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  • Phraya Deep Matured Gold Rum 70cl

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    Phraya Deep Matured Gold Rum 70cl

    The only luxury rum from Asia, Phraya Deep Matured Gold Rum sits among the finest rums in the world by using only carefully selected top-quality rums. Undergoing a deep maturation technique, developed in accordance with Southeast Asian climate and aged for 7 to 12 years. Phraya Deep Matured Gold Rum draws out an enticing exotic taste for the palate. Such that the style of this rum is as rich as the history and culture of its country of origin.  This rum has been made using a process that allows the natural laws of the four elements:

    Earth – The heart of this rum lies in the sugarcane grown in Nakhon Pathom Province, Thailand.

    Water – Phraya is distilled with natural water from the Ta Chin River.

    Fire – Handmade oak barrels are fired to invigorate the wood, before the rum is aged for at least  seven years.

    Air – Aged slowly over cool water lagoons for at least seven years using a deep maturation technique.



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  • Phraya Elements Rum 70cl

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    Phraya Elements Rum 70cl

    Phraya rum is handcrafted in Thailand. At the heart of this rum is the pure water from the Ta Chin River and the high quality molasses from sugarcane grown in Kanchanaburi, a region of unspoiled natural beauty. Phraya is allowed to mellow and breathe quietly by a sleepy lagoon in charred American oak barrels. When aged perfectly, individual barrels are selected and expertly blended to create the perfect balance. The result is a wonderfully rich rum, with clusters of butterscotch and spices to enjoy.

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