.

    Nose – Floral And Oak Aromas.
    Palate – Fruit, Smoke, Honey And Nutmeg Flavours.
    Finish – The Finish Is Long And Warming.

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  • Black Cow Pure Milk Gold Top 5cl

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    Black Cow Pure Milk Gold Top 5cl

    Nose – Pleasantly sweet vanilla emerges.

    Palate – Creamy and sweet with a touch of cinnamon.

    Finish – Warming and clean.

  • Boe Apple and Lime Gin 5cl

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    Boe Apple and Lime Gin 5cl

    The citrus flavours of sweet limes are perfectly balanced with the refreshing taste of crisp green apples. Bold, zesty, and made in small batches, the Apple and Lime gin tastes as colourful as it looks.

  • Boe Passion Gin 5cl

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    Boe Passion Gin 5cl

    Lovingly created in small batches, award winning Boë Scottish gin is gently blended with the tropical flavours of passion fruit to create Boë Passion Fruit Gin. A stylish gin with the warm lingering finish of exotic fruits, sensational aroma and vibrant colour.

  • Boe Peach & Hibiscus Gin Liqueur 5cl

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    Boe Peach & Hibiscus Gin Liqueur 5cl

    Boë Peach & Hibiscus Gin Liqueur

    Lovingly Created In Small Batches With Boë Scottish Gin. The Tanginess And Berry-Rich Flavour Of Hibiscus Combines Perfectly With Fresh Peaches, To Give A Delightful Fruity And Flowery Aroma And Taste

    Enjoy With Champagne Or Prosecco, In Cocktails, With Soda Or Lemonade Or Simply Over Ice.


  • Boe Scottish Bramble Liqueur Gin 5cl

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    Boe Scottish Bramble Liqueur Gin 5cl

    Boe Scottish Bramble Liqueur Gin

    Taking Boë Scottish Gin And Infuse It With Scottish Brambles

    The Rich, Fruitiness Of Brambles Give A Beautiful And Distinctive Taste, Aroma And Appearance.

    Enjoy With Champagne Or Prosecco, In Cocktails, With Soda Or Lemonade Or Simply Over Ice


  • Boe Scottish Gin 5cl

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    Boe Scottish Gin 5cl

    Boe Superior Gin

    Boë Scottish Gin Is Lovingly Created In Small Batches Under The Watchful Eye Of Our Master Distiller, Where Rare Hand Picked Botanicals And Spices Are Infused In The Finest Neutral Grain Spirit, Liberating The Full Flavours Of Triple Filtered Boë Scottish Gin, Creating A High Class Gin, Characteristically Citrus With Extraordinary Balance And Smoothness.

    Flavoured With Coriander, Angelica, Ginger, Orris Root And Cassia Bark As Well As Grains Of Paradise, Orange And Lemon Peel, Cardamom, Liquorice, Almonds And Cubeb Berries.

    A Top Quality Gin Named For Franz De La Boë, Who Created Gin In 1658 As A Medicine


  • Boe Violet Gin 5cl

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    Boe Violet Gin 5cl

    Boë Violet Gin

    This Award Winning Boë Scottish Gin Is Infused With Violets To Create Boë Violet Gin.
    The Addition Of Violets Creates A Stylish Gin With A Light, Delicate Taste And Beautiful Colour And Aroma.

    Enjoy With Tonic, In A Cocktail Or With The Mixer And Accompaniment Of Your Choice.


  • Boe Violet Gin 5cl & Glass Gift Pack

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    Boe Violet Gin 5cl & Glass Gift Pack

    A gift pack containing a branded Boe balloon glass and one 5cl Boe Violet Gin.   Boë Scottish Gin is infused with violets to create Boë Violet Gin – a stylish gin with a light, delicate taste and beautiful colour and aroma.  Enjoyable over ice with tonic, or in a cocktail.

  • Bombay Sapphire 5cl

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    Bombay Sapphire 5cl

    Bombay Sapphire

    One Of The Best Known And Most Delicately Perfumed Gins In The World, Bombay Sapphire Makes An Excellent Martini, And Is Great As A Base For A Gin And Tonic.

    There Are 10 Different Botanicals Used To Create Bombay Sapphire. Although They Don’t Hind The 10 Magical Ingredients From The Customers, They Do Hind The Amount Of Each Botanic They Use In Their Special Blend.

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  • Boodles Gin 5cl

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    Boodles Gin 5cl

    Boodles London Dry Gin

    Boodles gin uses a wheat based neutral grain spirit, distilled with natural botanicals including juniper, nutmeg, fresh rosemary and sage in a rare Carter-Head still. Boodle’s has a crisp, dry flavour; unlike other London Dry Gins, it does not contain any citrus fruits in the list of botanicals.

  • Botanist Islay Dry Gin 5cl

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    Botanist Islay Dry Gin 5cl

    Nose – Enough botanicals to make us wish we had five noses. Big notes of citrus, delicate menthol and flowers everywhere.

    Palate – Cool at first. It quickly mellows out, warmth growing with citrus keeping it fresh throughout.

    Finish – Long, with a good spice.

    SKU: 9f9b94f7900b Categories: , , ,
  • Bowmore 12 5cl

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    Bowmore 12 5cl

    Bowmore 12

    The Heart Of The Bowmore Range, The 12 Year Old Exhibits Some Beautiful Coastal Notes With A Gentle Peat, It Is The Balance That The Floral Element Presents That Makes This A Great Entry Bottling For Bowmore.

    Nose – Orange Zest, Lemon Slices And Some Hay Before Becoming Rather Floral, Heather Smoke Now Competing With The Ash.
    Palate – Lovely And Rounded, Honeyed Even, Initially. Vanilla, Perfumed Smoke And Coastal Elements Develop.
    Finish – Smoky And Long. Sea Spray, Dry Grass, A Touch Of Ash And Citrus.



    SKU: e782f9c59f54 Categories: , , ,
  • Bowmore 18 5cl

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    Bowmore 18 5cl

    Bowmore 18 Year Old 

    One Of The Most Remarkable, Perfectly Balanced Malts Of Its Kind. Cosseted Away In The Finest, Hand-Selected Oak Casks And Allowed To Mature At Its Own Sedate Pace, This Is One Of Bowmore’s Rarest And Most Exceptional Bottlings.
    A Popular Expression In Bowmore’s Ongoing Range, This Replaced The 17 Year Old, Which Was Phased Out A Few Years Ago. Fresh, With Notes Of Salty Kippers And Coal Smoke.

