• Auchentoshan Cooper’s Reserve 70cl

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    Auchentoshan Cooper’s Reserve 70cl

    Auchentoshan Cooper’s Reserve 70cl

    This 14 Year Old Auchentoshan Single Malt Scotch Whisky Was Released For Travel Retail And Bestowed The Title ‘Cooper’s Reserve’.

    The Whisky Was Drawn From A Selection Of Spanish Oloroso Sherry Casks And North American Sherry Casks, Resulting In A Flavour Profile Brimming With Sugared Almonds, Dried Fruit And Creamy Vanilla.

    Nose: Diced Almond And Crushed Hazelnut, Drizzled In Toffee Sauce. Touches Of Orange Oil And Fig Rolls.
    Palate: More Fruit Than The Nose – Plenty Of Raisins, Figs And Juicy Orange. Well Balanced With Thick Vanilla, Nuts And A Hint Of Oak.
    Finish: Walnut, Milk Chocolate And That Oak-Y Hint From The Mid-Palate Last.


  • Auchentoshan Heartwood 1L

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    Auchentoshan Heartwood 1L

    Auchentoshan Heartwood 1l

    Auchentoshan Heartwood Is Made With Triple Distilled Single Malt Scotch Whisky Which Has Been Matured In Both Oloroso Sherry Casks And Bourbon Casks,

    Nose: Fresh Honey And Candied Orange Peels, With Hints Of Dark Coffee And Pear Drops.
    Palate: Nuttier Than The Nose, It’s Got A Core Of Hazelnut And Almond, Surrounded By Chocolate Buttons, Apple And Fresh Ground Coffee Again.
    Finish: Dried Fruit And Citrus Lasts.

  • Auchentoshan Springwood 1l

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    Auchentoshan Springwood 1l

    Auchentoshan Springwood 1l

    Auchentoshan’s Springwood Expression, Which Spends Its Maturation Resting In American Oak Bourbon Casks, Was Released For Travel Retail. Rich In Vanilla And Orange.

    Nose: Light And Fragrant With Classic Bourbon-Cask Vanilla And Honey, With Hints Of Orange Oil Shining Through.
    Palate: Chocolatey On The Palate, With Continued Vanilla Fudge And Citrus Peels.
    Finish: A Rather Refreshing Palate Of Lemon And Orange.


  • Balvenie 16 Year Old Triple Cask 70cl

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    Balvenie 16 Year Old Triple Cask 70cl

    Balvenie 16 Year Old Triple Cask

    The Triple Cask Range Is Matured In First-Fill American Oak Barrels, Traditional Refill Casks And First-Fill Oloroso Sherry Butts.
    The 16 Year Old Shows Off A Lot More Vanilla And Fruit Than The 12 Year Old Triple Cask – The Extra Years In The Casks Also Bring Out Plenty More Fragrant, Oak-Y Spices

    Nose Rich And Complex With Hints Of Vanilla And Sweetness
    Taste Delicate Fruits Play With Toffee, Oak Tannin And Mellow Spice
    Finish Gentle And Lingering

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    Big Peat 10 Year Old 70cl

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    Big Peat 10 Year Old 70cl

    Big Peat 10 Year Old

    This Very Special Limited Edition Bottling Honours Big Peat’s 10th Birthday In Style, With A Vintage-Style Scrapbook Label And A Storybook Neck Hanger Telling The Legend Of Big Peat.
    Offered At 46%, Without Colouring Or Chill Filtration, There Are Only 850 Cases Available Worldwide.

    Nose: Peat Smoke, Damp Earth And Leaves With A Peppery Warmth
    Palate: Smoked Barley And BBQ Ash, A Sea-Salt Tang Balanced By A Leathery Sweetness
    Finish: Long With Streaky Bacon, Tobacco, Toasted Marshmallows And Charred Wood


  • Bowmore 10 Year Old Dark & Intense 1L

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    Bowmore 10 Year Old Dark & Intense 1L

    Bowmore 10 Year Old Dark & Intense

    Originally Released For The Travel Retail Market, This 10 Year Old Bowmore Single Malt Is A Marriage Of Spanish Oak Sherry Casks And Hogsheads, Resulting In A Fine Balance Between Classic Coastal Islay Smoke And Sherried Sweetness.

    Nose: Salted Pretzels, Fruitcake And A Pinch Of Cinnamon.
    Palate: Flamed Orange Peel, Sea Salt, Cadbury Bournville.
    Finish: Spiced Rum Warmth, With Layers Of Toasted Malt.

  • Bowmore 15 Year Old Golden & Elegant 1L

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    Bowmore 15 Year Old Golden & Elegant 1L

    Bowmore 15 Year Old Golden & Elegant

    The 15 Year Old Expression Matures In First-Fill Bourbon Casks, Resulting In Generous Bundles Of Vanilla-Y Goodness Alongside The Familiar Peaty Notes.

    Nose: Fresh Vanilla Pods And Salted Caramel. Hints Of Lemon And Orange Peel.
    Palate: A Touch Of Smoked Kipper As It Opens, Leading To Seaside Fudge And Honey’d Barley.
    Finish: Peat Smoke, Another Burst Of Citrus.

  • Bowmore 18 Year Old Deep & Complex 70cl

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    Bowmore 18 Year Old Deep & Complex 70cl

    Bowmore 18 Year Old Deep & Complex

    A “Deep & Complex” 18 Year Old Single Malt From The Excellent Bowmore Distillery On Islay, Matured In Both Oloroso And Pedro Ximenéz Casks.