    Nose – Pungent, Citrus. Stewing Fruit, Hints Of Damp Wood And A Very Soft Smoke.
    Palate – Spirity At First, Then Gives Way To Perfume, Fruit, Plum Jam. A Good Sweetness, Peat Smoke And Hints Of Grape.
    Finish – Seville Marmalade, Blossom, Dark Peat.

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  • Brecon Special Reserve Gin 5cl

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    Brecon Special Reserve Gin 5cl

    Nose – Complex, with juniper & earthy notes.

    Palate – Warm & spiced, with juniper & citrus.

    Finish – Long, with cinnamon & juniper.

    SKU: a2ee3bf22722 Categories: , , ,
  • Brighton 40% Gin 5cl

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    Brighton 40% Gin 5cl

  • British Cassis 5cl

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    British Cassis 5cl

    Dark and intense blackcurrant, capturing the essence of this fruit with a perfect level of sweetness too.

  • New

    Brockmans Gin 5cl

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    Brockmans Gin 5cl

    The intensely smooth taste of Brockmans is quite distinct from the typical dry and juniper infused London style of Gins. The notes of coriander and citrus marry with the softer tones of blueberry and blackberry to create a distinctively new taste.

    Produced using a high quality neutral grain spirit and Infused with 10 botanicals (Juniper, Corriander, Blackberries, Blueberries, Orris Root, Cassia Bark, Liquorice, Orange &Lemon, Angelica root, and Almonds

    Distilled for a period of 7 – 8 hours and where only the ‘Heart’ of the distillation is used, ensuring again that it’s only the best spirit goes into the end product

    Brockmans is a beautifully made gin that can be enjoyed neat over ice as well as with tonic or ginger ale.

  • Bruadar 5cl

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    Bruadar 5cl

  • Buckfast Tonic Wine 5cl

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    Buckfast Tonic Wine 5cl

  • Bunnahabhain 12 5cl

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    Bunnahabhain 12 5cl

    Bunnahabhain 12

    This Entry Level Bunnahabhain Bottling Comes In A Redesigned Bottle. This 12 Year Old Is Lightly Peated For An Islay Single Malt And Consequently Is A Light, Fresh Dram. Now At The Higher Strength Of 46.3% – For More Complexity And Flavour.

    Nose – Fresh And Aromatic Experience With A Subtle Hint Of Smoke.
    Palate – A Light Fruit And Nut Appeal.
    Finish – Sherried, Mochaccino, Herbal, Balanced Salty Tang.

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  • Burns Nectar Single Malt 5cl

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    Burns Nectar Single Malt 5cl

    Burns Nectar Single Malt

    A Long Established Highland Single Malt Whisky, This “Guid Auld Scotch Drink” Is Soft And Sweet On The Palate With A Hint Of Honey & Nutty Flavours. Crafted To Appeal To All Whisky Drinkers And Make Raising A “Cup O’ Kindness” To The Bard A Truly Merry Experience.

    Soft And Sweet On The Palate With A Hint Of Honey & Nutty Flavours.

  • Bushmills Black Bush 5cl

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    Bushmills Black Bush 5cl

    Bushmills Black Bush

    One Of The Most Well-Known Irish Blends, Bushmills Black Bush Features A Lot Of Sherried Malt In Its Recipe, Alongside Classically Caramel-Y Grain Whiskey. Suitable For Enjoying Neat, But It Can Also Be Used In Whiskey Cocktails That Call For Dark Fruit Sweetness

    Nose – Big, Full Rich Fruitcake Aroma. Intense Sherry Sweetness, Developing Into Dried Fruit/Raisin/Christmas Cake Notes.
    Palate – Soft, Silky Texture With Nutty Character.
    Finish – A Lingering Sweetness. Remarkable Balance Between The Power From Sherry-Seasoned Casks And The Smoothness Of The Spirit.

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  • Bushmills Original 5cl

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    Bushmills Original 5cl

    Bushmills Original

    Grain Whiskey Reserved For Bushmills Original Is Slowly Matured For A Minimum Of Five Years In American Oak Casks Before Blending With Irish Single Malt Whiskey To Produce This Original Blend.

    Nose – Light Fruity And Spicy Aroma. Vanilla Note, Developing Into Vanilla Ice-Cream And Creme Brulee.
    Palate – Gently Warming, Mouth-Coating Texture. A Touch Of Honey Sweetness.
    Finish – Crisp, Fresh Finish, With A Touch Of Spice.

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  • Byron’s Gin Bird Cherry 5cl

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    Byron’s Gin Bird Cherry 5cl

    Made in their very own copper pot stills using an integrated botanicals basket, in collaboration with the County Recorder for the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland, Andy Amphlett.
    A number of botanicals used are foraged from the distillery ground and local area, with this particular expression’s feature botanical being bird cherry.
    Refreshingly fruity, with red berry sweetness developing alongside hints of lemon balm and peppery juniper.

  • Byron’s Gin Melancholy Thistle 5cl

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    Byron’s Gin Melancholy Thistle 5cl

    Produced by the Speyside distillery in collaboration with Andy Amphlett, the County Recorder for the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland.
    Byron’s Gin honours the poet Lord Byron. This particular expression features melancholy thistle complemented by aspen, Scots pine, sweet vernal-grass, rowan, downy birch and juniper.

  • Calvados 5cl

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    Calvados 5cl

    Nose – Mainly apple (so characteristic of the Pays d’Auge) with vanilla also discernible. Well-balanced.

    Palate – Smooth and fruity with an incomparable elegance and aromatic richness.

    Finish – Full of personality and length.

  • Canny Beat A Scottish View 5cl

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    Canny Beat A Scottish View 5cl

    Canny Beat A Scottish View

    Exclusive To Select Drams, Canny Bet A Scottish View Is A 5cl Blended Whisky.
    Perfect For Tourists Looking To Take Home Something A Little Different And Quirky.
    Part Of The Exclusive Kilty Collection And Only Available From Select Drams

    The Kilty Collection Also Features – Kilty Pleasure And Real Men Wear Kilts.


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  • Caorunn Gin 5cl

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    Caorunn Gin 5cl

    Nose – Floral at first, with notes of heather and citrus blossom. Juniper takes shape as it develops.

    Palate – Orange oil, rosemary and a subtle sweetness of heather honey.

    Finish – Drying juniper and leafy herbs. A pinch of peppery rye lingers.

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  • Caorunn Scottish Raspberry 5cl

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    Caorunn Scottish Raspberry 5cl

    Handcrafted with Perthshire Raspberries in the unique Copper Berry Chamber. Expertly infused to delight your palate with a vibrant fruity flavour that perfectly complements the hand-picked Scottish botanicals at Caorunn’s heart.  A refreshing celebration of the rich terroir of the foothills of the Highland glens.  Enhancing the distinctive aromatic Caorunn character with a blast of raspberry fruitiness creating bright, clean, fresh flavours that linger in the finish.  Enjoy in a gin and tonic or a vibrant fruity cocktail .

  • Captain Morgan Dark Rum 5cl

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    Captain Morgan Dark Rum 5cl

    Captain Morgan Dark Rum

    Local Caribbean Molasses Which Are A Dark, Sticky By-Product From The Sugar Making Process Are Taken And Distilled Into A Harsh, Strong Spirit. Rum In Its Raw Form.
    This Rum Is So Strong And Raw Distillers Now Add Their Own Unique Recipe Of Herbs, Spices And Fruits To Create The Captain Morgan Dark Jamaican Rum That Is Full Bodied And Smooth With A Long Lingering Finish.

    Nose – Spiced, Rich. Molasses And Pepper.
    Palate – Intensely Deep And Rich Taste.
    Finish – A Smoky Cask Finish.

  • Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum 5cl

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    Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum 5cl

    Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum

    Morgan Spiced Rum Is Distilled And Then Charred In Oak Casks For Aging.
    Morgan Spiced Rum Is Mellow And Has Delicious Flavours Of Vanilla And Spices.

  • Chambord 5cl

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    Chambord 5cl

    Nose – Concentrated fruit syrup made with raspberry, blackberry and blueberry. More than a hint of chocolate.

    Palate – Not as sweet as the nose suggests, but still plentifully so. Much more definitively raspberry in flavour but these are stewed raspberries, not fresh. Hints of chlorate, honey, and other stone fruits add a decent level of complexity to proceedings. Vanilla subtly permeates throughout and balances well with the ‘bucket loads’ of fruit flavours. Smooth and silky but particularly benefitting of an ice cube to cut through the sweetness and reveal some delicate citrus notes.

  • Chivas Regal 12 5cl

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    Chivas Regal 12 5cl

    Chivas Regal 12

    A Classic 12 Year Old Blend, Chivas Regal Is Great Over Ice, Or In A Scotch Whisky Cocktail, Thanks To Its Great Balance And Complexity.

    Nose – A Creamy, Aromatic Melange Of Vanilla Custard, Hints Of Aniseed, Lemon Curd And Butter Toffee. Wood Shavings And Dried Banana Chips Develop With Just A Hint Of Cassis.
    Palate – More Of Those Banana Chips Showing Through On The Palate, This Time There’s A Creamy Hit Of Barley Malt Too, Pepped Up With A Little Allspice. Notes Of Ground Walnut And Caramel.
    Finish – Light Spice And Black Pepper On The Tail. Lingering Notes Of Cereal Sweetness.

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  • Ciroc Original 5cl

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    Ciroc Original 5cl

    NoseThe vodka is full of fresh fruit notes and citrus aromas. It is also very refined.

    PalateExceptionally smooth on the palate. There are very light notes of sweetness. The grape flavour bursts through and is dominant throughout. 

    FinishVery clean. There are lingering notes of crisp freshness and grape.

  • Ciroc Pineapple 5cl

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    Ciroc Pineapple 5cl

    Nose – Freshly crushed pineapple with notes of tropical fruit.

    Palate – Succulent pineapple flavor with a subtle hint of vanilla.

    Finish – Silky and smooth.

  • Ciroc Red Berry 5cl

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    Ciroc Red Berry 5cl

    Nose – Bouquet of berries with a hint of jam.

    Palate – Ripe and juicy with berry flavors.

    Finish – Deliciously sweet.

  • Cointreau 5cl

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    Cointreau 5cl

    Fresh orange peels, and a very subtle whisper of mint leaf. Warming caramel develops later on.

  • Courvoisier VS (3 Star) 5cl

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    Courvoisier VS (3 Star) 5cl

    Nose – A fresh and fruity delicate taste with a bouquet of ripe fresh fruit and floral spring flowers.

    Palate – Are rich, fresh and lightly oaked all balanced with the vigour of a fine cognac.

    Nose – A short sharp intense burst that is every bit as powerful as the aromas.

  • Courvoisier VSOP (5 Star) 5cl

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    Courvoisier VSOP (5 Star) 5cl

    Nose – A perfume of jasmine and ripe peaches.

    Palate – Toasted almonds, stone fruits, and toffee.

    Finish – Lingering and dry with baking spices.

  • Crabbie’s Yardhead Whisky 5cl

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    Crabbie’s Yardhead Whisky 5cl

    Crabbie’s Yardhead Single Malt Scotch Whisky 

    John Crabbie was a pioneer in whisky and challenged convention. In the early 1800’s, he had the outlandish idea of mixing his whisky and his ginger wine and in so doing, he created the Whisky Mac – one of the first ever whisky cocktails. A perfect serve is a mix of Crabbie’s Yardhead and Crabbie’s Ginger wine in equal proportions over ice in a tumbler.

    Nose: Custard Cream biscuits, lemon peel, a touch of savoury wood.

    Palate: Mint leaf, toffee apple, white grape, slightly toasty.

    Finish: Rye heat and soft cinnamon.

  • Crossbill Gin 5cl

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    Crossbill Gin 5cl

    Produced in small batches, using only two botanicals, Juniper and Rosehip, fresh not dried, and hand-picked from the Scottish Highlands. Each batch responds to the harvest and temperature of our surroundings, giving the gin a refined yet bold taste with unequalled freshness.

    A refined yet bold gin, bursting with the freshness of the highlands. We suggest you serve over ice , with a naturally light tonic. Squeeze a twist of orange zest on the surface to release a burst of the natural oils, then garnish with the twisted peel.

  • Crystal Head 5cl

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    Crystal Head 5cl

    This premium vodka gives a creamy mouth feel and very subtle citrus and aniseed flavours. Silky and smooth with vanilla, a clean, dry spirit with a kick of heat on the finish.

  • Cut Overproof Rum 5cl

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    Cut Overproof Rum 5cl

    An amazingly smooth overproof edition of Cut Spiced Rum bottled at an eye-watering 75.5%, it has a depth of flavour that will stand up to any classic mixer.