    Nose: Blackberry And Rhubarb Crumble, Zesty Citrus Peels Drenched In Sherry, A Good Pinch Of Sea Salt.
    Palate: Smoky Peat, Developing Into Toasty Oak And Dried Fruit Richness.
    Finish: Massively Chocolatey On The Finish.

  • Bunnahabhain 36 Years Old 1980 Canasta 70cl

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    Bunnahabhain 36 Years Old 1980 Canasta 70cl

    Bunnahabhain 36 Years Old 1980 Canasta

    A Limited Edition From Bunnahabhain On Islay, The Canasta 1980 Was Matured In Oloroso Sherry Casks Before Spending ‘A Few Months’ In Sweet Canasta Sherry Casks. The Result Is A Complex And Many Layered Whisky, With Bunnahabhain’s Oily And Fruity Spirit Character Carefully Combined With Dried Fruit, Treacle And Chocolate Notes.

    Colour: Natural Colour, Deep Russet, Autumnal, Dark Brown With A Reddish Orange Tinge.
    Nose: Notes Of Rich Oak, Dried Fruit, Figs, Raisins And Sultanas, Balanced With Treacle Toffee, Dark Chocolate, And Vanilla.
    Palate: Rich Oakiness Balanced With Sweet Dried Fruit, Treacle Toffee, Black Coffee And Cocoa, Roasted Nuts, With A Hint Of Coastal Brininess.
    Finish: Dry But Lingering Sweet Fruit And Oak.

  • Bunnahabhain Cruach-Mhona 1L

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    Bunnahabhain Cruach-Mhona 1L

    Bunnahabhain Cruach-Mhona

    Cruach-Mhona, Gaelic For ‘Peat Stack’, A Pile Of Drying Peat Bricks Cut For Fuel, Is A Departure From Bunnahabhain’s Usual Style, Adding In Some Peat To Their Normally Unpeated Spirit.

    Nose: Starts Savoury With Coastal Hints Of Dried Algae. Toasted Bread.
    Taste: More Peat Now. Ash Tray, Tarry Ropes. More Malty Sweetness Than The Nose Suggested. Develops On Pepper, Liquorice And A Little Salt. A Few Herbal Notes.
    Finish : Slightly Drying And Smokey. Medium Length.

  • Claxton’s Auchentoshan 1991 26 years old 70cl

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    Claxton’s Auchentoshan 1991 26 years old 70cl

    Claxton’s Auchentoshan 1991 26 years old

    Year Distilled 28/10/1991
    Cask Type Sherry Hogshead
    Cask No 1835-2918
    Year Bottled 2018
    Total Bottle Yield 217

    Nose Let it breath! Rich currants, dark chocolate, hazelnuts and Cointreau, combined with floral notes and citrus peel.
    Palate Brazil nuts, hazelnuts and toffee. Spicy oak, leather, dried fruits, malt and herbs with an impeccable, chewy, oily mouthfeel.
    Finish Long, spicy and complex. Liqueurs and Auchentoshan’s light, floral style becoming prominent.

  • Isle Of Jura 19 Year Old The Paps 70cl

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    Isle Of Jura 19 Year Old The Paps 70cl

    19 year old single malt named after the famous Paps of Jura on the western side of the island. It was allowed a finishing period in casks that were previously home to 40 year old Pedro Ximénez sherry.

    Nose: Quince jam, a light waft of toasted oak smokiness, juicy prune and oily walnut.
    Palate: Subtle green apple sharpness, swiftly balance by layers of thick caramel and chocolate chip cookie dough.
    Finish: Savoury hints of sea salt and rye spice develop on the finish, though it remains chocolatey.

  • Isle of Jura The Loch 70cl

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    Isle of Jura The Loch 70cl

    Isle Of Jura The Loch

    The Loch Is Part Of A Series Launched By The Jura Distillery.
    This Expression Was Initially Matured In American Oak Casks Before Being Finished In Casks That Previously Held 30 Year Old Pedro Ximénez Sherry.

    Nose: Rich Oak And Milky Coffee, With A Burst Of Juicy Raisin Sweetness.
    Palate: Thick Caramel And Treacle, Balanced By A Hint Of Peat Smoke. Lasting Zesty Citrus Peel Notes.
    Finish: Robust Spices Kick In On The Finish.


  • Isle of Jura The Road 1L

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    Isle of Jura The Road 1L

    The Road is firstly matured in American oak casks, and is then moved over to casks that previously held 20 year old Pedro Ximénez sherry.

    Nose: Spiced rum with a hint of pineapple, slightly grassy at points, dense malt loaf.
    Palate: Gingerbread, milk chocolate and hints of sultana.
    Finish: Lasting cinnamon warmth and a touch of oily walnut.

  • Isle of Jura The Sound 1L

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    Isle of Jura The Sound 1L

    whisky finished in casks that previous held Pedro Ximénez sherry of various aged. This particular single malt was finished in casks that matured 15 year old Pedro Ximénez sherry. Sadly, there isn’t a whisky in the range called The Fury to pair this with.

    Nose: Soft caramel and sultana notes. Burnt oak balanced by floral malt.
    Palate: Orange syrup, rose petal, cherry and a touch of five-spice.
    Finish: Chocolatey on the finish, joined by buttered brown bread.