  • Cut Smoked Rum 5cl

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    Cut Smoked Rum 5cl

    Dirty and downright delicious,  This rum is smoky and leathery with touches of tobacco and early morning coffee.  The first rum in the UK infused with Arabica coffee beans.  Smoked with burnt wood chips and left to rest in oak barrels.  This rum is one of a kind.

  • Cut Spiced Rum 5cl

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    Cut Spiced Rum 5cl

    A premium Caribbean rum infused with natural ingredients aniseed, nutmeg, ginger, black peppercorns, cinnamon, coridander seed, lemon peel and sweet vanilla pods.  Bold and well seasoned.

  • Daffy’s Gin 5cl

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    Daffy’s Gin 5cl

    Daffy’s Gin

    Daffy’s Is A Gin Like No Other, Created From The Finest French Grain Spirit, Distilled On An Ancient Copper Pot Whisky Still With Lebanese Mint And The Finest Botanicals To Create A Gin That Is Classic, Complex, Perfectly Balanced And Fresh With A World Of Intrigue.

    This Gin Has Been Crafted To Be Enjoyed Straight Over Ice Like The Finest Of Malt Whiskies, To Make The Ultimate D&T, The Very Best Of Negroni And Other Great Cocktails.

  • Darnley’s London Dry Gin 5cl

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    Darnley’s London Dry Gin 5cl

    Nose – Rounded and creamy with angelica, lemon and elderflower. A burst of spicy coriander appears after a minute.

    Palate – Lemon and soft juniper, with the elderflower making another appearance.

    Finish – Earthy orris and coriander notes last.

  • Darnley’s London Dry Spiced Gin 5cl

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    Darnley’s London Dry Spiced Gin 5cl

    Nose – Cooking spices off the bat, coriander.

    Palate – Cinnamon and clove support juniper with cumin throughout.

    Finish – Slightly creamy with plenty of warming pepper.

  • Dead Man’s Fingers Coconut Rum 5cl

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    Dead Man’s Fingers Coconut Rum 5cl

    Dead Man’s Fingers Coconut Rum

    Are You A Lover Of The Tropical Flavour Coconut, Then This Dead Man’s Fingers Is For You.
    With Elements Of Juicy Mango, Raisins, Runny Caramel, Coconut Ice And A Slight Citrusy Trace Of Lime Peel. Balance Is Achieved With A Whiff Of Vanilla And A Dash Of Clove.

    Why Not Try It As The Base Spirit To The Holiday Classic Piña Colada……………………..

    San Francisco World Spirits Competition Silver Winner 2019

  • Dead Man’s Fingers Coffee Rum 5cl

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    Dead Man’s Fingers Coffee Rum 5cl

    Dead Man’s Fingers Coffee Rum

    Dead Man’s Fingers Coffee Rum Has A Blend Of Caribbean Rum And Spices Balanced With A Rich Coffee Finish Which Come Across Well On The Nose As Well As The Coffee Notes Coming Across When Blended With Mixers.
    It’s Full Flavoured Yet Rounded And Nicely Balanced Bringing Forth Characteristics Of Vanilla, Raisins And A Suspicion Of Chocolate Orange. In Addition, You’ll Find Traces Of Clove And A Good Wallop Of Cumin.


    San Francisco World Spirits Competition Bronze Winner 2019

  • Dead Man’s Fingers Hazelnut Rum 5cl

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    Dead Man’s Fingers Hazelnut Rum 5cl

    Dead Man’s Fingers Rum is nuts!  Full flavoured and deliciously different with inspiration from the original Dead Man’s Spice Rum from the Rum & Crab Shack in St. Ives.  With the aroma of toasted nuts and hints of vanilla and chocolate this rum is rounded and perfectly balanced.

    Signature Serve: serve with lemonade and slice of orange

    Old Fashioned: 20ml Dead Man’s Hazel Nut Rum,  2 dashes of Angostura Bitters, 5ml sugar syrup, stir over ice in a mixing glass, strain and pour over cubed ice in a short glass, add orange to garnish.

  • Dead Man’s Fingers Lime Rum 5cl

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    Dead Man’s Fingers Lime Rum 5cl

    There’s a limey punch coming your way.  Inspired by the original Spiced Rum from the Rum & Crab Shack in St. Ives this rum features the citrus aroma of zesty limes with sweet hints of caramel, delivering a well balanced rum.  This will make a classic Daiquiri or for something refreshing and simple, add ginger beer, ice and a wedge of lime.


  • Dead Man’s Fingers Mango Rum 5cl

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    Dead Man’s Fingers Mango Rum 5cl

    If you love the refreshing flavour of mango, then your taste buds will thank you with this variation of Dead Man’s Fingers.  Exotic, magnificent mango! Inspired by their original Spiced Rum from the Rum & Crab Shack in St. Ives, Cornwall, England, this rum has the aroma of sweet mango, a touch of vanilla, and the tang of citrus – A perfect summer thirst-quencher.  Signature Serve: Dead Man’s Fingers Mango Rum with lemonade and a wedge of lime.  Signature Cocktail: Mango Daiquiri – 50ml Dead Man’s Fingers Mango Rum, 25ml Lime Juice & 15ml Sugar Syrup – Add all ingredients to a shaker and fill with cubed Ice. Shake well and fine strain into chilled glass

  • Dead Man’s Fingers Passion Fruit Rum 5cl

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    Dead Man’s Fingers Passion Fruit Rum 5cl

    Made with loads of passion!  Inspired by Dead Man’s Fingers original Spiced Rum from the Rum & Crab Shack in St. Ives.  This rum has sweet, tropical passion fruit aromas with hints of mango.  It makes a great variation of a Pornstar Martini.

    Signature Serve: Serve with lemonade and a half a passion fruit.

    Pornstar Martini:  To a shaker add 50ml Dead Man’s Fingers Passion Fruit Rum, 20ml Passoa Passion Fruit Liqueur, 20ml vanilla syrup, 20ml lime juice, and 50ml sparkling wine.  Shake well with plenty of ice, then strain into an iced glass.  Place 1/2 of a passion fruit shell into the drink and serve with a shot of sparkling wine.

  • Dead Man’s Fingers Pineapple Rum 5cl

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    Dead Man’s Fingers Pineapple Rum 5cl

    Pineapple Rum

    Unusual tastes delicious. Inspired by our original Spiced Rum from the Rum & Crab Shack in St. Ives, Cornwall, it is a rum crafted with the sweet notes of roasted and candied pineapple. Well balanced with hints of soft brown sugar and nutmeg colliding with a whiff of aniseed and lime zest. Super refreshing, especially with lemonade, lots of ice, a wedge of lime, and a bunch of fresh mint. The new taste of summer!

  • Dead Man’s Fingers Raspberry Rum 5cl

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    Dead Man’s Fingers Raspberry Rum 5cl

    The taste of raspberry ripples through this rum.   A blend of rum and spices created at the Rum & Crab Shack in St. Ives.  Dead Man’s Fingers is inspired by local flavours such as saffron cake, spiced fruit and the Shack’s own Pedro Ximenez ice cream.  This variation is well balanced with notes of juicy, sweet, ripe raspberries with a hint of citrus.

    Signature Serve: with lemonade and a wedge of lime.

    Raspberry Daiquiri: Add 50ml Dead Man’s Fingers Raspberry Rum, 25ml lime juice and 15ml sugar syrup to a shaker filled iwth cubed ice.  Shake well and strain into a chilled glass.


  • Dead Man’s Fingers Spiced Rum 5cl

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    Dead Man’s Fingers Spiced Rum 5cl

    Dead Man’s Fingers Spiced Rum

    Where A Blended Rum Meets Exotic Spices To Create A Unique And Distinctive Flavour Profile.
    A Blend Of Caribbean Rum And Spices, It’s Inspired By Cornish Flavours Such As Saffron Cake And Spiced Fruit. Next Comes A Whisper Of Creamy Caramel Followed By Vanilla, Cinnamon, Nutmeg And Of Course, Those Subtly Sweet Undertones Of Orange. Some Have Even Found Notes Of Pineapple, Dried Raisins And A Pinch Of Black Pepper.

    Can Be Drunk On Its Own Over Ice Or With Your Favourite Mixed.

    San Francisco World Spirits Competition Silver Winner 2019
    World Rum Awards Bronze Winner 2018

  • Deanston 12 5cl

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    Deanston 12 5cl

    Deanston 12

    Deanston Is The Only Distillery In Scotland That Is Self-Sustaining For Electricity, Being Equipped With A Dam And A Turbine.

    Nose – Honey With The Faintest Hint Of Peat And Grand Orange Blossom Backing.
    Palate – Delightfully Clean In The Mouth With Fine Texture And Super Balance. Fine Oak Support And Beautifully Tempered, Rich Barley. Vanilla And Sweet Spice Give Soft, Smooth Feel In The Mouth.
    Finish – Big Burst Of Honey Leads Into Refined Finish.

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  • Devil’s Point Coffee Rum Liqueur 5cl

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    Devil’s Point Coffee Rum Liqueur 5cl

    From the first range of Rums out of the Still River Distillery.

    This small batch Rum Liqueur has been flavoured with Mexican Medium Roast Coffee, roasted in Ballater on the Distilleries doorstep.

    Only 500 bottles of this Rum have been released in the first batch, which has been bottled at a hefty 22%.

    The Devil’s Point is a featured peak in the Cairngorm Mountains. It’s true translation from Gaelic, Bod an Deamhain, means “The Penis of the Demon”, however to save from embarrassment, the name was thought up on the spot by the Ghillie of Queen Victoria, John Brown, during a walk through the Lairig Ghru!

  • Devil’s Point Golden Aged Rum 5cl

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    Devil’s Point Golden Aged Rum 5cl

    The Devil’s Point is a mountain in the Cairngorms National Park. The Gaelic name means ‘Penis of the Demon’. The English name is a result of a visit to the area by Queen Victoria who asked her local ghillie, John Brown, to translate the name to avoid embarrassment he called it The Devil’s Point.

    Devil’s Point Golden Aged Rum is a blend of a couple of favourite casks of creator Liam Pennycook. They took one of the first rums and one of the most recent rums they’ve filled, married them up and blended them.

    Buttery toffee, vanilla and dark chocolate with notes of juicy dried fruit and a touch of orange zest.

  • Dewar’s White Label 5cl

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    Dewar’s White Label 5cl

    Dewar’s White Label

    A Swirl Of Honey, With A Sprig Of Scottish Heather. Rich, Golden, And Warm. Clean, Fresh Vanilla, With A Slice Of Pear. Soft, Fruity, And Well-Rounded.
    Smooth a Subtle Sweetness, With A Curl Of Smoke.
    Full, Balanced, And Satisfying.

    Nose – Honey, Peach, Apple And Wood. Cut Hay.
    Palate – Medium, Vanilla Fudge, Smoke, Toffee, Heather Honey, Oak.
    Finish – Medium Finish, Slightly Dry With Lingering Heather/Honey Overtones And The Faintest Touch Of Smoke.

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  • Dictador Insolent XO Rum 5cl

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    Dictador Insolent XO Rum 5cl

    The Dictador Insolent XO Rum is produced in Colombia and aged in a selection of casks – ex-bourbon, ex-sherry and Port casks were used to create this sweet, spicy, mocha-rich rum.

  • Disaronno Amaretto 5cl

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    Disaronno Amaretto 5cl

    Instant hit of sweetness on the nose with a strong dominating almond aroma. Softer on the palate however with a rather short, sweet flavour of almond and marzipan.

  • Eden Mill Golf Gin 5cl

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    Eden Mill Golf Gin 5cl

    Golf Gin

    Dressed in a green jacket reminiscent of the Masters Champions, inspired by Scottish Golf courses and in homage to the spirit of golf in St. Andrews, Eden Mill’s Golf Gin was created in 2018 for golfers to enjoy all over the country. This botanically rich spirit incorporates botanicals from local grassland and coastal courses around Scotland which gives the gin a unique juniper and floral flavour. To ensure Golf Gin was truly representative of local golf courses, the team of distillers at Eden Mill sourced botanicals such as Seaweed from St. Andrews Links and Gorse Flower from Braids in Edinburgh to name a few, making this Gin every golfer’s G & Tee of choice.

    Tasting Notes

    Nose: A nice hint of Juniper up front and an earthy spiciness from the rhubarb root. 

    Palate: Sweet lemongrass notes with a burst of mild pepperiness, strong hints of lime, coriander and aromatic spice. 

    Perfect Serve

    Golf Gin is best enjoyed with a premium tonic and a blackberry and mint garnish.

  • Eden Mill Love Gin 5cl

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    Eden Mill Love Gin 5cl

    Eden Mill Love Gin

    The Famous Light Blush Pink Gin From Eden Mill Brings Together An Outstanding Blend Of Local Botanicals And Exotic Fruits. Our Pink Gin Is A Pale Colour When Poured And When Diluted, Sweet Vanilla And Floral Notes Are Brought Out.

    Nose –Soft, Subtle Juniper With A Rich Touch Of Warm, Spiced Berries.
    Palate –Sweet Vanilla And Green Fruits.
    Finish –Finishing In A Delicate, Citrus Pink Grapefruit And Rose Water.

    Perfect Serve – Fill A Balloon Gin Glass With Ice, Add Eden Mill Love Gin And Rose Lemonade Then Garnish With Pink Grapefruit Or Red Berries.




  • Eden Mill Love Gin Spiced Rhubarb Crumble Liqueur 5cl

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    Eden Mill Love Gin Spiced Rhubarb Crumble Liqueur 5cl

    Spiced Rhubarb Crumble Liqueur

    Rhubarb, vanilla and ginger brought together to create a delicate, silky liqueur. The tart kick of rhubarb with the creamy sweetness of vanilla custard will remind you there’s always room for dessert!

    Perfect Serve:

    Ginger Ale with fresh lime and mint.

  • Eden Mill Love Gin Mango and Pineapple Liqueur 5cl

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    Eden Mill Love Gin Mango and Pineapple Liqueur 5cl

    Mango And Pineapple Liqueur

    Tropical fruits combine to whisk you away to sunnier climates. Cantaloupe, papaya and peach join mango and pineapple to create an island paradise in a glass, delivering a wonderfully fruity punch.
    Best served with Valencian Orange Tonic Water, garnished with an orange wedge.

  • Eden Mill Love Gin Raspberry, Vanilla and Meringue Liqueur 5cl

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    Eden Mill Love Gin Raspberry, Vanilla and Meringue Liqueur 5cl

    Raspberry, Vanilla And Meringue Liqueur

    Raspberry, Vanilla And Meringue Liqueur

    Same fantastic flavour but in our brand new bespoke bottle.

    Raspberry, Vanilla & Meringue combine with vanilla, juniper, goji berries, rose petals and Scottish raspberries – and of course, our own Love Gin – to create an outrageously decadent liqueur that made us think of ice cream on a summer day.

    Enjoy served with Elderflower Tonic or Sparkling Raspberry, garnish with Raspberries.

  • Eden Mill Original Gin 5cl

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    Eden Mill Original Gin 5cl

    Voted Gin of The Year at the Scottish Gin Award

    Eden Mill’s award-winning Original Gin, also known as Eden Gin, is the St Andrews take on a classic London Dry. This gin was voted Scotland’s Number One Gin at the 2018 Scottish Gin Awards, where 116 gins were blind tasted!

    Made from Fife’s seabuckthorn berries, a super food that grows within walking distance of the St Andrews distillery. The unique tart berry flavour is abundant but they balance the gin around it using citrus elements drawn from the other botanicals (like lemon balm and citrus peel). This gin is on a quite different level to most.

    Tasting Notes

    Nose: Strong citrus nose of lemon balm, bitter orange and hints of light grapefruit. 

    Palate: Delicate spice of coriander and clove through the midpoint. A sweetness of lychee, rambutan and pear under more sweetness in an orange finish.

    Finish: Well rounded and smooth with no burn. A classic, clean and refreshing gin.

  • Edinburgh Gin 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin 5cl

    Edinburgh Gin

    Launched In 2010, This Is A Classic, Juniper-Forward London Dry Style Gin. Amongst The Recipe’s Thirteen Botanicals Is A Nod To Scotland, With Native Cobnuts And Black Mulberry.
    This Is A Refined, Crisp Gin With A Distinctively Smooth Finish. Clean And Fresh On The Nose, Whilst The Palate Offers Juniper, Pine And Lavender. Bright Citrus Gives Away To A Soft, Round Finish.

    Perfect Serve With Premium Tonic Water And An Orange Twist To Garnish, Or In A Variety Of Classic Cocktails Such As Martinis, Negronis, And Gimlets.

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  • Edinburgh Gin Apple & Spice Gin Liqueur 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin Apple & Spice Gin Liqueur 5cl

    Inspired by the classic cook’s flavour pairing of ripe orchard apples with rich cinnamon, this gin liqueur is brimming with tangy fruit.

    Crisp apples are selected from the autumn harvest and macerated with cinnamon, before being blended with the award-winning Edinburgh Gin Classic. With a sumptuous sweetness and touch of spice, this is a lively liqueur bursting with juicy flavour.

    Perfect Serve

    This 20% abv liqueur’s bright fruit-filled flavour is delicious mixed with soda, perfect in short and Martini-style cocktails or served simply over ice.

  • Edinburgh Gin Bramble & Honey Gin 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin Bramble & Honey Gin 5cl

  • Edinburgh Gin Cannonball 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin Cannonball 5cl

    Edinburgh Gin Cannonball

    The Recipe For This 100% Proof, Navy Strength Gin Has Been Inspired By Edinburgh’s Rich Maritime And Naval Heritage And The Famous One O’clock Gun.
    With Double The Juniper Content Of Our Classic Gin, This Is A Striking Spirit, Characterised By Bold Juniper And Warming Oriental Spice From Szechuan Peppercorns. Lemon Zest And Orange Balance The Spicy Notes For A Zesty Finish.

    Great In A Variety Of Drinks, From G&Ts With Extra Verve To Intense, Punchy Martinis And Negronis. Lemon Peel Is The Perfect Garnish To Complement The Gin’s Citrus Profile.

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  • Edinburgh Gin Elderflower 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin Elderflower 5cl

    Edinburgh Gin Elderflower

    Edinburgh Gin’s Elderflower Liqueur Is Distilled Using The Best Native Ingredients, Locally Sourced From The Rural Landscapes Which Surround Edinburgh. Subtle Yet Complex, This Floral Liqueur Is Made With Freshly-Picked Elderflowers.
    Elderflowers Have A Distinctive Floral Aroma And Flavour That Marry Beautifully With Gin Botanicals. The Summer’s Elderflowers Are Handpicked In Full Bloom And Then Infused With Our Classic Edinburgh Gin. The Flowers Are Then Left To Macerate For A Month For Full Flavour Extraction.

    Elderflower Liqueur Brings A Light, Floral Profile. It Is A Honeyed, Flavourful Libation That’s An Ideal Counterpoint To Sharper Flavours, And Makes A Refreshing Elderzest Cocktail When Paired With Gin, Lemonade And Fresh Mint.
    It Makes A Sweet Addition To Premium Tonic Water Or Prosecco, And Is Equally Enjoyable Served Over Ice.

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  • Edinburgh Gin Gooseberry and Elderflower 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin Gooseberry and Elderflower 5cl

    Gooseberry & Elderflower

    A deliciously refreshing and aromatic gin that harmonises tangy Gooseberry with sweet Elderflower creating a refreshing and balanced gin.

    Perfect with a light tonic garnished with fresh mint or as a base for summery cocktails.

    Whatever the weather this naturally flavoured gin will brighten up your day!


    Refreshing and aromatic gin that harmonising tangy Gooseberry with sweet Elderflower.


    A light, floral profile


    Honeyed and flavourful, Elderflower being an ideal counterpoint to sharper flavours from the Gooseberries.

  • Edinburgh Gin Lemon & Jasmine 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin Lemon & Jasmine 5cl

    Capturing the softly enticing scent of jasmine flower, this naturally flavoured 40% abv gin delivers sweet and heady floral notes on the nose. By contrast, the palate delivers bright layers of lemon and citrus oil balanced by a confident juniper note, leading to a lingeringly sweet finale.

  • Edinburgh Gin Orange Blossom & Mandarin 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin Orange Blossom & Mandarin 5cl

    Orange Blossom and Mandarin

    Inspired by the evocative fragrance of sun-drenched orange groves in the Mediterranean, this gin liqueur is bursting with sweet zest.

    The delicate flavour of natural orange blossom and the candied tang of mandarin are infused with award-winning Edinburgh Gin Classic to create a refreshingly fruity gin liqueur perfect for long summer days soaking up the sun.

    Perfect Serve

    This 20% abv liqueur mixes perfectly with Valencian Orange tonic water, or soda water, garnished with an orange twist and served over ice.

  • Edinburgh Gin Plum & Vanilla 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin Plum & Vanilla 5cl

    Edinburgh Gin Plum & Vanilla

    The Velvety Liqueur Blends Juicy Plums With Luxurious Madagascan Vanilla For A Luscious, Rich Flavour.
    On The Nose, Aromas Of Ripe Stone Fruit And Marzipan, Whilst On The Palate, Rich Sweetness Balanced By A Softly Warming Vanilla Finish.

    The Perfect Base For Cocktails, Enjoy As A Long Drink With Tonic Or Soda, A Dash With Champagne Or Sparkling Wine, Or Serve Neat Over Ice As A Luxurious Treat.

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  • Edinburgh Gin Pomegranate & Rose 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin Pomegranate & Rose 5cl

    Edinburgh Gin Pomegranate & Rose

    A Delicately Sweet Liqueur, Abundant With Floral Aroma.
    Inspired By Dusky Evenings In The Orient, Our Pomegranate & Rose Liqueur Is Light And Fragrant, Evocative Of Sugar-Dusted Turkish Delight.
    Blending Ruby-Red Pomegranate Seeds And Damask Rose Petals With The Classic Edinburgh Gin, This Sumptuous Liqueur Is Softly Floral, Its Gentle Warmth Tempered By Lingering Fruit Flavours And A Light Citrus Lift.

    The Candied, Aromatic Notes Are A Perfect Complement To Dry Sparkling Wine Such As Prosecco. It Also Makes A Delicately Sweet Addition To The Classic Martini And Is Equally Delicious When Served Over Ice. For A Longer Drink, This Gin Liqueur Mixes Beautifully With Rose Lemonade, Garnished With A Lemon Twist.

  • Edinburgh Gin Raspberry 40% 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin Raspberry 40% 5cl

    Edinburgh Gin’s  full-strength (40%) Raspberry gin is bursting with natural flavour from start to finish.  It is distilled with five traditional gin botanicals and a combination of fresh Scottish raspberries and raspberry leaves to a create a perfectly balanced gin with an incredible depth of flavour.  Bright, fresh and best served with a raspberry or two – of course!

  • Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Liqueur 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Liqueur 5cl

    Edinburgh Gin Raspberry

    Perthshire Is Celebrated For Producing The Most Flavoursome Soft Fruit, And These Raspberries Come From A Family-Owned Farm In Alyth, Blairgowrie.
    The Fruit Is Picked At Peak Ripeness To Ensure The Perfect Balance; Promising Just The Right Amount Of Sweetness To Balance The Fruit’s Natural Tartness.
    Infuse The Freshly-Picked Fruit Into The Classic Edinburgh Gin Along With Sugar, Leaving The Berries To Macerate For A Month To Extract Maximum Flavour.

    Delicious Served Simply Over Ice, Or Added To Soda Water With A Twist Of Lemon To Enhance Its Summery Sweetness. It’s A Perfect Addition To Dry Prosecco,
    Ramblin’ Raspberry Rose Cocktail. Raspberry Liqueur Shaken Together With Edinburgh Gin, Lime Juice And Muddled Fresh Raspberries, Then Top With Rose Lemonade.

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  • Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb & Ginger 40% 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb & Ginger 40% 5cl

    Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb & Ginger 40% 

    With Its Unique Recipe Of 14 Botanicals, The Signature Edinburgh Gin Classic, And Post-Infuse It With Rhubarb And Ginger To Create This Full-Strength Expression.
    Bottled At 40%, This Perfectly Balanced Juniper-Forward Gin Is Full Of Natural Flavour. Aromas Of Rhubarb Are Complemented By A Lift Of Spice, Leading To A Smooth, Full Finish.

    The Nose – Bright Aromas Of Rhubarb And Juniper With A Gentle Sweetness.
    The Palate – Juniper Balanced By A Sharp Tang, And Pop Of Citrus And Spice.
    The Finish – A Smooth, Rounded Finish With Lingering Spice.

    For A Refreshing Twist On A Classic G&T, Try It With Premium Mediterranean Tonic Water, Aromatic Kaffir Lime Leaf And A Lemon, Or A Rhubarb Twist To Garnish. Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Is Perfect In Long Summer Serves, As Well As Shorter Martini And Sour-Style Cocktails.

  • Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb & Ginger 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb & Ginger 5cl

    Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb & Ginger

    A Classic Pairing, This Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur Is Sweet And Fruity Balanced By A Delicate Warmth And Spicy Finish.
    A Mainstay Of Kitchen Gardens Across Scotland And Intensely Flavoured, Rhubarb Is The Ideal Ingredient For A Sweet Gin Liqueur.
    Freshly Picked Spring-Crop Rhubarb Is Spiked With Oriental Ginger And Infused With Our Classic Edinburgh Gin. The Rhubarb And Spice Are Left To Steep For Four Weeks, Allowing For The Complex Flavours To Marry Together.

    This Aromatic Gin Liqueur Is Equally At Home Over Ice, Topped Up With Chilled Prosecco, Or Mixed With Ginger Ale, Garnished With Fresh Ginger And A Lime Twist The Sweetly-Spiced Notes Make A Perfect Addition To The Classic Bramble Cocktail.

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  • Edinburgh Gin Seaside 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin Seaside 5cl

    Edinburgh Gin Seaside

    Inspired By The East Coast Shoreline Near Edinburgh, Seaside Gin Was The First Of Our Collaborations With Heriot-Watt University’s Brewing & Distilling Msc. Its Shoreline Botanicals Including Ground Ivy, Bladderwrack And Scurvygrass Contribute To A Spirit With Distinctive Minerality.
    This Is A Finely Balanced Gin With A Fresh Sweetness On The Nose, Soft Salinity And Herbaceous Notes On The Palate, And A Clean Finish.  Seaside Gin Is At Home In A Crisp G&T, A Briny Seaside Martini With Olives And Anchovy Garnish And A Variety Of Classic Cocktails.

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  • Edinburgh Gin Strawberry and Pink Pepper Gin 5cl

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    Edinburgh Gin Strawberry and Pink Pepper Gin 5cl

    Edinburgh Gin’s Strawberry & Pink Peppercorn gin liqueur is bright and bold in both flavour and colour, a fresh and fruity expression with an unexpected peppery punch!

    Succulent strawberries deliver delicious sweetness followed by a soft trace of pepper on the nose. The taste follows suit, with mouthwatering candied fruit and then a warming heat from the pink peppercorns.

    The perfect mix of sweet and spice, our Strawberry & Pink Peppercorn liqueur can be enjoyed neat over ice or topped with sparkling wine. It also makes for a refreshing long cocktail, muddled with fresh basil leaves and topped with soda.

  • Edradour 10 5cl

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    Edradour 10 5cl

    Edradour 10

    Edradour Is One Of Scotland’s Smallest Distilleries And At The Heart Of The Range, This 10 Year Old Eastern Highlander Is A Rather Unique Single Malt, A Decidedly Rum-Like Dram With A Thick Mouthfeel. The Ten Year Old Edradour Is Handmade And One Of The Last Single Malt Whiskies From A Traditional Farm Distillery Still In Production Today. The Methods Of Production Remain Virtually Unchanged In The Last 150 Years And Are Only Just Capable Of Commercial Quantities. Indeed Edradour Distillery Makes As Much Whisky In A Year As Most Distilleries Produce In A Week. A Rare Pleasure For A Fortunate Few.

    Nose – Distinctive Honey Flavour With Hints Of Sherry And Vanilla.
    Palate – A Beautiful Mix Of Rum And Raisin And Toasted Nuts.
    Finish – A Seductively Long Spicy Finish.

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  • Edradour Ballechin 10 5cl

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    Edradour Ballechin 10 5cl

    Nose –  Herbal and grassy with sweetened smoke.

    Palate – Chocolate oak over spicy, earthy smokiness. Complexity rolls over the tongue.

    Finish – Smouldering burnt heather on Highland hills.

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  • Edradour Caledonia 12 5cl

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    Edradour Caledonia 12 5cl

    • NOSE

      Soft, rounded and deliciously fruity. Sultanas and figs drizzled with honey and sprinkled with nutmeg.

    • PALATE

      Rich with dried fruit and spice. Orange peel, singed raisins and prunes.

    • FINISH

      Interestingly dry, with fruit and spice.

  • El Dorado 12yo Rum 5cl

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    El Dorado 12yo Rum 5cl

    El Dorado rums are produced to the highest standards and conform to the international regulations on age statements. Therefore the age on the bottle refers to the age of the youngest rum in the blend, even though the oldest may be many years older.

  • Esker Gin 5cl

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    Esker Gin 5cl

    Esker Gin

    From Royal Deeside In Scotland Comes Esker Gin, Produced By Steven And Lynne Duthie.
    It Is A Classic Gin With Its Own Distinctive Notes Including Citrus And A Hint Of Our Floral Botanicals. It Is Crisp, Clean And Juniper Led.

    The Botanicals
    A Burst Of Citrus – Fruity Notes
    A Hint Of Floral – Rosehip, Heather Flowers
    A Touch Of Sweetness – Silver Birch Sap
    The Warmth Of Spice – Pink Peppercorns, Cassia

    Esker Gin’s Key Botanical Is Silver Birch Sap, A Feature Of Royal Deeside, And Sourced By Us From The Trees Of The Local Kincardine Estate. The First Gin In Scotland To Use This Botanical, The Silver Birch Gives A Uniquely Luxurious Feel To The Spirit.

    The Intricate Design On A Clear Bottle Shows Off The Clarity Of The Spirit And Hints At The Crisp, Clear Water Of The River Dee Which Reaches Us After Being Filtered Through The Cairngorm Mountains.

    It Doesn’t Get Much Fresher.

  • Esker Gold Premium Gin 5cl

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    Esker Gold Premium Gin 5cl

    Award-winning Esker Gin enhanced with a little honey and spice. A distinctive aroma and a sophisticated depth of flavours create a naturally sweet spirit with a long warm finish.

  • Esker Orange & Pomegranate Vodka 5cl

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    Esker Orange & Pomegranate Vodka 5cl

    A premium, smooth vodka distilled with Silver Birch sap in a traditional copper still and blended with pure Scottish water, then macerated in sweet oranges and pomegranate.  Distilled and bottled on Royal Deeside, Scotland, by Esker Spirits.

    Serve with a twist of fresh orange zest, soda and ice.  Gin lovers should try it with tonic too.


  • Esker Scottish Raspberry Vodka 5cl

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    Esker Scottish Raspberry Vodka 5cl

    A premium, smooth vodka distilled with Silver Birch sap in a traditional copper still and blended with pure Scottish water, then macerated with locally grown raspberries.  Distilled and bottled on Royal Deeside, Scotland by Esker Spirits.

    Serve with a twist of fresh lemon zest, fresh raspberries, soda and ice.  Gin lovers should give this a try with some tonic.